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  1. TheYoungBasedGod

    Disable Colliders

    To see if its a problem with the fetching the object or not make it a [Serilizable] private or public and select the collider in the scene. Then run the code and see if it works, or to see if its something else wrong with the problem
  2. TheYoungBasedGod

    Disable Colliders

    I don't know if you've figured it out, but whats happening is it's disabling it and instantly renabling it, this is because the way your using If Statements. Using an else if as the second statement should fix your problem!
  3. TheYoungBasedGod

    Disable Colliders

    Is the script on the object that has the collider? Also naming the bool something like isOpen is better practice.
  4. TheYoungBasedGod

    Disable Colliders

    Reactivating it would be as simple as setting the collides enabled variable to true. The way you have done it if x = 0 you want the door to be closed, and if x is one you want it to be open. Intsead of using ints for this I Highly recommend you use Booleans. Since the door only has two states, opened and closed it would better to have a true / false. Your checking every update to see if the door is open, then you check to see if the player is pressing E. You also need to do the opposite, which is checking to see if the door is opened and if the players presses e, then you enable the collider
  5. TheYoungBasedGod

    I have an idea, but where do I start?

    Have you ever heard of the agile method? It is efficient for designing software and I recommend if your having a hard time wondering wear to start! Scrum uses the agile meathod, good luck on your game!
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