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  1. Hi there,   I've written an article that explains what are the benefits of having a structured project planning methodology for solo developers, and also a suggestion of a light approach to do so without adding so much overhead:   http://hacknplan.com/project-planning-for-solo-game-developers/   A proper project planning solved many issues I was facing as a solo developer, but I still see that many devs are really reluctant to use such kind of tools or methods. Maybe some of them evaluated their processes and have enough with basic notes (which is fine of course), but perhaps there are people that are facing some of the issues I explain and they can get some tips to try to improve their performance.   I hope you find it interesting.   Cheers
  2. Chris Estevez

    How do you plan your project?

    Maybe you find this interesting: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/672170-hacknplan-a-planning-tool-for-gamedev-launches-an-open-beta/
  3. Hi there,   Like 6 months ago I started the development of a project planning tool designed for game development. You could say that is something like Trello, but organized in a different (less generic) way, trying to be useful for game developers, specially for solo devs and small teams. The idea is, once the core is stable, to find where the needs of game developers are, which integrations are most interesting, and focus on adding those things on top. I think having something dedicated opens up new possibilities we don't have with generic tools.   I released an open beta this week (this is a hosted web application), that you can find here in case you're interested: http://hacknplan.com. I'm just taking the first steps, there is a long way to go, but even though you think you wouldn't use it or it lacks many features at this point, it would be very helpful for me if you try it and give me some feedback.   By the way, it's free :-)   You can also take a look to the roadmap to see what is planned for the future.   Cheers
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