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  1. Alright Guys here what I have was able to achieve in these couple of days,  I made a Pong game and then I made a little innovative Game called StupidGoal, its actually a pong game with bar number 2 replaced to a static goal. I will now straight away make a little train game, as my instructor told me that he isn't expecting a lot from us, so a simple game would do the trick, thanks for all the help you guys provide. I will keep in touch as I will be continuing my project! 
  2.   Yes and no, the function would be valid in C but the std::string parameter would be C++ because pure C never defined a string data type.  You will need to rewrite this function to accept a char array instead of a string.  You could rewrite this load_image function using one of these methods: SDL_Surface *load_image(char *filename) SDL_Surface *load_image(char filename[]) You might need to do some research on how C handles strings and what methods you will need to use to pass them around your game.   Yeah I figured out your last line, but I don't haev time for that, can I ask for your help then?
  3. Umm... there's a line in the second tutorial which is as follows, SDL_Surface *load_image(std::string filename)   isn't this a c++ command?
  4.     I got good news for you guys, my instructor took pity on me and extended the date of submission to next week's sunday.! Yahay!! I am now quite happy, so what should I go for Ascii or opengl?
  5. Thanks dude, but can you suggest me any good glut tutorials for c? I found the zeusCMD one is it good, if not can you recommend any other?
  6. Sadly I only have this week, and he just restricted us to C language, I think that means that I can use game engines.  I will right away start with the paper and pen right. But please tell me that using the engine will simplify the problem.
  7. Guys I really need help as I have no experience in game development and have been given a project by my instructor to develop an innovative game. I have thought of a game in which we have random trains passing on several tracks that cross each other and the user has to stop some trains so that they might not crash. Can anyone help me with that, I don't know even where to start. Here is what I know about C, I know about functions and a bit about arrays. Our instructor recommended glut for making games. Also remember I can only use C language.   Regards.
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