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  1. BrianRhineheart

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

    In the words of Michelle Obama: "When they [the Republicans talk about the unavoidable issues of the day] we [the Democrats] go [self-righteous]." At least, that's how I vaguely remember how it was said.   I used to think Democrats prided themselves on independent critical thinking. This whole campaign has been wasted on attacking the messenger and fabricating an image of what a Trump supporter is.   Michael Moore has become the epitome of political-schizophrenia: "He [Trump] said; 'I'm telling you right now they move this factory to Mexico. I'm putting a tariff on the cars, and that's it.' And it was music to people's ears. And more people in the Michigan primary voted republican than Democrat in the primary this year. That should be disturbing to everybody."   Why should it be disturbing? Isn't Mike FOR the American worker? What's going on with him these days?   Now Michael Moore thinks he's a Muslim - I'm not making this up!   http://michaelmoore.com/WeAreAllMuslim/   I don't have much faith in polls. In the words of Thomas Sowell "Like most people I have never seen a pollster". But I'll update that for the Internet-Age "Like most people I have never participated in a political poll".   You'll probably get your prayer answered and Trump will win :wink: "But God, I wanted Hill--" "--the better candidate to win, you're welcome."
  2. BrianRhineheart

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

    Check this out: Bernie Sanders - TPP: A Raw Deal For America (worth watching every minute)   [Read the rest AFTER you've watched the video.]   And that didn't even cover ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) whereby corporations can sue governments for compensation for the loss of expected revenue even if a government was acting in the interests of its constituents.   First line of the agreement reads: "By reading this line you hereby agree to the entire 5000+ pages of this agreement--   --Just joking.   Every American with a pulse and eligible to vote needs to be aware of TPP (Their new name for 'free-trade'/'NAFTA').   Naturally, who doesn't want to read over 5,000 pages of legalese?   Actually, the majority of the pages are in fact spreadsheets, that itemize every thing of trade legally possible, and the number of years before every single one of those items listed become 100% tariff free. (and there isn't many years listed before that happens.)   People vote with their dollar. Investors are always looking for bigger margins of profit so why pay the minimum-wage in America when the minimum-wage in other countries is only a fraction? It will not create jobs, it will displace jobs and make it harder to create jobs in the future (a demand that is constantly growing). It will however make a very few number of people richer. Bernie is against it. Trump is against it. Hillary pretends. She DID say it was the "golden standard" while in Australia. Her VP Tim Kaine on this topic said "you never close the door" just recently. Obama is naively FOR it! When he spoke in favor of TPP my heart sank. The guy has clearly given-up at some point during his 8 year vacation. (Hillary's biggest supporter, who also happens to be Kasich's biggest supporter) George Soros, amongst others (the very, very rich [not that they need to become any richer]) are all in for this. They couldn't care less about raising peoples' wages. George Soros, who by the way, has a survivor mentality, although himself Jewish, helped in the confiscation of property from other Jews during Nazi occupation. That experience would have hardened his outlook on Humanity. "... I was 14 years old. And I would say that that's when my character was made." Far from becoming altruistic, what it had taught him was: "That one should think ahead. One should understand and anticipate events and when one is threatened." He [George Soros] would have more respect for you [the voters] if you were against TPP because then at least you'd be standing up for yourself. With Obama in support of it, Tim Kaine saying "never close the door" and Hillary calling it the "gold standard", it would be naïve to think Hillary wouldn't pass this awful legislation (possibly under another name) eventually if elected. After all, THIS is what her donors are paying her to do.
  3. BrianRhineheart

    Looking for a good character design program

    Actually, why not check out https://gamedev.market/ for some 2D and 3D art.
  4. BrianRhineheart

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

    My main point is that peace between those countries is nigh on impossible. It's interesting to see foreign policy influence people's vote as opposed to domestic policy even when nothing can be done about foreign policy but a lot can be achieved domestically.   For those countries to have peace, they have to want peace. But the more you hear the case from either side, the more you realize this is a situation that will never be resolved.   So why worry about it when there are more important issues closer to home.   Considering that the Pentagon and the Kremlin do most of the geopolitical meddling, Presidents such as Kennedy, Reagan actually sought to look past the cold-war rhetoric and deal with the opposing super power on good terms.   Have you noticed though that the cold war is heating up only now China is becoming a major player too. Maybe it would be a good thing to have a President who doesn't try to stoke the flames.   But then again, the Pentagon/CIA/Kremlin/KGB always seem to be doing their own thing. Obama bans torture, for example, only to find they merely outsourced it. Unbelievable.
  5. BrianRhineheart

