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  1. Hello gamedev community, I Made it to the point i need to create the resources for my game, it's a old Zelda like RPG.  Im having troubles (because im a disaster in art,  and photoshop) making the transitions from one terrain type to another. Here is a picture of what i got: Im using this image as a reference(beside the art style, i want to make something similar to this transition):   I cant get it right, all the results in this transition are simply bad. My question is: Is there any tool in photoshop that can help me getting these transition right?. Im currently trying to achieve something with the pencil, but :/ Ty!  
  2. Jaime Gonzalez Bonorino

    When to switch to hero_idle animation?

    You can achieve that with sometihg like this, i hope it helps:   in the input function: void input() { //KEY PRESSED if(KEYDOWN_LEFT) { player.setWalkingLeft(true); } if(KEYDOWN_RIGHT) { player.setWalkingRight(true); } if(KEYDOWN_DOWN) { player.setCrouch(true); // I dont know, use your imagination :D } //KEY RELEASED if(KEYUP_LEFT) { player.setWalkingLeft(false); } if(KEYUP_RIGHT) { player.setWalingRight(false); } if(KEYUP_DOWN) { player.setCrouch(false); } }   The player could have some boolean variables indicating what is doing. And then in you can make this:   void Update() { if(player.getWalkingRight() == true) { player.WalkingRightAnim(); } else if(player.getWalkingLeft() == true) { player.WalkingLeftAnim(); } else if(player.getCrouch() == true) { player.CrouchedAnimation(); } else { player.Idle_animation(); } } I hope this pseudocode helps you get the idea. You need to specify which action is the player doing. If none of those is being made, you play de Idle animation
  3. Jaime Gonzalez Bonorino

    Looking for an engine for a 2d action RPG.

    What about making your own engine?, if you programmer has the enough coincidence you can make an specific solution for that specific game, it will probably take some more time, but the result is going to be exactly what you want. good luck in your project
  4. Jaime Gonzalez Bonorino

    How to manage multiple enemies/mobs in open world RPG

    Thank you for the answer. Actually, i dont implemented all that enemies yet, i was only trying to get a picture of some programming tricks for the case, so i dont really know if my game will slow down that much. You gave me some nice ways to do it in case my design needs it, thank you, i would never came with the second one haha. As for the drawing, i coded a camera system that ensures im only drawing only what i can see.  
  5. Currently Developing a 2D LAN RPG with C++/SDL
  6. Hi there gamedev community,   I'll go directly to the question. How is the best way to handle A LOT of enemies without slowing my game process?. I am currently testing, i have a vector of an "enemy" class, and its fine for my testing purposes. The problem is, imagine i have +3000 enemies in my map, how can i manage to execute their IA Behavior, and test who the player attacked, etc. Im currently using a for loop from 0 to MAX_ENEMIES_IN_GAME, but with +3000 enemies my fps will drop to almost zero hahaha. Sorry for my bad english, i'll re-write the question if needed, just ask! Thanks for (int j = 0; j< MOBS_EN_JUEGO; j++) { _mobs[j].run(_pj.getX(),_pj.getY(),&_pj); //Make the enemy walk to player position } EDIT: I thought something like, only test the enemies who are close to the player, but for selecting those enemies, i would have to do the same for loop, so... haha. The only way i can think of it, its to make a bunch of 100x100 areas instead of a full map, so i can forget about the enemies that are not in the area
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