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    University Alternatives

    Thanks for the reply frob. Yeah I realise It needs sorting either way, and I'll be looking at solutions soon :). Thanks for your opinion on the pro's/cons of the degree. I'm aware of the issues of over specialising in some areas compared to a general knowledge and have attempted to ask my lecturers on other material, to which I was denied for fear of the same problem occurring next year.   The issues with applying for jobs elsewhere is why I'm wanting to resume uni at a higher level later on if needed given it's a limiting factor. To that end do you or any else have any recommendations on where to look for such an option.      
  2. Jamie Shelley

    University Alternatives

    Thanks! As I said, trying to find help:L. And I won't just drop uni without having the option of resuming, never shut a door unless you have too kind of thing. I do know however that without a challenge, going through the torture of simply waiting really isn't helping . If you're willing: do you regret dropping out, and did you retain the option of resuming? (being on good terms with the uni). - I'm hoping I can just gain experience in employment then resume for the end stage. 
  3. Jamie Shelley

    University Alternatives

    Have you gotten any help with this? Depression may be the real problem, not just a symptom.   I'm going to seek help soon, thanks, My brother has suffered from clinical depression and it is certain different from my experience, although you may be correct; I can't say for sure.  
  4. Jamie Shelley

    University Alternatives

    Just looking for some info, replies greatly appreciated. Little intro: For various personal and intellectual reasons I'm currently very frustrated with uni (first year). The lack of challenging material has lead to my being lazy and as a result not doing amazingly on exams etc, (Granted my writing skills don't help) only one 'phase test' with a 36% and the rest 70%+, But it's certainly a sign. -this 36% is due to a lack of formatting my existing knowledge to the structures required, not a lack of info (Achieved Highest accreditation with the same content last year in electronics). If I wasn't paying stupendous amounts of debt on wasting my time, I would just kick back, do the little work needed and wait until the end of second/third year, additionally the environment I'm currently in feels like a massive step backwards. The above combined with my other experiences has lead to some very serious depression etc. My solution: As I still wish to earn a degree from progressing with mainly third year content; I am trying to find jobs or an apprenticeship type thing that would enable me to : 1) Program in a challenging,professional environment  2) Develop the skills needed to then resume uni at level 6+ (Third year ),if needed. -- 3)Provide me needed income to survive in the mean time. 4)Preferably in the Sheffield (U.K) area or commutable range, again personal reasons Requested info: Any websites/links that would provide this solution, or your personal experience with such things. Kind regards Jamie  
  5. Jamie Shelley

    Texture sampling methods

    Okaay think I have a solution In short: it's waaay to intensive; solution: generated tiled LOD0 map, then down sample. In HLSL, you have to use MRT (Multiple Render Targets) and set a branch conditional for the sample output (obviously)
  6. Jamie Shelley

    Texture sampling methods

    Bumpady bump bump
  7. Hellooo. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on the following: At it's simplest: I'm trying to sample a texture (3D texture -think MRI scans) within a certain area. Then create a texture from that area and resize it up to the previous res - using noise as a pixel interpolation method (simplex or wang hash are the best contenders for erm.. reasons ). What I have working coded so far:  A 'dev' interface that does the following: .Create and or reference 2D Texture 'slices' from surface noise shaders or artists brains (Indirectly ofc, cursed ethics). .Makes a 3D texture from this data. .Send this data in the form of an alpha map and 3DTexture buffer to a custom ray-cast based shader. .Render data volumetrically (allows camera to zoom 'inside' data).  .saves into custom format for future reference (E.g 'zooming' back out). What I have tried toward fixing this problem: GPU methods: Sending a texture in, adding noise and reading another out Problems (Ignoring unreliable consume buffers) the time for completion varies between data requested and the client's machine.  Getting data from a compute shader is unreliable, and CPU processes cannot be synced with thread execution (to my knowledge at least)   CPU methods A tonne of for loops by percentage referencing ETC Problems: stupendous processing times What I have in mind for potential solutions Using the ray cast system allready implemented to grab all visible textures and perform filtering Precalcing (with this dev tool) for textures all possible blocks (Lets just call them Voxels) - from my maths it would end up being 80GB'S - pretty steep but not that unreasonable considering games in development (Thinking Star Citizen)  
  8. Jamie Shelley

    Request Advice/confirmation

    Yet more work got dumped on me last Friday sigh. Anyway. I took these comment to heart and very much appreciate the realisation that I'll be depressed to some degree, either way. So in conclusion: Stick with uni for now, if a better offer comes along; i'll snap their hand of, and in the mean time continue developing . Just wanting to add based on other comments: I'm quite happily working in a team with Mjolnir with everyone from artists to writers to accountants. So that aspect of depression doesn't apply, thank god. If I were to quit at some point in the future; it would with conviction and certainly mean I wouldn't in anyway be ashamed ; just disappointed University structure didn't suit me. And again chaps, if I did it for stability/Money I would of continued electronics and be designing missile tracking systems .
  9. Jamie Shelley

    Request Advice/confirmation

    Apologies , work has got on top of me, will reply at latest Friday.
  10. Jamie Shelley

    Request Advice/confirmation

    Really appreciate the feedback guys and I'm gladly surprised just from a quick once over , I'll reply to each point when I have time later this evening. Cheers -Jamie  
  11. Hello chaps/chapesses  Just looking to get some feedback from those more experience on a couple things here. Bit of a rant, but I'm not looking for formal feedback. -Feel free to skip things Brief history _ So my background is in Electronic /electrical Engineering from college - got equivalent to A*A*A (Which i'm not proud of BTW); and received offers from : (York,Kent,Sheffield,Bath and Hallam -Got some interest from Cambridge also but they wanted more tests (screw that)). - all in Electronics related courses (Specifically IC design/Nano tech) Oh and all these electronics offers are in some part funded by the military, so no thanks. Side note: was in hospital for 1.5 years and have had chucks of my life just missing prior - doesn't help. ___ Now-ish __ At the last minute I switched to software game development  Other than the above, the main reason for this switch is that due to my lack of challenging work at college. I published a game on steam (Homeworld : MIX) ,took 11 months to make, with 16K users within first weeks of release and still ranked one of the best mods on the workshop /forums etc. I'm also now working on a few fairly complex projects with Mjoilnir Software __ So I get to uni and it's mind numbingly slow, worse than College .I was expecting this..to a degree (Pardon the pun) , and am told it get's better. .Soo I pick up some second year  maths assignment work and find it quite depressingly easy (Projection Matrix Transform) __ This leads me to assume that by the time I will be at the second year; the same soul crushing effects will occur (No Joke, this is causing serious psychological problems - coupled with other externals).  - I know this just isn't sustainable for me. ___ The questions: 1.Given the info above: is this experience enough to be successful without a degree (hell even an ok wage will do) -very vague I know, apologies. 2.Is the Debt/Depression worth the reward in this or related fields ; comparing to people who are on both sides of the playing field. 3.if 2 == yes; Any suggestions on how to cope?. Many thanks for your time.  
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