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  1. Hi folks! I'm a freelance audio designer and composer from Manchester in the UK currently looking to expand on my portfolio of work. You can find out more about some of my projects via my website at martynstonehouse.com  but I've just completed a recent showreel utilising Unreal Engine 4 and FMOD which 'll include below.    Game Audio Showreel -    If you're working on a project and need any support with audio implementation, sound design or composition then please get in touch to discuss any ideas you may have, even if you're not looking to hire at this point. I'm always posting new projects and ideas on Twitter so feel free to give me a shout on there or drop me an email to martynstonehouse@outlook.com    Cheers!  
  2. MartynAudio

    Looking to put together a small team

    Hi Chris! I'd love to find out more about the project as well - shall I drop you an email?
  3. MartynAudio

    When do videos need voiceovers?

    interesting discussion and great tips! It's going to come in handy for something I'm hopefully working on over the next few months - thanks! 
  4. MartynAudio

    Composing music

    had a listen! Great stuff! Love those drums
  5. MartynAudio

    Best free software for producing movie-like music?

    I've been looking into East West for some mid-range sample libraries - I've heard good things for the price! 
  6. MartynAudio

    Lurked, joined, sharing, stoked to be here

    Hi Andrew!  Welcome! I'm also new to the site / forums. Will have a listen to some of your work! :)
  7. MartynAudio

    Composing an Indie RPG Title Track

    great article! Thanks for posting, some good tips and techniques in there
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