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  1. Honestly, I've always thought turn based isometrics and the like are way too fucking slow, especially Xcom though I did enjoy it quite a bit with that one overhaul mod.   It's like...  I play something like ARMA and you suddenly realize how quick and fast paced war can be.  You go enter 2 gun or 3 gun competitions and come to find that shooting on the move is nowhere near as inaccurate nor as slow of a matter its made out to be like in CoD where you're suddenly a fucking tortious if you check your irons.   I never liked the serious lack of tactical abilities either.  Moving and shooting, having units immediately switching to a pistol if they run out of ammo or their guns jam, the fact that some guns don't jam, the fact that Snipers have to spend 5 rounds to get set up and then never do anything because they have an arbitrarily short range or for some reason don't do any damage at all, the fundamental lack of reactionary moves like moving into cover and what not, the fact that suppressing fire does almost nothing and good god the unrealistic guns that made shotguns into squirt guns, Assault rifles into pea shooters, heavy mechs or weaponry capable of being shrugged off by high level enemy units and all the other disparity.  Same reason why I couldn't really get into that many RTS games, because the group based and solitary unit based AI and tactics were so god damned generic with zero complexity, while the greater game is just fucking rock paper scissors which is why it baffles me when people tote Starcraft 2 as being this huge, complex, tacticool spass muhreen simulator, when it really just is a race to see who reaches their end game meta first.   If I were to do a spin on time units, I'd change it to where every unit has a bar, each action takes a certain % from it but if you compound certain actions, they essentially become free, IE if you run and gun, run and reload, shoot and reload immediately after, et cetera, with the player's basically setting up their units in rounds, IE you have unit A go here and plan for him to shoot Target 1, while unit B applies suppressive fire on Target 1;  in turn, your opponent anticipates your moves and orders their unit's actions with the players sharing the same planning phase, after which when both sides lock in the actions of their units who mind you, get their own AP bars, the round plays out based on the AI priorities you write and pathing you commanded, all playing out in real time because each round that plays out is 1 minute of actual, real time combat with the % bar being the amount of time the actual units have to execute commands.   So it balances itself out pretty damn well.  Small units, who will have reactionary abilities will be able to create an organic game field and compensate for missteps, small units having the ability to crunch time will force players to think in a more tactical sense with unit arming, squad composition, unit placement, cover and the like, heavy units are indeed heavy, tanks can't just roll in and blast people to shit because they're standing in the middle of a field like a dumbass, but they are more limited despite them being a force multiplier, IE it takes some time to position them, move them around and in certain areas they're far from being less than ideal making them somewhat situational, and it can empower the player by giving them a visceral feeling of having significant control over the flow of battle like RTS games have that TBS games don't since it is somewhat real time, it ends up playing in more of a real time.   The only two issues I can see with this is that firstly, It'l be complex as all hell.  It's a mindset most people don't work or use in games but then again, same can be said about Red Orchestra 2's and ARMA's realism.  Second is that coding the unit and opponent's AI will be a fucking clusterfuck of a hell's worth of coding, planning and nerfing to prevent the computer from starting on fire and/or going full statistics and either pulling brilliant moves or being dumber than a sack of sand potatoes. 
  2. Colton Bronk

    Armour penetration and firearms

        Wow, didn't expect the thread to still be going.   Ehh...  On the first, no, they're not simpler, in fact, revolvers are more complex and are akin to clocks in their method of manufacture and function, which ties into the second, that being they're incredibly precise in being built because if the timing is off, your gun will literally explode in your hand and will no doubt disfigure it.   Third, they're just as suseptible to malfunction as any other quality built auto loader, to the point where reliability between a revolving action and semi automatic is negligible.   Look at the really early ones done with limited machining technologies, and much simpler metalurgy.   Lever action on the cylinder spindle, etc... (consider also what really old clocks were built like....)     Those are actually pretty bad and were high maintenance because they would go out of time constantly.  Their hollywood status of being super reliable came from the fact that they weren't shot often so timing wasn't much of an issue, it really just came down to the fact that a gun back then might not be shot more than 5 to 600 times in its lifetime.  Lever actions are different but they are more complex when compared to bolt actions and still have issues with jamming.   The single exception I can really think of this was the 1895 nagant revolver from Russia, only it was actually rather complex, blocky and incredibly heavy.  And when it came to reliability when you compare it to the Browning M1911 and Browning Hi Power, both were semi automatic and became the basis for pretty much 85% of semi automatic firearm designs, they were just as reliable and easier to manufacture, not to mention cheaper.
  3. Colton Bronk

