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  1. That's one of the advantages of the AWS solution - no need to maintain the long lived connection from your own server. Your PHP server just invokes SNS when it has messages to deliver.   Ok, so i took a look at it, and played with the sample. Was able to send a message from inside the aws console. But now I am trying to wrap my head around what to do next.   Can i now have my server handle the push notifications, meaning, my server handles the calls to the aws services after a user contacts it? Would it be possible to have a checklist of what needs to be done or what I need to keep track of?
  2. Ok, thanks for the explanations everyone, definitely helped me understand a lot better. I think I will start by reading looking up AWS. The prices are a lot lower than I thought they would be.
  3. I am trying to add push notification to my game(android/ios) and not too sure where to begin or exactly what I need to do given that my game is built in Unity.    My game is multiplayer(asynchronous) and my server will be handling everything, logging in, matchmaking and friend management. I am using cakephp to manage these elements along with GETs and POSTs to communicate between server and game.   So the way I see this happening in my head is that my game would make calls to my server and then my server would take care of sending whatever notifications required (ex:match is ready, friend requests).   So given my current layout, how can I go about starting this? I would like to do it without having to spend any money, so without using anything from unity store.Not afraid to get my hands dirty and program it myself, just need some guidance on the steps I'll need to build it.
  4. This is my first game I have made. Released a few months ago, but only found this site recently. So here's my game!   Can you get all the coins, in ONE jump? Get all 3 coins without clashing with any obstacles and land safely to win! Change the wind's strength and direction to control your jumps. With different enemies getting in your way, figure out how to flow past them like a ninja. Some of the hardest levels may seem impossible, but don't let that crush your spirits! They are beatable..if you have what it takes.   IOS : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/one-shot-jump/id1000500138?ls=1&mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Roho.OSJ   Please rate if you like it! [attachment=29463:01.png][attachment=29464:02.png][attachment=29466:04.png][attachment=29467:05.png][attachment=29465:03.png]
  5. Thanks for the replies.  ?I was initially thinking of making the user use facebook to log in, so i could have players in both the ios and android pool play together. This is where i started to think about security problems. Now, after reading about the authentication methods for 3rd parties, I'm thinking of using Game Center and Google Play, strictly for logging in, then handle the rest myself, this way android and ios can still play together.
  6. ok, thanks. I will take a look at this
  7. Hello, i want to build a mobile game with asynchronous multiplayer. This is my first time doing any kind of multiplayer, so I am not even sure I am approaching this the right way, so let me know if I'm wrong anywhere.   The game I want to make has 2 players vs each other for 3 rounds, so I just need to send data at the end of each round. Also when a player wants to log in or start looking for a match.   Anyway, after doing some research, I read that it would be enough to use cakephp to communicate between the game and the database. I could use POST and GET requests to get and send data from the game to the database. I've done some tests and was able to successfully do this, but now I am wondering,   1. is this safe? If i had a POST url that did modifications to the database, if someone somehow got access to the url and the POST paramaters, they could potentially mess with it.   2. I thought of using a password to send as one of the parameters for a POST so it could be verified. But am i correct in assuming that someone could still get that password somehow, since POSTs aren't protected?   And if the way I am doing this is completely wrong, what should i be doing instead?   And if it matters, doing it in Unity. Thanks
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