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

    It's not a two party system. There are more than two parties. I can't take a HRC supporter seriously if they haven't spent much time giving Jill Stein thoughtful consideration (especially after Bernie Sanders "lost" the nomination).   I'd say Iran and Israel are the ones that (politically) don't have the word 'compromise' in their vocabulary. I think both the U.S. and Russia are trying to 'win' over Iran. But that's another story. Right now, you have bigger concerns, like the nation's unemployment rate. Lay-offs, rising homelessness, people living in their cars, tent cities... that doesn't bother you?   So when Al Gore raises the issue (in 2000), it's worthy of your attention, but when a Republican does so, it's just paranoia?   That to me is a sign you don't take politics seriously anyhow. Instead of popular conjecture, you should be reviewing policy and how that affects you and your future. Instead of only showing an interest in politics once every fours years, take an interest in it everyday.   More like "social conformity". I have more respect for the individual that think for themselves rather than merely go along with what is popular. Have you heard of the Asch experiment?   Ah, an outsider. I'll just leave your delightful faith in CEOs intact.   Highly disagree with Hillary being the one with more experience and knowledge. If she is elected, she will no longer have to pander to voters, and instead can concentrate fully on acting in the best interests of her major donors. Most HRC supporters are voting for her for superficial reasons. They really should get to know her first before deciding. #NeverTrump isn't exactly what I'd call research into reasons of why to vote for the opposing candidate.   Indeed. Unemployment above 2% is not great. So yeah, making America "great" again is perfectly logical. You can't expect people to take jobs that don't exist. And you can't "create" jobs without industry. When industry is leaving for the lowest bidder, it is the job of your representatives to protect its taxpayers (after all, what exactly are they getting paid for?).   You are describing the job of the Pentagon/CIA (who brief the President with their analysis and advice). And frankly, most global strategic decisions are based on business (whether governments like to admit or not).   So "innocent until proven guilty" applies to HRC but not DJT? And of course we all know the universal truth that women never make false allegations. Women are simply incapable of lying out of spite or for financial gain. And if anyone says otherwise, well then clearly they are nothing more than misogynistic liars!   Sorry, don't know what happened there.   So you prefer to be blind to the fact that there are African-American Christians who support Trump, non-Christian African-Americans who support Trump, Mexican-Americans, women, even Muslim-Americans who support Trump who would admit it if they weren't so afraid of other Muslims. But since I suspect you get most of your information from TV then I can understand why you have a narrow view of just how much and how diverse support for D.J. Trump there really is.   There is for those who don't practice hysteria. A lot of pro-HRC anti-DJT supporters don't argue on issue, but instead resort to hysteria.   People are busy so they make up their mind on hearsay. When I watched the debates and then the reporting on the debates, it was as if news outlets were reporting on a different debate entirely. So it's no wonder that HRC supporters are pumped with negativity about DJT so much that they lose objectivity and respond with hysteria.   You'd be surprised how similar HRC (prior to 2008) is on policy compared to DJT with the exception of free-trade (a very big deal, if you properly understood it).   The debt to the Federal Reserve is illegitimate. The Federal Reserve Act usurped the exclusive right of Congress to print/coin money. In other words; You shouldn't be expected to pay taxes to cover a debt that does not deserve to exist in the first place. The Federal Reserve is a private entity. There is more debt than money. That shouldn't even be possible.   I should probably repeat that: There isn't enough U.S. dollars in existence to cover the Federal Reserve debt. It's bogus.
  6. BrianRhineheart

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

    Take it easy, phantom.   Don't blame a drop in the British Pound Sterling on Brexit. Years before the IMF suggested it was valued a little too high, now the IMF got their wish. (Not that the IMF cares a jot about the long term prosperity of any nation, anyway.) The IMF, by the way, are totally against Brexit (which is good sign, actually.)   You can't measure the benefits of Brexit so soon anyhow. Brexit prevented an economic disaster from happening sooner (It doesn't have a trade surplus like Germany, ~82 Billion). It gives ministers some time to think of solutions to the problems they are facing. Whether or not your ministers take advantage of this opportunity and act is another matter entirely. I know I would be trying to get unemployment down to 2% and I know it can be done. Question is; do your ministers know? :lol:   As for the political discourse of the U.S.A., I know the media is biased even in the UK, but please don't tell me that's the impression the you've been left with. It's, um... a bit extreme.
  7. BrianRhineheart