    Sci-Fi Multiplayer Tactical Game

    So its basically Counter Strike GO?   It is kind of interesting to have some sort of game where you can establish defenses free will, but doesn't really seem all that special.  It would be far better with the RTS elements more emphasized by having the 10th player construct buildings and defenses and had MOBA elements too, which allowed player 10 to summon monsters with the other 9 players acting as heroes, pushing different lanes and destroying enemy defenses.
  4. Colton Bronk

    Armour penetration and firearms

        Wow, didn't expect the thread to still be going.   Ehh...  On the first, no, they're not simpler, in fact, revolvers are more complex and are akin to clocks in their method of manufacture and function, which ties into the second, that being they're incredibly precise in being built because if the timing is off, your gun will literally explode in your hand and will no doubt disfigure it.   Third, they're just as suseptible to malfunction as any other quality built auto loader, to the point where reliability between a revolving action and semi automatic is negligible.         Welcome to the reason why nobody in any military uses revolvers.     For fleshy stuff, a good gunshot from even an M16 or AK47 depending on if you're using level III or IV armor, can still kill you because of internal bleeding and in Full Power rounds, you do need professional medical examination.       Different types of rounds penetrate differently.  As I said, ammunition that isn't even labeled AP will still pierce armor.   I spend like half an hour typing out an explanation but to KISS   Have Three regular types of ammunition.   Ball FMJ.  Basic, okay penetration of armor, okay damage against fleshy stuff.   Hollow Point.  Leans towards fleshy stuff, horrible penetration, high damage against fleshy stuff.   Armor Piercing.  Leans towards armored shit.  Great penetration, horrible damage.   And from there, just adjust each weapon depending on the round's natural ability to deal damage on this triangle axis.  A PS90 obviously would penetrate armor quite well as a stat, but have lower damage over all.  A basic M16 would be more middle of the road but if you use a M4 which is lighter, it would also have worse damage, still relatively accurate, only suffering a minor debuff, but that would all depend on the ammo you use.  The reverse would apply to AK47's, 74's and Krinkovs.  Do great damage wise with short barrels but have horrible accuracy, both cases being lower than that of the M16's, only if it's an AK47 and Krinkov 47, while the 74 having longer range but doesn't penetrate as well.  A Battle Rifle like say the G3 has high damage, good penetration but small magazine size and carrying capacity while also being heavy.   This allows players to gravitate to certain weapons for certain play styles.   Going up against zombies and want to remain quite because close quarters?   Take a Krinkov 47, slap a suppressor on it and get ready to rock.   Need something medium to long and need lots of ammo?  M16 or M4, depending on if you need that extra weight saved, somewhere else.   Going against Robots?   Bring out the FN57 and PS90 which both use the same ammo, giving you a huge ammo pool, big mags, penetrate armor really well regardless of ammo type used and wouldn't matter concerning damage since robots should be incredibly weak to piercing since if they don't have redundant systems like high level robots should, then they'll be critically wounded from the spray.   Lots of low level enemies?   SMG in 9mm with a variety of different ammo types to fill different rolls as they come.   Need to be far away or have few powerful enemies?   Sniper or battle rifle.   Each gun is going to need to be picked out by hand with gameplay in mind and have individual stats assigned to each, with round type augmenting the already existing stats listed.   Also revolvers are stupid.  If you're going to do it, just straight up have it be a .44 magnum with a hunting scope on it and make it a light sniper platform because people actually hunt like that.
  5. Colton Bronk

