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  1. Steffen Unger

    Maya smooth shades like blender

    switch into polygons mode   then   select object normals > soften edges   in case it doesn't work, select all vertices or faces and do the same
  2. Steffen Unger

    Current Opinions on good starter programs

    @giantreto: crazybump has not been updated in ages, you get a better deal with other tools these days for instance with ndo/ the quixel suite or the substance tools, substance in general is a good thing to know, many productions switch over to it these days
  3. Steffen Unger

    Thoughts on Boolean Modeling?

      proper topology, thats the key here, the extra vertices are easily cleaned away, by script or by hand. Booleans are not bound to simple meshes, and there are much more complex cases than just holes you can use them on.
  4. Steffen Unger

    Unity 2d Lighting

      ideally the setdressers would just set up light sources and the rest of the overlays generate automatically, just with enough control for the artist to influence the output if needed. But thats just me, I barely did any setdressing on Ori, i don#t even know if any of my setdressing is still part of the game 
  5. Steffen Unger

    Thoughts on Boolean Modeling?

    we use them day in and day out on our productions such as the latest halo, in various stages of the workflow, blockout, basemesh, detailing, you name it. Some times you need a certain amount of geometry to properly use it, especially sharp cuts into curved surfaces.   Sometimes bools are the right solution, some times they are not, it is really case dependent, just play with them, learn how they work :)   mesh fusion might look good at first glance, once you have to work further with it, especially outside of modo you are screwed, while classical polygeometry stays flexible from start to finish. yes it takes a little longer initially but it is easy to mainain as it is way simpler geometry.
  6. Steffen Unger

    Thoughts on Boolean Modeling?

    http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/vertex-cleaner   this should optimize many of the messy vertices   using booleans is totally fine, it has its upsides and downsides, you just need to figure out how it works for you, in your own workflow
  7. Steffen Unger

    Unity 2d Lighting

    Hey there, I guess i can shed some light on this... hehe   One thing you should know, in comparison to Rayman, Ori had a pretty small team. And rather limited ressources, but more ressources in art than in code to generate art. So many things have been done in a brute force manner, putting artists on solutions, rather than writing tools to do it automatically. So a lot was just mostly handcrafted.   That said, the artists had a few ways to fake (or lets call it simulate, sounds more professional) lighting. One way of simulating it was through additive "sprites", they didnt use a sprite system in a classical way, it has been 2d planes with enough geo to minimize overdraw, which could placed and oriented freely in 3d space. They could be manipulated by a master shader, brought to motion, masked and so on. Which brings me to another option to simulate lighting, imho the most genius one, as I never saw anything similar in any production. The artists had access to a master shader, they could not only animate sprites, but overlay effects, mask them, animate them, stack them etc. To make a sprite look shaded essentially.   All this was done manually, which also helped, giving Ori this handmade feel. But I think many of those tasks could be automated, if only there was enough time to set this up. Maybe later :)   here is a quick video done by me to show how a screen gets constructed. but the shading is all already set up, idealyy a set dresser would record the whole process from start to finish to show it properly     hope this helps   cheers   Steffen
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