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  1.   I like your point of view, looking at the issue from a chronological perspective. To be honest, I do not have enough supporting data to correlate the spikes and drops of the numbers of user, however, I was judging by numbers of average players since March 2015.   As you said in point 1, it is something that happens in other online games as well. Take any of the major titles that receive updates each 6 months to 1 year, they will have spikes when the new content is released, and then user numbers start to fall down. However, this is not the main point here. I was looking for actual solutions to make the game more playable, and make players want to stay past the 10 hours playtime plateau.
  2. That too is an issue. I am not sure if asymmetric/asynchronous interaction plays well for a similar game type. Given the immersive experience it provides, probably users expect more out of it.
  3. This may not be quite true. I think there is hardly any game more repetitive than Diable 3 and there is a lot of whining on their forums about it, yet the game still holds strong playerbase with more and more new players buying it. You may want to implement "ranged stats" In your game (maybe even for traps) so players will always have something to upgrade as there never will be "perfect roll" on everything.       Game should start, not finish on level cap. See Diablo 3, World of Warcraft or basically any other MMO. Maybe add NPC castles only available for top level players that offer greater rewards? Like unique decorations or custom skins for your minions?   Also I'm not sure how your games handles returning players? Is your castle completely destroyed and your rank down to 1? Or can you pick the game again after few weeks without much penalty?   I would've loved it if this game was mine, but it is owned by Ubisoft  I agree with you regarding pay to win model being unacceptable. What I am trying to do here is take opinions on what could've been done better. Maybe one day, ten years from now, I will be able to create something that plays better 
  4. No you can't. Customization is very limited in this game.   From reading your posts over the years, I expected that you would mention this  I think that you have a good point on minigames, it's something I want to experiment with in my designs.   Think that's a game I should play.
  5. SilverSpoon

    Relation between mines & factories

    I hope this is not repeating someone else, because I skimmed through it quickly.   I would suggest adding depth by adding factors that affect production/consumption ratios, such as: Production lines having a percentage of products that come out bad and need to be disposed of (forgot the term that describes this) Conditions that affect production rations, such as earthquakes causing collapses in mines, storms preventing gathering of wood, and so on Transport pipeline that will have its own conditions as well, such as ships sinking, or damaged goods during transport I have played games where such conidtions were described simply with text messages (e.g. in Tradewinds where the governor of a port city would dispose of your tobacco because he declared a new law against it), so it does not have to display the actual event happening (unless you would like to go that far  )
  6. Hello everyone,   I've been lurking around in these forums for many years now. This might be my first post, but I hope I am familiar enough with the rules, and that my post would be taken positively.   I would like to get your thoughts on the game "The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot". For those who do not know the game, I would say it's a Clash of Clans meets Torchlight II kind of game. The main objectives in the game are as follows: Build your castle Attack castles of other players with your "heroes" Win to gain castle points, which will be used to determine your rank, or die in battle and lose your points You get rewarded for gaining and maintaining ranks Loot crafting materials and "hero" gear Repeat   That's it. Pretty simple and straightforward. The game looks good and plays well. However, the game is losing audience constantly (http://steamcharts.com/app/239220 for reference). Here I am summing up the points that I've witnessed, in addition to what I heard from other players: There's not much variety in game play. While there is creativity in castles built by different players, you're doing the same thing over and over, which is attacking castles. Buying game packages makes your castle unbeatable. These packages provide users with epic grade defenses, which otherwise would take months to farm. After a certain level you hit a plateau, where castles become exponentially hard to beat, and progression slows down a lot. After you hit the level cap, only thing left to do is grind for epic loot. So, here I am asking, what would you do to improve the concept of this game?
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