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  1. And you have a stray semi-colon.   .... *insert crazy face here*  I am just sitting here shaking my head at myself... You sir/ma'am have helped me out a lot right now. I don't even know how to thank you because it seems so simple to you but as for someone starting out I am so happy lmfao. I have been doing this since last night and tried a million different ways and it was that one semi-colon.    Thank you to the other answer as well but the semi-colon being deleted worked. 
  2. I'm about to throw my computer through a wall. This is a very, very, simple game. The code below explains the balls health and when the ball gets below a certain level the audio will say "GAME OVER". The sound is not playing, I have no idea what else to do and I get no errors.     #pragma strict   var MaxFallDistance = -10; private var IsRestarting = false; var GameOver : AudioClip;       function Update ()  {  if (transform.position.y <= MaxFallDistance)  {   if (IsRestarting == false);   {    RestartLevel();   }  } }   function RestartLevel ()  {  IsRestarting = true;  GetComponent.<AudioSource>().clip = GameOver;  GetComponent.<AudioSource>().Play();   yield WaitForSeconds (GetComponent.<AudioSource>().clip.length);  Application.LoadLevel("game");  }
  3. Thank you guys for the in depth answers. I appreciate the support and understanding!
  4. Hello,   So I have a basic understanding of writing code, the only way to get better from here is practice.   I have one question because I am sure I can find everything else in tutorials. It's going to be hard to word because I am having a hard time comprehending so bear with me.    Okay, so we have the main program where we write our code. Lets just hypothetically say that my main program runs the menu of a game where the user has to click on the start key... when the user clicks the start key do I create a separate class for this? For example in my code... i would have all the aspects of the main menu, but then a different class would have the aspects of what happens after you press start and this would be called in the main code?.. I am confusing my self but I just like to know the very specifics about what I am doing.   Trying to elaborate further.   for a sprite.. we would animate him into the game.. up to jump, right to right, left to run left and so on.. Would each key function have a separate class that was called in the main class?   I am sorry if this is confusing, its confusing me. 
  5. Yeah I would much rather type the code myself, then I know what I put in and know where I put it (most of the time).    My friend is actually really good with sprites and uses gimp a lot so he will probably have to teach me how to do that. Okay so I will check out those tutorials tomorrow night and hopefully they help me out. thank you! 
  6. It does help, I have been trying but the thing is I have no idea where to get started. I have read multiple articles and keep finding programs that automatically input code and all that for you. I need a detailed tutorial from start to finish on how to create sprites and all that then add scripting to it. Its frustrating really because I want to learn and can't find a teacher. So if anyone can link me to something that has a definite start and end point for making any kind of game from scratch I would really appreciate it.
  7. Hello everyone,   I have some programming experience ( I know this will take a while and I also know that I should be learning, which is one of the points of this lol)   I have a project I want to start working on but have no idea how to start or even where. I want to create an open world game, I have a few friends that will be helping me with some things as well. So to better help you answer my question here are a few things that I think would help.   I want it to be open world Multiple choice kind of world (decision based) multiple vehicles  multiple weapons multiple creatures/characters    ect. ect.    So my main questions would be can I just start designing my objects and add scripts to them later? I can design things pretty well, its adding the scripts to the items I am confused about. I would like to learn c#, it seems like it is one of the main languages being used in something like this.     I have downloaded Unity, I used to use blender to create objects. I am going through the tutorials of unity right now but would I be better off creating my creatures and  vehicles in a different program then importing them? If you have a recommendation for another program please don't hesitate to tell me.    I would appreciate any help that can be given and I'm sorry if some of this makes no sense, please ask me and I will clarify. 
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