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    Epic Style, Electronic or Contemporary? Which is more in demand?

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks kingsabbey and Gian-Reto for your input. Very helpful. Always trying to understand game developers better so I can score my music to fit what is required. Noted with thanks! ~ JayMan http://OurMusicBox.com
  2. JayManOurMusicBox

    Thousands of Free music tracks - JayMan

    Hey just an update. I have added more music and it is now very close to 5000 tracks. Appreciate your continued support for small independent composers like myself. Thanks! ~ JayMan http://OurMusicBox.com
  3. JayManOurMusicBox

    Completely free royalty free music. Just credit me.

    Thanks so much  Zenarchist ! Appreciate you taking the time to encourage me. Do contact me if you need any help with your game's music. It's hard getting the word out so appreciate if you can share.
  4. JayManOurMusicBox

    Completely free royalty free music. Just credit me.

    Thanks  maosk21   80souls   Hope you find my music useful for your projects. Please share with others so I can keep producing more.
  5. Just to be clear I am not selling music or anything. In fact all my music is free. I'm pretty new to this forum and I mostly I get feedback from fellow musicians on what they 'think' people are looking for in terms of music styles. Hope you (game developers) can chime in on what sort of music you generally search for to use in your games? Also how do you search for music - by music styles or moods?    I give my music out for free, so I am not bound by what a specific client wants. I just want to create music that people will use. I don't want to create a hundred epic battle style tracks with only a few people looking for those genres.     I am looking to expand my library of songs. Any references to the type of music would be appreciated.   ~ JayMan http://OurMusicBox.com - Free music for projects
  6. http://OurMusicBox.com   I have 5000+ tracks I have worked over many years and I am setting them free. You can use them for free, royalty free without any expiration. All I ask is you credit me and share. Yes it is YouTube friendly as well with no content ID matches.   ~ JayMan
  7. I have 4000+ royalty free tracks I have produced over the years and they are completely free to use under the creative commons license. Yes you can monetize and no, I am not going to put my music into content Id system etc (in case you need to use the music for YouTube too or any game reviews). All I ask is that you credit me when using my music. Just want be recognized for my music and perhaps get free coffee * I have a good range with anything from classical to rock to kids and world and everything in between. I'm sure you will find something.   ~ JayMan http://OurMusicBox.com - Music for videos and games
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