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  1. Both? is cross engine really a thing? Like each uses different conventions? I was thinking more about the visual compilation and look of the engines. Unity often looks jagged and artificial unless the game is 8 bit or modeled by a professional, something I haven't seen the new Unreal do. Also I'm unsure, does unity have support for that new global light mapping tech, the one that does away with lighting mattes for all the environment objects? I remember seeing it in a CryEngine demo and I'm pretty sure Unreal has it enabled.

  2. Been hunting around and I can't seem to find a definitive video or article comparing the features of Unreal and Unity from the point of view of a developer that actually uses them. I've invested many hours into C# so Unity would be the logical option but after seeing the graphical and physics capabilities of Unreal and its Maya support its difficult to pass it up. Switching over and learning the Unreal C would be an annoying commitment if the end proficiency in Unreal isn't worth it. Could anyone lay it down or link me a video or article that pinpoints the advantages and disadvantages of both.

  3. Pretty blown away by how solid the community here is. I've taken everything you guys have said on board and have begun involving myself more with what you recommended. I don't feel I ever disrespected how much work is put into making games because I've realised very early on that attempting something as complex as I hoped would be demanding of a team and not a person. However you have opened my eyes to probably the best thing an emerging designer can realise, you can't get to the moon unless you've figured out how to build the rocket. That rocket will never work the first try and it helps to build some cars and planes first to figure out how vehicles work. I've got countless months of poor sleep ahead of me until I get far enough along to actually attempt the rocket, but the moons' always there and its not going anywhere. Much thanks guys, you da real mvps.

  4. Much Thanks to everyone that replied and know that what you've said hasn't bounced off a brick wall. I'm always happy to accept criticism from experts or people with more experience than myself. I just wanted to ask how do you guys feel is best to go about this. I've been following some C# online courses and some Unity tutorials but where should I dedicate my efforts. Graphic design, 3D Modelling and Programming are all immensely complicated fields each demanding years of work to be truly proficient in. Should I focus on one of the three or is a more rounded approach best. I have some previous experience with Maya and 3ds and feel as though I'm familiar with their functions although I've never modelled with the explicit intention of rigging that model. Your comments are much appreciated. 

  5. In reply to what you said about tech over complexity. Technology behind a game will make its gameplay exciting, but a lack of compelling story and characters coupled with rewards handed on a silver platter means the "tech" of the game is redundant. I don't need to avoid Diablo's intelligent A.I and use of displacing abilities at appropriate times because I lifesteal more than he deals damage. Because I care that little about the characters and the story that I don't even want to roleplay fighting him, I just want rare weapons so I can NOT compete is an intelligent multiplayer system and just use them to brag to my friends.

  6. Please don't make me out to be an out of touch asshole. I understand full and well the time and complexity that revolves around the production of a game. What you seem to forget is the time constraints imposed by softworks companies to sell the games and make money from them so they can support the whole enterprise. Let's take for example Path of Exile. Incredible depth and mechanics, however lacking in any engaging story or end game content. Players were left waiting for expansions. Path of Exile was made by a group of dudes over the course of 3 years. It has has the most potential of any game in its genre released. What you miss is that players are sick of diablo being difficult for a little while and then becoming a redundant grind for items that will have no use. Why not build something which is dynamic, a game that evolves as players interact with it, that presents freedom in what you can become and no restrictions to that choice. That abolishes classes and leaves you as a blank slate. Where dungeons for levels below your own are difficult and not easy and where once you finish there is so much more to do and a relevant multiplayer scene. Imagine a third person top down RPG in the spirit of that. I said already and please don't make me look like an asshole again that I have been working on this for a while now. The specifics of what I've come up with to implement these I can't discuss unless I'm sure the person is interested in being a part of it.


    Edit** I can't criticise you on your examples of games since I haven't formally stated the style of the game. It's a 3rd Person Top Down, Camera locked hack'n'slash RPG in the aesthetic flavour of Diablo but borrowing thematically from Lord of the Rings and the biblical coming of the Four Horsemen. It's less flowery and fantastical than its thematic sources and maintains an aura of Dragon Age however it steers clear of traditional "races" and "classes"

  7. I'm aware of that the moment you see the length of this text you will think "too long, I've finished school, I don't have to put up with this"


    After the first paragraph you will think "Another Ideas Guy"


    But please read what follows and allow me to possibly change your mind about me. If I am unsuccessful then please post or send me a message about what I've done wrong. My email is tiberiugredina@gmail.com.


    I'm an 18 year old student from Melbourne and have completed my high school education at Melbourne High School. I'm "that kid". Yet please allow me to reveal that I may yet stoop lower. Unlike the many talented individuals on this forum I lack an extensive knowledge of programming (I made a calculator in C# once) and the talent for art, whose distribution is undeniably the long lost murphy's law, if art exists everyone who is not you is better than you at it. I can't flaunt all the programming languages I know like a general flaunts awards just like I can't show you the best thing I've ever drawn in photoshop and say "Oh this one sucks but it's the first I found" just so you're reminded of how I'm better than you at art. I can't flaunt involvement with AAA studios or brag about that one time I ate ores from the hair of a drunk Todd Howard, although I could and just did. The truth of that statement is up to Todd to verify. 


