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    Need feedback on my site and music portfolio.

    The site - I appreciate the menu being short and always present. No trouble navigating.   Your work - I think your blending of sound design and music on some of your tracks is interesting! I can definitely feel a kind of signature sound from your work across projects. Personally, I enjoy that: being able to hear the person in their work while being true to the nature of the game.   If I can be critical of anything, it's the "What Do You Need?" portfolio. I couldn't understand all the dialogue, but thought the guiding voice was interesting enough to keep listening, sort of like you were creating the sounds on the spot. It was a compelling listen, but less distortion on the voice could help listeners, I feel. 
  2. Congratulations! As I was dipping my toe into the pool of all things game audio, I read about this contest. Very cool to see the results of that here! Looking forward to hearing it!
  3. The gist of this: Logic X, Audacity, and FMod.   The rest... Agreeing w/ CCH about the functions of different applications. Think of it like working with Adobe products - you manipulate a photo in Photoshop, put it into a document with InDesign, create a logo with Illustrator, put the logo in a document with InDesign...applications serve different functions in a process.   Freeware DAWs are a lot better than you'd think, but if you're willing to drop a little money, Logic X from Apple is the best bang for your buck - pro editing capabilities, extensive libraries that may suit your needs regarding certain instruments (when downloading samples as you install, download all sound options). They can tide you over until you eventually purchase higher end orchestral libraries/samples.    A note on purchasing orchestra packages - you probably will have to buy two to really work with a "full" orchestra or set of specific sounds you're looking for. Some sets are ensembles, other sets feature more solo instruments, few really good libraries feature both. The best definitely don't. They're all pretty expensive if you're looking to keep your costs very low.   Google and YouTube Spitfire Albion and EastWest Strings, those will take you into the world of great sounding instruments. And look into downloading the free Kontakt 5 Player from Native Instruments in case you need it for your string/instrument library to work within your DAW.   Ultimately, I feel Logic X is the best option for you to get a solid DAW + some sounds you can begin working with right away. Its Sculpture plug-in can help you create or recreate sounds you may be wanting too.   You'll very likely need to get your final sound files into .ogg - Audacity can do that as well as other things that can help you work with your tracks. Older Fmod Designer (it's Studio now) tutorials illustrate that in adaptive music tutorials.   To get things looped and to create adaptive music, FMod's the way to go (from how I understand your project - Elias could also work) I reccomend Fmod because the FMod YouTube channel has a wealth of very clear tutorials on how to make that work, and as long as you're working within the realm of their free-to-use license, you're keeping costs down while working w/ industry standard stuff. 
  4. Super late to this topic, but I just joined and am listening to everything I can.    I read on the Soundcloud page that you weren't to mixing on these samples yet. Do you quantize while you mix? I ask out of curiosity about your process, but also because in the day version, the rhythms seem slightly off in places. Getting your beats aligned could really tighten it up.    I agree with others about the feel of the day track, so I'm interested to hear your rewrite.    It's probably too expected, but I anticipated whistling in the night version. I would have loved to have heard it, but understand how it could be too on the nose for a western vibe. I also feel the organ in the day version doesn't fit aesthetically either. If you wanted a keyed instrument, maybe an upright piano or tack piano, but you'd be good w/ just guitar, that percussion you have going on, and some strings. Brass could help too. A real frontier vibe. Please post the next draft! Would love to hear it.
  5. Hey everyone,    Been reading the forum as I become more serious about pursuing VGM composition. I've been a musician for a long time (read about me here), but have only in the last couple months decided to pursue game music. I've loved it for most of my life, but only recently realized how open the community is with sharing how to get better at it and contribute to the field. Plus I see that Brian "WeaponLord" Schmidt pops in and out! I'm excited to be here to learn about the industry and game audio tech/development and share what I've learned about audio production and composition.   Now, my reel. My page (linked here) is open for you to check out, but isn't my final presentation. I need to develop a few more things to show my abilities, which require more learning on FMod, wwise, and Elias.    Until then, I'd love to know what you all think of my presentation, style, mix, anything that catches your ears. One thing I already plan on doing is revisiting some of the mixes, especially "Into the City" - that lead is a little too up front and sharp for me right now. Could this be too many examples of my abilities?   Again, the link to my potential reel.   Thank you all!
  6. Hey, I'm new too! Checking out others' demos and reels to see if I'm swinging for the fences a little too hard or not.    I dig your track! Nice vibe. I wish I could hear the early iterations to give a second (third?) set of ears to your mix changes.    I use Logic, but recently tried this free saturator and can't say enough about it. It's not the prettiest w/ the giant DONATE button on it, but it adds color and oopmh without touching a thing. Sometimes, though it can be a little strong on bass, so I usually dial that back. Follow it with an adaptive limiter and you can get some good consistent volume in your mix buss. http://www.shatteredglassaudio.com/product.php?id=104   Secondly, if you're still in the market for feedback - the lead is a little loud to me. It's also spread into the left channel more than the right so I'm tilting my head a bit to hear it.    If I were mixing (big if), I'd push the kick and snare like a dance tune (I saw the J-pop tag, so I'm going to invoke some Megurine Luka and Yasutaka Nakata here). Then I'd gently compress the lead voice to even out some peaks in the high end. The smoother that lead can be with a driving beat, you'd have a good head bobber, like a light-hearted Eschatos vibe. I'd turn the bass up a little too, I'm sure that's doing interesting stuff but I'm not hearing it that well (and I'm using Bose buds that really hype bass!).    I love the direction, though, and can see it in application. If you're just starting out with mixing, you're killing it already! If you're a little more advanced, I can see this as the turning point in your development. 
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