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  1. orange451

    [LUA]Getting the mouse position on a table

    I'm going to assume your get_Position() function is working correctly... Maybe compare it like this: if ( map[mouse_x][mouse_y] == 0.1 ) then Audio:Play() end I assume this is what you're trying to do... More information would be nice!
  2. In your vertex shader, couldn't you skin your mesh normally, then apply the world matrix? Where in the world matrix contains a scale?
  3. @Hodgman I especially like this approach. Great for ordering sensitive objects later on. i.e. handling transparencies that exist within an object.
  4. orange451

    Anarchy Engine

    Java, Lwjgl3, and Lua game engine. What could go wrong?
  5. Any screen shot comparisons, @Lewa? Curious how well this technique worked for you!
  6. What’s stopping you from still using zup? all of my games that I write in OpenGL are built on the idea that the zaxis is the up axis. its all in the view matrix.
  7. orange451

    HBAO Test

    From quite a few years ago!
  8. What are your camera near/far clip planes?
  9. Well what code did you write? We can't help you if you don't help us.
  10. Though if you're using Java, it might not be a bad idea to look into this static Collections method (for the internal lists): Collections.synchronizedList(new ArrayList());
  11. @mr_tawan+1 from me as well I love making games, but nothing beats engine writing.
  12. @MJPIs there any information of why writing the final light color after dividing by PI? Not sure how to search this, but I have seen it floating around a lot. Does this remain true for things like deferred renderers?
  13. orange451

    PBR - Deferred Renderer

    Creating a PBR workflow for my rendering engine. I'm pretty happy with it so far. Not sure if it's really 100% physically correct, but I'm sure it'll do for now
  14. Will give it a try then, thanks!
  15. This is the current uniform layout in my deferred renderer: [ uniform sampler2D texture_diffuse; /* Albedo map of the material */ uniform sampler2D texture_normal; /* Normal map of the material */ uniform sampler2D texture_metalness; /* Metalness map of the material */ uniform sampler2D texture_roughness; /* Roughness map of the material */ uniform samplerCube texture_cubemap; /* Environment reflection map */ uniform samplerCube texture_ibl; /* Environment light map (IBL) */ uniform float uMetalness; /* User specified metalness of the material */ uniform float uRoughness; /* User specified roughness of the material */ uniform float uReflective; /* User specified reflectiveness of the material */ uniform float normalMapEnabled; /* Set on CPU. Controls whether material normalmap is used */ uniform float enableSkybox; /* Set on CPU. Controls whether skybox is used */ uniform float enableIBL; /* Set on CPU. Controls whether skybox IBL is used */ uniform vec3 uAmbient; /* Ambient of the scene. Used for IBL */ uniform vec3 uMaterialColor; /* User specified color of the material */ I've been thinking, should I worry about this many uniforms? They are being set by each material in the engine. I wrote some cpu-sided checks to see if I am updating the same uniform handle to the same value (and ignoring it if so), to try to help a little bit. I could easily combine the texture_normal, texture_metalness, and texture_roughness to a single sampler2D. Would that help much when drawing?
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