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  1. orange451

    Anarchy Engine

    Java, Lwjgl3, and Lua game engine. What could go wrong?
  2. I have a few ideas. 1. Your shader is acting totally normal. That's how projecting vertices works; in reverse order. 2. Your winding order is correct, and the backface drawing is because that's how you've defined your winding order. If you want the other face to draw, either change your cull mode or change your winding order.
  3. Out of curiosity, any screenshots of the correct output?
  4. Any time you write an application that runs on someones computer, that user has the ability to manipulate it however they want; It's their computer. Though there's some ways you help combat this, having as many things as you can be server-sided is a good approach. This means that all data is stored on the server, and the clients only get to make requests to have data be changed. The server then gets the overall say in whether or not those changes are accepted. As a general rule of thumb, you should not blindly accept any data the client sends the server out-right, it needs to be checked for validity first on the server. Though this wont stop people from making their client, for example, change player positions locally. That's not something you can really stop without an additional client-side anticheat system, but there aren't tools for this with Java, as far as I'm aware. It's higher level, and the JVM that houses your bytecode can always be changed by some exploiter. What server-sided cheat prevention does, is it prevents users who are already exploiting have their exploits affect other users. Certain game types are easier to protect than others. A lot of RTS's have an easy time with cheat prevention, because you can easily make the clients wait 100% on server synchronization (clients just send click requests to the server, server handles literally everything except drawing graphics). This creates a delay in input, which is not optimal for other game-types (see FPS's). First person shooters cannot have this type of synchronization, because the user needs instant feedback of what they're doing or the experience is ruined.
  5. orange451

    [LUA]Getting the mouse position on a table

    I'm going to assume your get_Position() function is working correctly... Maybe compare it like this: if ( map[mouse_x][mouse_y] == 0.1 ) then Audio:Play() end I assume this is what you're trying to do... More information would be nice!
  6. In your vertex shader, couldn't you skin your mesh normally, then apply the world matrix? Where in the world matrix contains a scale?
  7. @Hodgman I especially like this approach. Great for ordering sensitive objects later on. i.e. handling transparencies that exist within an object.
  8. Any screen shot comparisons, @Lewa? Curious how well this technique worked for you!
  9. What’s stopping you from still using zup? all of my games that I write in OpenGL are built on the idea that the zaxis is the up axis. its all in the view matrix.
  10. orange451

    HBAO Test

    From quite a few years ago!
  11. What are your camera near/far clip planes?
  12. Well what code did you write? We can't help you if you don't help us.
  13. Though if you're using Java, it might not be a bad idea to look into this static Collections method (for the internal lists): Collections.synchronizedList(new ArrayList());
  14. @mr_tawan+1 from me as well I love making games, but nothing beats engine writing.
  15. @MJPIs there any information of why writing the final light color after dividing by PI? Not sure how to search this, but I have seen it floating around a lot. Does this remain true for things like deferred renderers?
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