    Armour penetration and firearms

      Yeah, it can seem kind of confusing.   That's what happens when NATO, Russia and America all decide to mix and match the naming systems of their rounds.   Real quick, there is imperial and metric measurement for the caliber of rounds.   .308 is the same thing as 7.62x51 and 7.62 Nato, from a purely mathematical point, same as .223 and 5.56x42 and 5.56 NATO, but all rounds, even within their certain types, have different "loads", different individual parts that make em up.  The actual bullet may be heavier or lighter, among engineers and gun enthusiasts, we refer to this as the "grain" of the bullet, this is a very fine unit of measurement where 437.5 grains actually equals an ounce.  Many also use different quantities of gun powder to achieve different velocities when the round is shot.  Funny, isn't it?  Which is why I had to explain the M855a1 because your regular 5.56, while weaker than 7.62x51, can defeat level 3 body armor, which ties in with the next point.   I might have explained it wrong but with pistol and rifle cartridges, they both have their magnum class of rounds and classes of rounds.   For pistols its   Small pistol and large pistol, which are almost entirely indistinguishable in everything but the firearm's ability to be converted, IE a small pistol chambered handgun cannot have its barrel swapped out and be able to shoot a large pistol round for the most part, while a large pistol chambered handgun can take be, but not always.   And then you have pistol magnum cartridges which are over grown large pistol rounds.  these are .357 magnum, .44 magnum, .50 AE and .500 S&W.   For rifles its   Intermediate rounds.  These are like 5.56, 5.45x39, 7.62x39 and that 5.8 retardation the Chinese are using.  They're smaller, lighter and you're meant to carry a good amount of it.  These are used most commonly in what people call "Assault Rifles."  IE Firearms that are capable of fully automatic fire.  If its not capable as such, it's just a regular rifle chambered in an Intermediate cartridge.   Full power cartridges.  These are like 7.62x51, 7.62x54R or rimmed and .30-06.  These are bigger, heavier and most commonly used in actual machine guns and Battle Rifles which is something of a neologism that doesn't really mean anything outside of a different way to distinguish firearms chambered in Full Power rounds from from those in intermediate rounds.  Though there is some specifics to them, those being that a battle rifle must be chambered in a Full Power round and be semi automatic and/or capable of full.   Note that there are more rounds of each type than listed, if I were to list them all, I'd be here all day and still not have gotten them all.   Now Rifle Magnum cartridges.  These are rounds bigger and even more powerful than full power cartridges, typically to the point where they are able to be moved up a class.  The three most typical are .300 Winchester magnum, .300 Winchester short magnum and .338 Lapua.  For reference, the .300 win mag has the same sized bullet as 7.62x51 BUT the key different is the case, the brass tube that houses it, in .300 win mag, it's longer, which allows more powder which gives it a net bonus in it's velocity of about 25%, making it go about an extra 200 m/s faster.  .338 is similar, only it's bullet is twice as heavy as the lightest 7.62 bullet used in 7.62x51 and .300 win mag, and goes just as fast as the .300 win mag.   Thus the magnum designations.  These rounds just go so fast, are so powerful that they are able to defeat our most powerful of body armor.  the .300 win mag I mentioned, in order for body armor to sustain a hit from it considering its 25% more powerful than 7.62x51, would mean it'd have to be an extra pound in weight, and quarter of an inch thicker, multiply that by 2.5 for having back and side plates as well.  But that also means it won't stop .338 lapua,  Assuming that they're not also Armor Piercing as well, this also means that they're only capable of taking a single hit with odds of defeating the round greater than 50% in less than ideal conditions, that's typically what defeat means in the body armor industry.   So in a game balancing situation what should this mean?   To keep with reality, any gun that is chambered in this round weighs 25+ pounds, ammo is INCREDIBLY rare, INCREDIBLY expensive, in america .338 lapua is 5 to 6 dollars a round, making your average box of 20 around 100 dollars unless you reload your own, its heavy, over 4 times the weight of 5.56, but it defeats all body armor for humans, and any mutants or monsters you encounter, nothing but the absolute toughest armor is able to defeat it, and even then is able to take one hit before breaking.  This doesn't mean however, that it also absorbs the shock of the round impacting it, without harm, just none of the fleshy harm caused by the round tearing through you.
  6. Colton Bronk

