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  1.   I think with laptops sometimes the graphics switch between integrated and discrete.  IIRC you can force the computer to use discrete (740M) by using a control panel utility.  But if you don't fix this then you will still have the problem on some computers. You're better off breaking your model into smaller chunks and rendering them with separate draw calls.  There are many advantage to breaking a model up as well. (and one drawback)     Today, I set using 740M. It shows a completed model. Now, I should split the model. Every size is 128MB ? The maximum of smaller chunks is 32 ? Input assembler vertex input resource slots D3D11_IA_VERTEX_INPUT_RESOURCE_SLOT_COUNT (32)
  2. Thank you a lot. I have an question. My CPU i5-3337U has a intel HD graphic 4000. Which one do work ? 
  3.   I found Dx11 limits. Resource size (in MB) for any of the preceding resources¹ min(max(128,0.25f * (amount of dedicated VRAM)), 2048) MB D3D11_REQ_RESOURCE_SIZE_IN_MEGABYTES_EXPRESSION_A_TERM (128) D3D11_REQ_RESOURCE_SIZE_IN_MEGABYTES_EXPRESSION_B_TERM (0.25f) D3D11_REQ_RESOURCE_SIZE_IN_MEGABYTES_EXPRESSION_C_TERM (2048)       How to calculus the limits in Dx11 ? (My card 740M 2GB)
  4. I am new here. How do you know the 128mb limit in Dx10 ?
  5. Hi !  I don't use indices but draw it by Draw(int vertexCount, int startVertexLocation). I found the problem out  possibly. When I  call Buffer.Create(), it should cost about 207MB memory. The result is only 128MB. I guess it is a problem.   Now, I should do what to solve this problem. My partial code: //build mesh buffer VerticesBuffer = Buffer.Create( device,  BindFlags.VertexBuffer,  VerNormaldata );  //VerNormaldata size is about 200MB.  context.InputAssembler.SetVertexBuffers(0, new VertexBufferBinding(VerticesBuffer, Utilities.SizeOf<Vector3>()*2, 0));   //Draw Model context.Draw( ModelData, 0);
  6. Thank you for reply.   It confused me about how to know DirectX's limitation in SharpDx. I want to check whether the reason is about the limitation. Would you give any suggestion ?   
  7. When the size of stl file is small (about less 128MB), the model can be showed completely. However, the size is large, the model will be showed partially.   Firstly, I should do something to look for the reasons.    I drew the model through Draw(int vertexCount, int startVertexLocation).   Like below, https://goo.gl/photos/HYFmbDyziMMrSwXdA
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