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  1. Localization gets your more downloads. Recently, I was trying to download an app, and I received the following message "this app is not available in your current store." When are user receives this message, they can change & download a competitor's app that is listed in the 'similar' category - or switch to the American store.   The native English speaking population, only makes up 26% of Internet users (according to: Translate LLC). Chinese accounts for 21.5% of the Internet browsing population. A Gala Global study that found 56% of consumers care more about the ability to obtain information in their own language than the price. Apps that do translate and localize, generate more downloads. Consumers prefer to use apps in their own native language.    Translation is just taking the content, and changing it to a specific language. Localization and translation are different. Here is an example of a localization service      1) A visual editor for fast translations.  2) Delivers SEO-friendly translated content.  3) Plugs into the your existing website/ app, without any additional development.  4) Currency and connects with e-commerce integrations.  5) Indexed for native search engines.    You consider using Localizer is plugin, which handles the process of converting mono-lingual websites /apps, to multilingual. Here is a link to their site: http://www.localizer.co - Test it with any website first here http://secure.localizer.co/signup/startonboarding   Challenges to localization:  "83% of marketers who localize their content believe that it improves consumer experiences, highlighting a widespread belief that brand messaging should adapt to local markets." (Localization L2 Intelligence Report, September 16, 2015). Around 40% of companies / apps are actually 'translating and localizing' their products.    Localizing your app, will get you more downloads as your product will be more accessible. The best thing about localizing an app - it can usually be done in a day, at an affordable price. 
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