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    I think that Sciter could use a wiki for user created explanations of the functions and how they work. I don't think the documentation is that good for when you are learning tiscript. It would also help with some tutorials or something similar on the on the website :)
  2. Makak

    Game Engine Editor

      There is Sciter. I've been using it for a few months now and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I used to use pure win32 GUI programming, and I know my way around it very well, but it's unquestionably unwieldy. Then I stumbled upon Sciter (can't really remember how), and I've in love with it ever since. I will never get back to pure win32 programming after this.   Sciter is an embedded HTML/CSS/Tiscript (like javascript) engine with a native C++ interface. It's lightweight, and once you get the hang of it, you will find it very much fun to work with. I switched my current project to Sciter, and honestly it saved me countless hours of work. My code is now even cleaner, with a clear separation between the UI layer and the application layer. Also it being free was important for me as a poor indie.   To get a feel of what it can do, just download the SDK and run the sciter.exe application to view some of the included samples. You will get tired before you finish seeing them all. Each sample is typically made of one html file which contains along with the html some styling and tiscript code. So if you know basic html and javascript, you'll be good to go with not much effort.   I'm not affiliated with it in any way, but I honestly think it's an awesome library that deserves to be much better known. It has just got a new website a few days ago, so you will find the community forums rather empty unfortunately, and the developer is still working on improving the documentation. But the library is quite mature and has been around for a good while now.   Good luck. I think working on an engine along with its editor makes much more sense than creating an editor as an afterthought.   Sciter is amazing, I have been using it for 1 hour now and it is so simple to setup and use. This is by far the best UI framework I have ever tried.  Thank you :)   - Makak
  3. Makak

    Game Engine Editor

    How would I go about having a directX window inside a c# application?
  4. I have been wanted to create a game-engine for some time now and I have recently started this project, my problem is now that I can't find any free for commercial-use GUI SDK's for Win32. I looked at Qt, which is only free for 30 days. I want it to be free for commercial-use if I someday reach a state where I would like to publish it. What is a good Win32/C++ UI SDK?
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