    Armour penetration and firearms

    Depends entirely upon the body armor.   I seriously suggest you research into the resistant abilities of organic and non organic materials.   But a brief summary is thus   I Just straight up Kevlar and not a whole lot of it.  Will stop .22lr and up to.380 but these are probably the most anemic rounds you can find on the market.   II Stops most semi auto pistol rounds and everything bellow it, from 9mm to .45 acp.  Does not stop .357 magnum, in a revolver, nor .357 SIG.   IIA A new variant of the Level II armor which stops most, if not all semi automatic pistol rounds, 9mm, .40S&W and .45 acp including .357 but not .44 magnum when out of a revolver nor .357 SIG which is a semi auto cartridge, nor any armor piercing ammunition like 5.7.  Does not stop any rifle rounds.   III Most commonly known as AR500 plates which are hardened steel plates.  Will protect the wearer against everything up to M80 7.62x51 NATO, but not AP rounds and some AP pistol rounds like 5.7.  There are however, new types of rifle ammunition that are not AP and will defeat it.  The new US standard ammunition, M885a1 defeats it while also being the same 5.56 caliber which is smaller than its max, the M80 round.   IIIA is like everything before it except the Level III armor, Kevlar.  It stops all pistol rounds, including .357 mag and SIG, as well as .44 mag.  It may stop basic pistol rounds like 5.56 and 7.62x39 but don't count on it to do so.   IV Stops everything.  AP ammo included.  Up to .30-06 M2 AP which has a hardened steel penetrator.  But doesn't stop magnum pistol rounds like .300 win mag, .338 lapua and .50 BMG.   From a game design point, there can be some merit to carrying revolver ammunition but from the same point, a player may just chose to carry a 9mm and do a greater amount of damage since they'd be able to carry more 9mm than .44 mag which is also very expensive and nowhere near as common, while having a lighter gun.   And really, if you want an accurate model of "damage" per say, it may be a good idea to look up the ballistics of each round and type you want.  Especially when it penetrates flesh.   And even though a round may not damage someone if they're wearing armor, make no mistake, even something like 9mm can still fuck you up because the armor has to distribute the shock and energy of the round.   If you have more questions, ask away since I am very familiar with most if not all types of guns, their ballistics and the function of armor.
  7. Colton Bronk

    Game Story Initial Idea

    Brutally honest?  It reeks of anime tropes.   First and foremost, the movers and shakers of the world will almost never have introverted children, you're more typically going to be ambiverts with at worst a tendency to introversion, due to social standards among their class as well as familial expectations in addition to the interactions among their peers of their social rank.  Its no doubt going to be something taught at a very young age, with certain charismatic tendencies picked up through the child's mind modeling itself after how their parents think and act in public based upon what they also are told is right in society.  Not saying they're happy go lucky, party hard 24/7, but they will have a tendency to not be shut ins with no ability to control their emotions.   Second, the inclusion of magic is almost entirely arbitrary.  If magic exists in the world, which you explain it does, with it being a known and studied art and science, eugenics would be incredibly popular.  Like insanely popular.  Showing the SLIGHTEST inclination would immediately put yourself above your peers and in a class well above anybody else.  You'd also be the subject of reverence and testing.  Betterment of the human race and all that.   Third, people who tend to think this way you've described are also incredibly strong willed.  They're the ones who also tend to blame things on themselves.  It could make an interesting conflict of character but you'd need to have some sort of involvement of the MC's friend' death to make this somewhat believable for his character, that being an introvert.  To jump off of this, if you're going to go full military, there is ramifications to this as well.  If it's modern day, the military where magic exists is only going to be that much more grueling, holding to of higher standards, strict and breaking as well as rebuilding.  If you're going to go in for Magic Combat wingding, you're going to have to first meet standards and if you meet those, you're going to be trained to be better, whether you like it or not.  In addition to this, the sister thing is silly.  Unless its contained to the family and social circle, no one in the military is going to know nor care because Kill Hats do not act impartial to anybody, you're all trained in the shit, because you're are shit and you will come to enjoy the shit, together as a team because while you may be right when saying "I am shit" you forget everybody is also saying the same thing.   Fourth, while I have no problems with psychological issues becoming apparent from stress breaking down a person's mental stability, its something that happens over time with the little bits and pieces eating away for the certain major blows to hit the heart, before the mind tries to repair itself.   Fifth, you need serious build up to this.  Society would need to be seriously screwed up if joining the military was considered a great dishonor and hospitalizing your own damn son was something ignored by authorities especially if it was an act of violence inflicted on a military personnel.  Double for your MC actually fighting in something outside of self defense.  At best, he'd be dishonorably discharged.  At worst, facing time in prison.   Sixth, while people do display light sociopathic tendencies, its not a full blown flick of a switch.  You seem to build up to this but its not just becoming logical, people are logical even when they seem like they're not.  In fact, sociopathic tendencies inflict the opposite, and what you end up seeing is people who will live normal lives but during periods of psychological or emotional stress simply ignoring or disregarding the issue while taking a passive aggressive stance to it, most commonly in the form of simply not caring.   Seventh, you've created a conflict of setting.  If there was a conflict great enough to from the looks of it, permanently scar the MC because of his father's actions, I think the last thing they're going to do is interact with him, nor would them interacting with him be a cause of distress simply because he wouldn't care seeing as it is illogical, even if it was an accident.   So while it is interesting that you're trying to subvert the "Anything is possible if you put your mind to it" idealistic retarded fantasy about life that is so common in media and real life as well, you subvert it to the point where your character seems more childish, brooding edgy ninja highschool that deviates from reality when it serves to further the plot.
  8. Colton Bronk

