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  1. I'm pretty new to the industry so it's early days for me. I'm looking to put together a demo reel of music to market myself as a composer/producer of game music. Does anyone have any advice on optomising a game music demo reel to cover key themes and functions to best make it relevant to developers in today's market? Should I look to cover a niche (I tend to create pretty abstract stuff that probably best suits sci-fi), or try to cover as broad a range as possible?
  2. FastnBulbous

    Awesome Youtube Channel from Film Composer, Junkie XL

    Great thanks! Looks like some useful music theory on there.
  3. I found this channel recently and have found it to be a gold mine of insight and tips on composing for film. Just thought I'd share. Does anyone know of any similar channels that are more game music specific?
  4. FastnBulbous

    Which to learn first: Wwise or FMOD?

    Awesome thanks... I'll add these to the plan.
  5. FastnBulbous

    Which to learn first: Wwise or FMOD?

      Hi Valoon-- can you ping me offline (brian at gamesoundcon dot com)?  I'd love to get more of that story.  It's something I've seen in the industry, have explained to people, but another  specific example is always good!   Cheers I've been giving this some thought. Where would be a good place for a novice to start on audio coding?
  6. FastnBulbous

    Which to learn first: Wwise or FMOD?

    Thanks again for the very detailed advice.  The key issues seem to be the steeper learning curve of Wwise and the preference of indie/smaller developers towards Fmod.  I've decided to start with Fmod mainly for the latter reason.  The concepts shouldn't be a problem as I've been through the uni education thing in music tech.
  7. So I'm thinking it would be a good idea to learn about the middleware that seems to be a big thing these days.  If would make sense though to focus on just one, at least for now.  What do people think should be the priority middleware for an aspiring game audio person?
  8. FastnBulbous

    Composing music

    Keep it up man!  Some quality work right there.  Would be good to hear more.
  9. FastnBulbous

    15 Good DAWs

    Had experience with most DAWs and found Ableton Live to be the most conducive to the creative process.  Add to this the huge array of possibilities with Max for Live and Live has become quite a powerful tool over the years.
  10. FastnBulbous

    Aspiring audio for games producer here...

    Awesome thanks!  Getting a few results in my region so will investigate further.
  11. FastnBulbous

    Mechanical keyboard (cherry mx red) difficult to type on?

    Got a Corsair cherry mx red keyboard here.  Typing is fine with it.  Sounds like you got a faulty keyboard. 
  12. FastnBulbous

    Aspiring audio for games producer here...

    Thanks a lot for the very detailed advice.  You've all given me plenty of food for thought. Networking certainly seems to be key.  My main challenge with this being UK based and in Birmingham. Even though Birmingham is the UK's "second city", I'm so far yet to hear of any game development community here.  It's certainly something I will be looking further into.  Maybe there's a budding indie scene here. I could perhaps look into what's going on in London but the capital is always a very different beast to the rest of the UK.  Maybe Manchester is where it's at... Regarding the free work.  I'd certainly be wanting some pay if I knew it was going commercial.
  13. I'm a fairly experienced experimental music producer and decided to follow my dream of making music for games.  I've been researching plenty and been pretty active promoting my work recently.  The question is, what's the best way of getting noticed by other developers.  I'm up for free work as long as I have an opportunity to show what I can do and get some experience of collaboration with game designers. Is it simply a case of just keep doing what I'm doing?  Keep putting work out there and being persistent?  Is it reasonable to think I might be able to get paid work in the coming months?
  14. FastnBulbous

    Another feedback request thread...

    Hey thanks a lot for the feedback.  Definite food for thought.  I hadn't noticed the mid to low-mid hole, that'll learn me for not using a spectrum analyser. :)  I disagree on the piano though.  I like the otherworldly feel of the heavily filtered piano sound.  Perhaps some momentary natural sounding piano in places would have been good though.
  15. I'm sure I'd be preaching to the converted if I explained why I've decided to produce a No Man's Sky inspired piece.  I'm pretty pleased with it, particularly the piano part but would be very grateful for some objective feedback on how I might have done things differently. Here'tis...  https://soundcloud.com/markcaudery/no-mans-sky
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