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  1. UnfoldGames

    DARQ - 2d Horror / Puzzle game [devblog]

    Wanted to share some of the most recent screens from the game:              Check us out on  STEAM GREENLIGHT AND INDIEGOGO
  2. UnfoldGames

    DARQ - 2d Horror / Puzzle game [devblog]

    Hi! It's been a while! The game now looks quite different from the pictures above. I'm super excited to announce that we have our FIRST TRAILER up on youtube! Check it out!   WATCH TRAILER HERE          
  3. UnfoldGames

    [GAME Preview]Turbo Racing Kids Run

    This looks quite fun.
  4. UnfoldGames

    DARQ - 2d Horror / Puzzle game [devblog]

    Here's the sprite of the main character that is used to create idle and walking animations:    I'm excited to show you the first look into the character animation (the background is a placeholder image).    All lighting effects are 2D (sprites). It was a lot of fun to create this effect - there are over 10 animated layers that create the illusion of the dynamic light.    The biggest challenge so far was to write the script that handles mouse aiming. It's a lot more difficult that it might seem     More DARQ updates coming soon! If you're a Unity Programmer or an artist, get in touch: UnfoldGames@gmail.com | @UnfoldGames
  5. Hi Dev community!   I'm excited to announce that our upcoming game "DARQ" is now in early development. "DARQ" is a story-driven 2d horror / puzzle game running on Unity engine. Here's a screenshot of the character:   Most of the game takes place in the dark. Flashlight is the only 'weapon' our character has. Some enemies are attracted to light, others react to sound. By switching the flashlight on and off the player can avoid enemies and solve different puzzles. I have some amazing never-seen before jump-scares in development. The creepiness of the game will mostly rely on the overall atmosphere and the story. It's not a survival horror game.   Currently I'm looking for a graphic designer to create the game logo, and possibly Unity 3d programmer. If you're interested, send me an email (UnfoldGames@gmail.com). Also, keep in touch on Twitter to get frequent updates!    I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, and ideas!
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