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  1. Alright so Sikuli seems to be exactly what I need! That being said when I use the autocapture hot-key my program in full-screen turns black for the duration of me trying to capture the region I need clicked. I'm going to see if it'll work if maybe I run the program through a 3rd party software that keeps it windowed (I tried all the window commands in the target line and none seem to work.) I'll keep you updated. [EDIT] Sikuli doesn't work with games in full screen mode so that answers my question as to why it is doing that, I'll look for another program though and see how that works.
  2. Checking it out now, but from what I see it looks perfect. Thank you very much!
  3. Wow, thank you very much, I will check that out for sure! [*EDIT*] The console has different commands that are possible to execute, though I can't seem to find a list explaining what they are anywhere. Anyways, that's more of a personal problem though, not one that the community would be able to help me on. Regardless, I thought I'd update just for the sake of being updated. In the mean time I may just test out all the commands or keep researching online.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm trying to make a script that if I launch it it will go through the process of automatically selecting a map I am working on in Men of War assault squad's Gem 2 editor. If anyone here is familiar with using Gameranger to play multiplayer games then that would be a visual example of what I'm trying to perform. For those not familiar with Gameranger, what I mean is when it launches a multiplayer game for you, a lot of times without clicking yourself it will automatically start the game, select multiplayer, and then create a lobby.  I am trying to create something like this so I don't have to dig through different files just to get to a map I've been working on. It would be much easier to execute a script that automatically started the editor, navigated through the map I want, and then load it without me having to do anything. I've tried doing this with a .bat file and I've only managed to start the program but I can't figure out how to make it automatically dig through the folders and select the map to load automatically. Should I look for different .bat commands or abandon the batch file method and look at a different scripting language and code? Thanks for any info or any push in the right direction.
  5. HunterSimms

    Need help with where to start for a game idea

    Thanks to both for the guides in the right direction, SirWeeble I figured launching the engine from another could add complications, although with my lack of coding knowledge I didn't know for sure, I just kind of assumed. I'm going to try and avoid that if possible, and Norman thanks for the link, and the idea of googling war game engine. I'm going to do that now.
  6. HunterSimms

    Need help with where to start for a game idea

    Thanks for the info. Well at this point the only engine I'm planning on using for sure is the Gem 3 editor (Or Gem 2, not sure yet) because it does small unit tactics so well. So If I could find an engine that I could build off of that has that grand scale Risk-styled game and just bridge the two where it switches back and forth that would be perfect. So at this moment, I don't even know what engine I would start with for the grand scale portion of the game, which is kind of my issue, that's why for now I only know for sure I'm using the GEM editor. But I will definitely research into GUI tutorials and the such for now. Thanks again.
  7. Hello Gamedev community, I recently brainstormed an idea purely theoretical (I say purely because I have never coded or scripted from scratch, I'm about as new to this whole world of programming as you can get.) I have researched for days and haven't been able to come up with results that answer my question so I'm posting here. I want to make a game that is based, in a very general sense, off of something like the Total War series' campaign. It's a blend of a 2D world map with a simple representation of your army (Like the Hearts of Iron series for example) but instead of the combat being carried out on a grand scale, I would want it to load a representation of the battle in RTS styled (Like I said, similar to the Total War series' campaign or Rise of Nations CTW campaign) when 2 or more armies collided. As of right now step one I believe would be to design a game that displays a map with different players and different provinces. I'm not trying to overwhelm one post with a million questions (In the finished product I will have diplomacy, resources, all that jazz) but my main focus now and question is: Where would I want to start in order to make a map (Similar to a Risk map) that has different provinces that I can move pieces to take/attack or defend from other pieces? The engine I would use to carry out the RTS combat would be the GEM 3 engine. So keeping that in mind, what would my best route be to start this? A map that displayed your armies on a large scale but then loaded the battle in the GEM 3 editor.   Thanks for any help or info, I truly have looked online and in these forums for a few days and just couldn't find where to start, and most that showed up just weren't what I was looking for. 
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