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  1. Hi Experts, I am working on a small indie mobile game (I am just a producer). So with my concept I reached out to 2 resources  1. UX/UI designer (This guy also provided my character designs and all other assets that are needed for this game) 2. Unity Programmer (He is developing this game in Unity) Now the UX/UI designer provided me the static designs/screens and the programmer used it. But after seeing the game, I felt that the game should have some kind of animated special effects to make it more attracting for the players. I thought this is something that the programmer will do in Unity. But my guy is saying he don't know how to do it. So my questions are   1. "WHOM SHOULD I REACH OUT TO FOR THESE ANIMATED EFFECTS"?? I am giving an example for the effects that I mean. Example A. When the player wins/loses, we should show that text with some particle effect or something, but not just a static text. Example B. I have screens with game levels. So when the player clicks on the level number, i want to show some effect on the room number rather than just switching to the game HUD screen. 2. "IF THERE IS A SEPARATE DESIGNER FOR THIS, WHAT KIND OF FORMAT THAT I SHOULD USE?" I am really stuck here in between this game development and I can't proceed further as I felt that I can't release this game without these kind of minimum effects. So please please guide me on how to proceed on this.   Thanks  
  2. madeingnt

    Pitching in an Idea

    Hi, I am pitching in an idea to see if spending up efforts to do this is really worth it or not. Appreciate all the comments... I want to develop a mimic of slither.io, but with a private servers. Meaning the player should be able to create a room with a limited number of people who can join by invite only. In this way, players can play this game with their friends and family, not with some 500 unknown people. I know there are certain ways to create your own server for Slither.io, but that option is too technical and can't help general public.    Please share your thoughts...
  3. Hi, I am new to game development and I am producing a small mobile game that runs on math. I gave the coding work to a off shore developer. During this i asked him that I want to show the texts like " You Won" or 'You Lose" in a special effect like BOOOM. He is saying that he cant do this. He is using Unity for this game development. My question is, is it something that he can do in Unity? Or do i need to hire a VFXer separately for these small effects??    
  4. madeingnt

    How to check the Names

    Okay. I am giving an example as attached. Look at it. There is app called "istock". But there are many apps with the same name but in the end they added some thing saying "istock- inventory made easy" like that.   My questions are   (1) How can i check if there is already a trademark on the name that I have in my mind??   (2) After making sure that there is no trademark, can I go ahead and add a tail or a prefix to use the same name for my app (frankly I can't think any other name which can be so apt as this one)    
  5. madeingnt

    How to check the Names

    i did a search in the google playstore /ios store as you guys suggested. It looks there is one app with that name and couple of more apps where they just added a tail to that name. My question is since some app is already with that name, I can't use the same name??   If that so, can i tweak it a little bit or add some tail to it and use it???
  6. madeingnt

    How to check the Names

    Hi, I am in the processing of producing my first mobile game. I have a tentative title in mind. Is there a way to check whether there are any game available in the IOS or google play stores before I go ahead and work with this title??   Thanks  
  7. Hi, I recently started my journey into game development (I only produce the games and provide the idea). I have lot of ideas in my brain, but most of them require a hefty budget because of the graphics involved in them.   So off late, I have seen several games with simple graphics (using colored dots). For example, color switch. While going through this game, i found out that there is a desktop version of this game on POKI games. And there is a mobile version which became a super hit. I can see who developed the mobile version (Fortafy Games). But I couldn't find the developer for the desktop version.   Now my question is, can I take any game which is available on a desktop gaming sites like miniclip.com, addictinggames.com, poki etc. and convert it into a mobile game?   Is this legal?   Thanks for all the replies...
  8. madeingnt

    Graphics Format for IOS and Android Versions

    So which format should I ask the designer to give me for the graphic assets? I am pretty sure that we will be using Unity for the coding. So please suggest me the best suitable format for Unity.
  9. Hi All, I am currently producing a 2d game for IOS and Android versions. My graphics designer said that she can do either PSD or AI files for the graphics. She also mentioned that she never did graphics for IOS version. My understanding was we can use PSD files for both IOS and Android versions.   My questions are   (1) Can I use the PSD files that she provides and use them for IOS version? Or do we need to make any changes?   (2) Which format provides high quality graphics? PSD, AI or anything else?   (3) The game will be developed in Unity. So PSD files will be able to use for Unity?   Thanks for all the replies...  
  10. madeingnt

    Face Explosion Effects

    Thanks for all the replies. I got some clarity. But I feel that I confused you guys with my question. So I am reframing my question as below.   As shown in example below (BOOM DOTS), my game also includes hitting a target object with a small object. When this happens the target object should be broken into pieces (same as the BOOM DOTS). So how do we achieve this? and Who's work is this? Graphic Designer's or Programmer's?   If it is graphic designer's how he does that and if it is programmer's how he does that?     Thanks for your valuable replies...
  11. madeingnt

    Face Explosion Effects

    Hi Experts, I am producing a game for android and ios. In order to reduce the graphics cost, I bought some vectors (monster faces) online and I am gonna use them as part of my game. My game involves blowing up a monster face when an object hits the face.   So my question is how to create that blowing (breaking into pieces) effect from the vectors I have? Do I need to use an separate tool? I appreciate all the suggestions. Thanks in advance...
  12. Hi All, I am in the process of preparing a game design document (both for Designer and for Developer). Is there a tool that I can use to do mock up screens that will give a better idea to the designers and developers instead of me putting it on a paper or MS word?   I did some googling and I couldn't find anything for a game mock ups, but found lot of tools App mock Ups.    Appreciate all the replies... Thanks Suresh
  13. Hi All, We recently published a game couple of days back and it is a free game available on google play store. We are having an issue with the banner ads. When we tested in APK the banner ads were coming correctly. But when we publish it on google play store, and when I download it from there we are not getting any banner ads.   Can someone please shed some light on this? What could be the reason for working in one place but not working in the other place? We are using AdMob.   Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the replies... This forum is so informative and being a newbie into this field I am learning lot of new things on the game development.   In Irbaboon's reply, he mentioned that "learn to build the project yourself given you have the project files". Is there any site or a webpage or some training link which will demo the step by step process of submitting an app to Apple and Google Play store after we have the code in hand?   Because I will be doing more games in the near future and this is something that I will be going through so I want to learn it now rather than later. Please suggest if there is something of that sort...   Thanks
  15. Hi Lactose, Please clarify the following   (1) Will he be able to make any changes to the app which is UP and running on the market place without logging into my developer account? I don't think so, but want to reconfirm.   (2) It looks like it is better to have the source code in case if i want to make any changes in the future. In this case, what kind of format i can ask him to send me the source code?   (3) I am not a programmer and don't know ABCD of game programming. So even if sends some thing, i cant really make sure that this the source code for this program. What are my options in this case except trusting him thinking that he is sending the right code?   Thanks
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