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  1. Try changing indices to this. indices[0] = 0; indices[1] = 1; indices[2] = 2; indices[3] = 2; indices[4] = 1; indices[5] = 3;
  2. IceSheep

    Obstacles in a dungeon?

    The hero with high agility can take out the guards so the others can pass without a fight and fetch keys.
  3. IceSheep

    Obstacles in a dungeon?

    Strength: lift heavy things and throw players over gaps. Agility: sneak through guards and narrow paths. Jump high and run fast. Intelligence: one word. Magic.
  4. IceSheep

    How To Build Your Console

    A while ago I made a small handheld game. I made it with a glcd, an atmega1284p, a joystick, a speaker and some buttons. It was written in C. Something to try if you want a challenge. Note: I didn't finish the project, damn glcd!!!
  5. IceSheep

    where to start? programming games c#

    I agree with Tanay. If you want to create games, a engine like Unity will be fine. But if you want to understand games and computers, use a library. I tried to use Unity when I started. But I thought it was boring so I moved on to C++/DirectX. And I love not to use a Engine.
  6. IceSheep

    where to start? programming games c#

    Don't worry about the graphics that is not what you want to think of in the beginning. Focus on the mechanics and extending your programming skills. When you feel that you know how to get things done, focus on art and sound.
  7. If you want to learn C# I suggest that you take a trip to msdn(The Microsoft Developer Network) there are lots of examples there. I would also suggest that you read the language reference. On Microsoft virtual Academy there is a course called something like c# fundamentals for beginners. It's smart to first learn the language and then move on to game development. Sorry for all the Microsoft commercial.
  8. IceSheep

    For beginners

    That depends if you want to use a game engine or not, and what language you choose.
  9. IceSheep


    You can resize the buffers. I think nothing special.
  10. IceSheep

    Which is easier: OpenGL or Directx

    I think that DirectX is only for the Windows platform. And OpenGL is cross platform. If you want to learn OpenGL I suggest that you buy a book. And if you want to learn DirectX, buy a book and take a visit to MSDN and check the samples. It is only taste that separate them.
  11. IceSheep

    Which game-engine to I use?

    If you want to use C# I then recommend Unity. Check the documentation on their website to learn. But if you want to learn C++ then I recommend Unreal Engine.
  12. IceSheep

    Need help with a simpe movement bug

    Is it the same frame rate?
  13. Can you post your swapChainDesc code?
  14. IceSheep

    So this fine southern gentleman walks up to you and...

    Hmmmm should I redo my code and write it like this... Nope.
  15. IceSheep

    Making the switch from java

    You can also use Java for games. Minecraft was written in Java. If you want to use C++ read the reference.
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