    no of ammotypes

    Okay, I'll be honest, if you're doing this in the name of balance, its understandable but you may also end up making the game frustrating by removing the key elements of inspiration you're taking away from your cited games by making aversions from reality which people will notice, will care about and will gripe about. To break down the specifics and mechanics you're looking at that Fallout and STALKER For pistols, the three most common calibers of rounds you will see in America, for auto loaders are 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 acp.  While other rounds like 10mm, .357 Sig and the dozens of odd military surplus rounds, exist, they're nowhere near as common as the first three as 9mm is a Nato round, .40 S&W is used or was being used by the FBI and many police units and .45 acp is something of a relic that's existed in the Americas since the early 1900's that is still immensely popular today.  Balistically speaking, there is no difference between any of them outside of how many rounds you can shove into a magazine of the same relative size.       Revolvers come usually in three flavors of .38 special and .357 magnum which can be swapped if the gun is built to handle the pressure of the .357, there is also .44 mag, and a couple other odd rounds that fall into the same category as milsurp.  Again these all offer no real difference in ballistics when compared to regular 9mm.   All shotguns come in three flavors of .410, 20 gauge and 12 gauge.  Each gauge has different lengths of shells ranging from 2 inches to 3.5 to even 4 inch.  But not every gun can shoot every length.   SMG is literally pistol ammo shoved into a different mag.  When they were first invented during the days of WW1 and 2 where they saw immense action, they were done so specifically because ammo commonality.   "Assault Rifle" ammo and regular "Rifle" ammo, it depends on the gun.  There's dozens of dozens of different rounds.  Nato uses 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 AK, along with 9mm and .50 bmg, while com bloc countries use the Russian standard 5.45x39, 7.62x39, 9x39 and 7.62x54R, and just like every other odd country out there, has their own selection of odd calibers for heavy marksman rifles, specialty suppressed weaponry, underwater firearms and so on.  To be clear, this is the same case as the SMG and pistol ammo, its commonly the same thing because its what's commonly available   And with MGs, same deal, but it would make sense that you would need proprietary ammo for this seeing as the ammo needs to be linked and unless you have links and a machine to crank out belts of ammo, you're not going to be able to do anything with it, though you can take regular linked ammo and de link it by hand.   You can keep to the same spirit of realism while keeping a sense of balance by using a weight system like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. did while also accounting for the amount of loaded mags you're able to carry.   Sure a SMG in 9mm may be weaker than a 5.56 rifle, but realistically, I can carry TWICE as much 9mm as I can 5.56.  And while a SMG may have a faster firing rate than a pistol with the same amount of damage while giving it a over all greater DPS, a Pistol, a heavy one at that, weighs on average at about 1.5 pounds LOADED.  An unloaded SMG like say an MP5 weighs at around 4.5 Pounds, 5 loaded.  And a fully tricked out M4A1 can easily weigh as much as 8-10 pounds.  A well built Battle Rifle like an AR10 can weigh anywhere from 12-13 pounds.  And your average body armor weighs 25 pounds.  5.56 mags are at a pound a piece, with standard carry load out being 7 total, not including other gear as well.   So its quite easy to see where weight becomes a quite effective way of maintaining balance.  Yes having that M240 in 7.62x51 that carries 150 round drums of ammo may be fun as all hell to use, but a M240 weighs like 16 pounds, each drum is 5, back up drums usually need about 2 or 3, and they're terribly inaccurate due to weight, a short barrel, the action of the MG itself and the heavier caliber that make the gun hard to control unless you have it resting on a bi pod.   And then you enter the world of specific KINDS of ammo.  You have your garage brand lead cast bullets which literally are cast lead, often made by home reloaders to cheapen the cost of making their own ammo, FMJ which is the NATO standard which is just lead cast with a copper jacket on it, hollow points which is almost universally used in pistol rounds because it makes the bullet expand more, soft points used in pistols and rifles, in pistols as an alternative to hollow points and in rifles to create the same mushroom effect that pistol rounds get and is used almost universally in hunting rounds, AP ammo which has a steel and tungsten penetrating core that's covered by a copper jacket, designed to pierce armor but in doing so gets horrible ballistics but this kind of ammo is exclusive to the Military in the US though there is military surplus from decades ago that you can find though difficult as it may be, Tracers which leave a light trail, used by MGs to show the gunner where their rounds are going, incendiary, rare, very rare and don't so much as cause fire as starts them and explosive tip, extremely rare, exclusive entirely to the military though there is very small amounts of it from WW2 in circulation and doesn't so much explode as leave basketball sized exit wounds in people.  