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  1. revisited

    need some sprites

    I really feel like an idiot right now but I can't seem to remove the background entirely does anyone know a decent tutorial or something?
  2. revisited

    need some sprites

    BEcause I thought it would have been more difficult than that thanks for the help
  3. revisited

    need some sprites

    Guys i'm in a real bind here I need to turn in this game I'm making as an assignment tomorrow but the sprites i'm using are weirdly cropped so they have a huge white border around them, So i'm begging you guys does anybody have properly cropped sprites for two top down characters preferably different colors?
  4. revisited

    Making the switch from java

    I'll start with libgdx then thanks for all the help.   On a side note is there a lot of documentation for moving from the bussiness application side to the video game development side of java?
  5. revisited

    Making the switch from java

    Ok I'll do that. I have to say this is by far the most helpful internet community i've ever seen
  6. revisited

    Making the switch from java

    Yeah but I heard most people don't use java so if I ever want to cooperate with other developers it would probably be useful to know other languages as well right? By the way thanks for the quick responses and sorry if my english isn't perfect.
  7. I would first like to introduce myself in order to give you guys a little insight so without further ado:  as a kid I always wanted to be a game developer however as I grew up I always started playing less and less videogames and by the end of highschool I despised the thought of sitting behind a computer all day staring at some crazy language. Well two years later I had my first programming course (I 'm studying engineering) and it turned out that I was actually really good at it I could even keep up with the guys that had a lot of experience ( note that it was only blueJ so that doesn't really say much). Now one year after that we're being thought how to program in java using eclipse and again I'm surprisingly good at it (compared to my other classes at least) not only that but I actually enjoy myself while programming. So I did some research trying to revisit an old passion.   However I quickly found out that most games are programmed in python or C++ now I was wondering if any of you guys know a good tutorial to help me switch between java and one of these languages ( and help me decide which one to use). Because I can only seem to find tutorials aimed at complete beginners and they're kind of slow.   Thanks in advance  
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