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  1. Hi Frob! Thank you for the precision! Then yes, what I am trying to achieve is a platform for creating augmented reality games. :)   JF
  2. Thanks Olof for your feedback! Actually, the idea of what I want to do emerged during a hackathon. It is funny because we did try using Unity, however, it was my first time using Unity, and the learning curve is quite steep, so I was looking for something simpler. But you might be right.I might have an easy to implement solution if I choose the right plugins.
  3. I am a developer, so I don't mind having to code. What I would like to avoid is having to code for every game course or game board (I am not sure what is the right terminology here). If I can code something generic without reinventing the wheel that can be used by a game scenarist to design the game as he wants, then it solves my problem.
  4. P.S. Game Engine is maybe not what I meant then... I meant a game design software that can then run what you have designed.
  5. Hi Servant of the Lord! Yes, I am talking about a real-world map with GPS data. Instead of talking about creating a map, I should have said positioning elements of the game on a map. It would have been more accurate.   I had a look at the documentation of Adventure Game Engine. At first, I had a good impression, but after a second thought, I have been wondering whether this tool would be overkill, since all I want to do would be to present texts, quizzes, images, audio tracks, and/or videos when the player enters specified zones on the map.    I understand that some programming might be necessary for some parts of the game, but I would like to find a way to minimize that so that scenarists can design good parts of the game without the need of a developer.    Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. Please bare with me. I am a developer, and I know a fair bit about 3D, but I am a novice when it comes to games, so I might not always be using the right terminology. I am looking for an open-source geo-location/adventure game engine/designer software with the following properties, if such a thing exists: An interface that can be used by a designer (non programmer) to create the game: create a map, position items on it, set the various course of action the player can choose, etc. The player geo-location should be able to trigger events in the game; At each location, the player would be presented with multimedia material (a combination of text, images, video and/or audio track). User input should be possible to allow the player to answer riddles. Ideally, there should be some handles that would allow a developer to add more sophisticated parts to the game. Let's say that for a specific location I don't want to present a static element like an image or some text, but something more complex like a compass the player can use to help him find a hidden treasure, or buttons he has to press in a specific sequence to unlock something. The resulting game should be compatible with iOS and Android. Does such a thing exist?
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