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    2d Lighting

    That editor is absolutely amazing and they certainly put a lot of work into it! Great work.   I think, the lighting is done either with normal maps or depth maps on top of the diffuse textures. If you have normal or depth data, you can basically light a 2d surface like a 3d surface. See bump mapping for example. 
  2. The absolute one advice I would like to give by a rhetorical question:   If you are prepared for the fact that someone using Unity, GameMaker, UE or any other full packaged engine, is doing with just a few clicks to make something very simple happen, that you would take at least one year to produce the same output, plus, you are prepared for the fact that you need another year for refactoring, cleaning up the mess or even start all over again where the Unity, GM, UE guy produced at least 10 games, you are free to start your engine project.    At the very end of your product(about 5 years+ later), you possibly produced some game that you possibly could sell for the same amount of money a Unity, UE, GM guy would, you realize that absolutely nobody cares about you engine and the fact that you coded your own engine and your skill level is way much higher than the skill level of some UE, GM, Unity guy, because you learned way more.    So to summarize, the very biggest issue with coding your own engine is that it will consume very much time. And all the very detailed, fundamental and basic problems you need to take care of will be very frustrating at times. Since you asked the question you asked, be prepared that you will take a very long time to get something usable.   Oh, and one last thing. DON'T look up how to code an engine. Go with your own ideas and learn as much as possible. This is the only thing your engine is good for. Learning!
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