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  1. Hi! I’m Carlo, a game programmer and designer who started at the modding scene at 13. Been into game development for 4+ years by now. My passion is to put in collaborative work, my tech and design skills to give my best for the projects I work on be successful. Currently into remote jobs and contract work. I've work on several 2D game projects, such as Dungeons Souls , a procedurally generated rogue like on steam, Fallen Angel, a top down hack and slash with verticality (itch). From there my core skill has become to be fast at prototyping, building and iterating over 2D projects. Skillset Computer Science Background Game Design Background Fast at prototyping Documentation Localization Portfolio: https://theredpix.com Github. https://github.com/GapingPixel Contact: Email: carlosmlg109@gmail.com Phone: +51 991688356
  2. So I was thinking in game feel & Mechanics at the logic step level... I end up remembering all those "Game & Watch" games, were mechanics were very "honest" to the player, by showing them the "inners" of their worlds, so the player could easily foresee/predict the game, giving him a sense of control.     A game with this kind of mechanics, without being the "Game&Watch kind" would be Punch Out.     But, as technology Improved, those Game Design ways were buried in the past...   So I'm currently thinking to employ this feel as depicted in those games.    Do you guys know about modern games like this?? A "complex" game would be possible with those same principles, there is any living example of this??   any reference of this kind of mechanics at a subtle level?? 
  3. Some days ago I asked Kologeon devs about their procedural gen aproach since their game world looked very cohesive and well crafted. <chillcrow.com> So they told me that they were using a hybrid solution, with handcrafted parts. Since then Im wondering about this kind of design aproaches on top downs(Im looking to implement in my game) Making mention of other games that use hybrid aproaches for proc gen would be enought to get some references on the subject. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys , I'm developing a procedurally generated top down. My biggest concern right now , is the problem of how to communicate the player a sense of progress. I mean, I pretend that each world that the game creates, be able to communicate on the path the player will have to do to beat the game, for example in Doko Roko each world is a different tower, you beat the game by reaching  the top of the tower;  in Children of Morta, in each world history goes as how the player interacts with his family, that ends up defining the different stages of the game ; and in Downwell, the player simply falls into the depths of the game in search of rescue your cat -that is at the bottom-.   So I'm looking for references / ideas of this kind that could be integrated into my game. I am very interested in communicating progress through level structure, but since is a top down,the answer does not come obvious (in a sidescroller you can  go down/ up... but in a top down?)   *I can do it via visual narrative - For example, I could make the finals level with a "threatening feel".  
  5. Do you know how to program in c++...???
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