    It's in my opinion that all of us here who are passionate about developing games had a switch point. A switch point is that moment where we realise how much we enjoy these things we waste our time on and how much we'd like to waste time making things for people to waste time on. I also believe that a person's talent has a direct relation with the time when that switch point occurs. There are those here who demand the utmost respect of us plebs, the "Order of the Greenlit on Steam", the precious few who have made it and now have the privilege of actually turning down offers to work on projects had their switch point around the age of 10, this gave them 10 years to become the revered and respected giants they are today, the Oprah Winfreys of gaming. Most of us had our switch point around the age of 15, giving us a measly 5 years to achieve our dreams, which were at first literally making Diablo, not a game similar in concept but actually making a game that had already been made. Your success is labelled "pending" but you'll get there yet. You are the hairline of Donald Trump, you sit atop an idiot and try desperately to get all the way across but age begins to limit your progress and the wind of financial burden seeks to displace you. I wish I could name myself amongst you, to be like the hairline of Donald Trump. The truth is I'm not, because I didn't have my switch until three months ago. I am the idiot that is under the hairline. 


    I don't pretend to command attention through authority or expertise because I have none, and frankly the fact that you are reading this is by virtue of my own terrible "The Daily Show"esque sense of humor. I can't make soccer balls explode into kittens or draw a city in photoshop that makes you think "Okay, I've used Photoshop before and there is no way he did that in Photoshop". What talent I can hold to my name which of course is subjective and unverifiable (you haven't caught the vibe yet?) is my skill with story and design, with my words. 


    I anticipated this to be a short request for assistance (who am I fooling, any consideration whatsoever) in a project I wanted to complete yet it has quickly transformed into a twatty kids appeal for acceptance and validation. So to keep with the content restrictions imposed by the moderators (to whom I apologise if they have to read it in its entirety), I should wish to bring it back to my intended contention after a recap. I'm an inexperienced artistically amputated (a figure of speech, I am fortunate to have all my limbs) teen/man who has come here asking for help, I'm the "Ideas Guy". I've come in search of help because I've found, and please take a moment to curse at me for being a stereotypical dick, that I don't really like the games I can play right now. I'm particularly troubled by the simplicity and ease of games published by large studios and some indie publishers in an attempt to appeal to a generation of kids that were raised with "shoot the birds at the castle and if it doesn't break try again for free"(which may be a luxury of the past as its only a matter of time before AngryBirds introduce pay per attempt system. Imagine that, a whole generation actually boasting "I remember when Angry Birds was free"). First wing of Naxx pissed me off, but Diablo III traumatised me for life (I can still see the death of bosses in less than 10 seconds). It is this modern silver platter feeding that we've come to expect as players and deliver as developers that I despise the most. This baby feeding content is not restricted to difficulty, it applies to thematic content too. Take the story evolution of Call of Duty after world at war, or rather the lack thereof, or for instance every single expansion to WoW since Burning Crusade, here are the bad things, they want to do bad things, stop them. I killed the Lich King without caring about his story, Deathwing fell and all I was asking was "where did my 2 hours go", Pandaria was released and Blizzard said "where did 2 million subscribers go", Warlords was kind of cool but ultimately a cop out. Hellscream, the unbreakable infallible warlord just kind of went "yeah I've had my fun with you, let's kill Gul'Dan" and no one asked any questions until we realised Hellfire Citadel is easy when you're geared to the teeth. All this devoid story has lead Blizzard to, in a desperate attempt to make their story cool again, bring back Illidan, the only dynamic and conflicted character in the entire game and the only one anyone ever cared about. You and I know that for literally 8 years half of Blizzards inbox has been "When is Illidan Coming back". I don’t want to make games that are simple and easy, I don’t want thematic cop outs and story cuts or content removal. I want to take as long as it takes to make the best it can be, so that unlike WoW people play it and come back to it because they WANT to not because it’s the only competent iteration of its genre. Yet I digress and loose most of my audience


    Prepare for my pretentious closing where I ask for help as if I could spare not getting it. I’m looking for new or freelance artists and programmers who share my displeasure with half-jobs and obsession with perfection, who are tired of churning out clones every year to expand profits. Who wish to be part of a new RPG with online elements that is, and I swear this is not a cliché, genuinely different from anything they’ve played before. I have spent many weeks building as much of the world and mechanics as I can, now all I need is the faith of a team to drive this project to fruition. It has been a long journey for those of you who are now reading these words and I commend your achievement. However at the end of this road is not a pot of gold, a yellow legendary or like to many games, just the end; no, at the end of this quest is another quest, because I did say before I hate serving rewards on a silver platter. The first clue is my email, and the quest could be the greatest you’ve ever completed (I promise there will be a reward on the other side this time) tiberiugredina@gmail.com


    Edit** Flowery language and metaphors aside, my contact info is if you are interested in learning about the game and can confirm yourself as a programmer or artist.

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