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  1. AmbushGames


    Ever since we joined, Ambush Games has been the laughing stock of the GameDev.net forums and Discord server. Attempting projects too ambitious, sheer lack of experience, and total cringiness all lead up to this. Those days are over. Ambush Games is now about results, not ambition. Quality and quantity. Out of this we have already birthed a piece of software like no other. Made in a week, built to mimic vector graphics, and built to be simple, we bring you ArcAngel. This free to play arcade shooter is simple enough for you Atari age mother to enjoy. https://ambush-games.itch.io/arcangel This is how Ambush Games works now. Results, not ambition.
  2. AmbushGames

    Mobile Developement Engine

    Well, Playcanvas is 3d.
  3. The Ambush Games MMORPG has now gone onto Discord! You can get in for free by clicking this link. https://discord.gg/Y4StpjW
  4. AmbushGames

    LCD screen?

    I was hoping for $20 to $40. The whole point of the laptop was to be around $50
  5. AmbushGames

    LCD screen?

    I'm building a cheap laptop and the only part I'm missing is a cheap lcd screen. I can't find one. Does anyone know where a cheap no touch, color, optionally backlit, 16 or 32 bit lcd screen, about the size of an iPad mini, might be?
  6. AmbushGames

    Cast your vote now!

    It's a programming tool :P Well, it is a 2d shooter based in world war 1. I have some knowledge in JavaScript and I know where to find help for all other stuff. Thank God for the internet.
  7. I am trying to build my own game recording software in visual basic 2010 express, but every tutorial out there needs the hypercam 2 reference. I don't want that. There's no point if you're just using someone else's screen recorder. Plus, it's not showing up anyway. Is there any way to make a gamecaster in visual basic?
  8. AmbushGames

    Scream SFX

    Thanks for the help!
  9. AmbushGames

    Scream SFX

    Anyone know where I can find, can you make, or how can I make, a terrifying scream sound effect? I need one for a horror game. It needs to freak people out when they hear it. If it sends chills down your back, it's what I need.
  10. AmbushGames

    Gamepads in Assembly

    How do I use the USB hubs? Couldn't find a tutorial and my knowledge doesn't reach that far.
  11. I am building an operating system in Assembly and I need to add a background image. How do I do this? Also, I need my operating system to run exe files, how do I make it do that?
  12. AmbushGames

    Cast your vote now!

    True that. I just wanted to see what y'all want, because I'm that guy who actually listens to that stuff. I'm planning on using Gamemaker.
  13. AmbushGames

    Cast your vote now!

    Hello, I want you guys to decide. As I have already said, Iron Might 2D is entering developement, and I want you guys to be able to decide which tool I will use. Some I have considered are Game Maker: Studio, WiMi5, and Notepad++. If you have any game engines you want me to use, reply now!
  14. I have begun developement on Iron Might 2d. The game is a top down shooter based in WWI.
  15. AmbushGames

    HTML Shop Help Needed

    I got a webshop software yesterday, actually.
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