And ignoring bullet weights that cause different ballistic profiles and can make something like 9mm, subsonic when its normally not.   Now with this all together, you have to consider a really big problem, game theory.  People are going to use what they like, according to the style they like to play.  Some people want to pull out a sniper rifle, and pic away at a base.  Some want a SMG, throw a suppressor on it and go in Sneeki Breeki though they're never as quiet as holywood makes em out to be.  Some want a rifle, a full combat load and go in guns blazing.  Sometimes its fun to go in with a MG, set up a defensive position and let the enemy come to us.   Punishing players because they want to do what they find fun isn't fun at all.  Games like Destiny still fail to realize this issue.  But that doesn't mean you can't put the pressure on them to find creative ways to play while also keeping to a sense of realism enhanced depth.   Pistols are light, ammo is light and common.  Semi automatic fire is accurate but short range with manageable recoil making rapid semi auto fire easily controlled.   SMGs are heavier, but ammo is light and common.  Semi automatic fire is accurate but with a longer range than pistols thanks to a longer barrel.  Depending on the gun, guns with a high Rate of Fire dump ammo VERY quickly meaning while they have a high DPS, they do cause you to run out of ammo quickly, those with lower have a lower DPS but reward controlled fire and a steady hand.   Rifles can most likely be bolt action rifles which tend to be VERY accurate, depending on the round, capable of shooting to VERY long ranges VERY accurately, but are slow to shoot, the ones that fire out to very long ranges accurately tend to be very heavy, we're talking at roughly 12 rounds average, ammo is expensive since to do the first points, be long range and accurate requires good, military grade ammo (here you can have a distinction, civilian grade and military grade) and you won't find that kind of ammo everywhere except online or in specialty shops, and more often than not, the round will be devastating, easily piercing armor, but that's a whole nother post on calibers, plus you can't exactly shoot a bolt action nor any rifle, very accurately, while standing, thus encouraging the player to find places to hide, go prone and far away from their target.   Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles are heavier than SMGs, your average M4 and AK74 is about 6 to 7 pounds, a battle rifle, something like an FAL, G3 or 7.62x51 is like 9 pounds, but while they do more damage than a SMG, they do have almost double the recoil, though the SMG has little to begin with, with more muzzle rise depending on firing rate, their ammo is heavier, double that of SMG ammo.   Shotguns can have their 12 and 20 gauge shells, both just as common, 12 does more damage but more muzzle rise and recoil, but 20 gauge has greater capacities, but 12 is the military standard for most of the world.   MGs are MGs.  They're heavily, they have heavy recoil and muzzle rise unless you rest them on something like what's done in Battlefield, ammo is heavy, won't be found in any place outside of military zones, reload slowly, ammo is really heavy, and aren't really effective unless used defensively.   But it really just comes down to your intentions of the game.   Is it a COD clone?   Is it a Fallout system of scavenging and stupid guns and ammo?   Or is it more like STALKER where you are given options and can allow you to build up around a certain play style that you want depending on the gear you scavenge while also not punishing you if you find something you can't exactly use, but want to get rid of or store just in case the situation demands a change in thinking or way of approach, rewarding smart conservation and hoarding of ammo and gear as well as intelligent playing.   Also ignoring the hundreds of different guns that exist.   I guess it'd also help to know what kind of setting you are going for.   Post apocalypse?  Post scarcity?  Anarchy/Civil War?  Each sort of setting would dictate what kind of ammo and guns you'd find.   A militaristic take over would see the huge rise to military based weapons and ammunition being widely available.  An Invasion would see the foreign and domestic country's weapons and ammo being rather common.  All out apocalypse would most likely see small caliber ammunition being in high circulation with obscure ammo types being broken down and reused in the most prevalent of firearms to be cost efficient.
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