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    The f***ing horrible nfl madden games!

    That's... Genius. Evil genius, no less. Let your playerbase violate copyright so you don't have to.   I can't believe I've never thought of that.Technically the content-sharing server is disributing infringing content, so the server operator needs to have a DMCA takedown policy in place, and respond to any requests to remove illegal content. It's still somewhat of a grey area, legally, but in the same category as YouTube/etc. IIRC, we opened a sister company in an Asian nation with a lax record on copyright enforcement and host the server from there, just in case :lol: Not enough for a Madden style game, but yeah see there is always a way around it. Even though with how much money the nfl has in Madden, if you ever did create a quality game that got a large fan base, id bet you'd have a huge legal battle. But I bet you could potentially make good money off it.
  2. Sean Goke

    The f***ing horrible nfl madden games!

      The only legal way around that (and you were asking about legality) is to pay a LOT of money in licencing fees.  It doesn't matter if it's a free game or not.  It also doesn't matter whether or not it's for personal use, though so long as you didn't distribute the game, the chances of getting in trouble over it are next to none. Or just change all the names to something similar like brett farve to jett carve or something lpl as long as the gameplay was better I bet you could get people to not buy Madden anymore until they changed it or some people anyway. In 02 Madden made the most money off any game I heard. And they own all the rights.that's why 2k can't do it anymore
  3. Sean Goke

    The f***ing horrible nfl madden games!

    Well there is always a way around that ha, but no just wondering, because Madden makes so much money but does not care about the quality of the game it's been the same even worse for years
  4. Sean Goke

    The f***ing horrible nfl madden games!

    Well dang never mind, no it was just a friendly question for people that like making games guess this is the wrong site. Don't take life so seriously buddy, have fun, go get laid.
  5. So im new but i have played madden for years, i stopped playing in 06 and just bought madden 16,....it is fing horrible it looks like the madden i played years ago, i also bought nba 2k16 and omfg, it is amazing. As game dev fans, even if you dont like sports play it its the best game i have ever played. Any way would it be liegle to get a bunch of fans together and make a football game for free/personal use?
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