    Degree versus diploma

    Col. Nathan R. Jessep: "You want answers? You? Want? Answers? You can't handle the truth!"   I know I will get down-voted for saying this but that's okay (I'm trying to get my rep down to an even 100 for my OCD :P)   I wouldn't want anybody to be too discouraged from pursuing their dream career but I cannot deny that unemployment world-wide has certainly made things much more difficult (more people look for work each week than there are jobs posted). The youth live in their own modern-day catch-22; they can't get a job without having experience but they can't get experience without having a job. I suppose one could offer to work for free :unsure:   It is also true that University education will mean the difference between having your CV getting looked at or being ignored for white-collar professions.   Are you sure this is the right path for you? You've already built-up quite a strong resentment for the industry you intend to break into.   Whatever you decide, keep studying anyway and try to look at the positive side of the industry.
  8. BrianRhineheart

    Colonization remake - gameplay of slavery

    That's why I said "Don't shoot the messenger". There is some good info in the video that might help with figuring out details on how to integrate the gameplay aspect. I wasn't planning on discussing any further the "public relations" side of this.
  9. BrianRhineheart

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

    Voters in either camp made up their mind months ago (probably based on their economic situation).   Ratings today are based on "tabloid gossip" rather "real issues". Talk about issues instead of gossip and watch politics improve.   But first thing's first; unemployment has go down. If Hillary wasn't such a "Republican" :wink: and showed she was in favor of trade-restriction to promote job growth domestically, then she would win, no problem. But she doesn't want to oppose her biggest campaign donors.   Brexit Give it some more time, and you'll be glad Brexit was a success. Strong local opportunity is very important in any country.   I don't see why millions of Americans would be in favor of unrestricted free-trade unless they didn't fully understand the consequences of globalization. Sure, you get cheap stuff immediately (short-term gain), but as industry starts leaving, your long-term employment prospects suffer (and I've witnessed this on both sides of the equation), which also affects taxes (so you end up keeping less of what you earn, unless you understand tax loopholes :wink:). There are countries right now that serve as an example/warning on how this can ruin a seemingly safe/strong economy. I could not in good conscience be in support of such a devastating outcome.   Once you solve the problem of unemployment (give back people their opportunity [and therefore their freedom]), then you can focus on other issues. I just wish Hillary wasn't doing the biding of her donors (who don't need any more congressional influence - they've done quite enough fleecing.).   But since we can't get off the topic of gossip: Did you miss this story? http://www.wsj.com/articles/clinton-ally-aids-campaign-of-fbi-officials-wife-1477266114 Or if you're not a WSJ subscriber: http://nypost.com/2016/10/24/clinton-ally-gave-500k-to-wife-of-fbi-agent-on-email-probe/
  10. BrianRhineheart

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

    No. This is a continuation of a thread that got locked and it was suggested to wait until the next presidential debate before discussing the topic any further.   Also, G.O.D. is form the UK and I'm interested in understanding more about why people feel so strongly about globalization.
  11. BrianRhineheart

    Colonization remake - gameplay of slavery

    Don't shoot the messenger.   An interesting video about the intercontinental slave-trade: The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future
  12. BrianRhineheart

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

    What is so bad about employment opportunity returning to the U.S.?   If you support a minimum wage and high employment, then you can't support Hillary since her donors are in favour of unrestricted free-trade (which means you[they - U.S. workers] would be competing with the minimum wage of the poorest countries).   Incidentally, just out of curiosity, what were some of the reasons of why you opposed Brexit?
  13. BrianRhineheart

    Colonization remake - gameplay of slavery

    I'm not kidding when I say the idea makes me feel genuinely uncomfortable. It's the same reason why you don't see sims about concentration camps, it would be considered disrespectful.   If it weren't drawing from real world events that are still linked to people's sense of heritage, then it would be easier to talk about the gameplay.   Any chance of changing some details to avoid political controversy?
  14. BrianRhineheart

    Colonization remake - gameplay of slavery

    I think it's still in bad taste to add slave-trading into games based on "recent" historical events. It takes playing a bad guy in games to a whole new uncomfortable level.   [Floodgate now open]
  15. BrianRhineheart

    DX12 When will DX11 become obsolete?

    There is the world where companies are promoting new products to sell and then there's the world where customers are resisting change.   DX9 hasn't had an update in 9 years. You are not going to buy new hardware hoping it will get more out of DX9 (unless you are feeling nostalgic and didn't have the latest card back in the day).   Multi-Cores, Pascal/Polaris and DX12 means companies are in the beginning-stages of moving on from DX11. Will DX11 still be supported and running? Of course. But it will be a niche market ~2021 onwards (like DX9 is today).   I don't know why I have to keep repeating myself. Down-votes only tell me that somebody is panicking for no reason. Most indie titles might not need to get the kind of performance DX12 is offering, but that doesn't mean you should run away from it (neither was the question limited to indie/niche markets).   And finally, this is something you can postpone for another 4 good years, at least. So stop worrying.
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