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    from C# programming to game design

    Thanks to everybody for your feedback. You helped me a lot.
  2. tenaciousBob

    from C# programming to game design

    Hi Gian, thanks for your reply. To be honest I feel like that I start my carrer right now, as I come in the UK from a different country. I graduated from a foreign university and the work experience that I have was in a different country. So many jobs here in the UK turn me down because of that.   I try to build a portofolio right now. And yes I try it with a game in unity 3d. It is a simple one but a nice idea that I have. The problem is that it cannot be anything close to the demo games that other people have from their gaming universities. Because these are their final year projects and to do them they form teams with everyone that they need (designers, programmers etc).   About the AI I said that I find it energy draining because of the effoert it needs to write the code and not because of the many hours of working. It is harder to think of algorithms and numbers than to retrieve data from a database or  code the front end of a webpage (yes I have done all of these). Still it seems like the AI coding is my only option to enter the gaming world right now. Sure I could go to create their tools or to build their webpage but I doubt that it is anywhere close to game design.    Is it possible to find a job as a level editor with a software engineer degree and advance from there to the game design role? As I get it, you think that money wise it is not a good option.  thanks
  3. tenaciousBob

    from C# programming to game design

    1. You need to gain experience in the game industry one way or another. You need to be willing to do what the team leads need you to do, else you're not suited to work in the industry. 2. The latter. Scripting and level design are or can be entry level positions. Read these: http://www.sloperama.com/advice/m79.htm http://www.sloperama.com/advice/m85.htm       Thank you for your reply Tom. Your website is very informative and solved a lot of my questions.  I will try to find a job as a junior AI programmer in a gaming studio, even if I think that AI programming is too energy consuming for me. I will do this mostly because I would like to end as a game designer one day. 
  4. tenaciousBob

    from C# programming to game design

    Hello Frob, thanks a lot for the reply. My aim is a job at a gaming studio. But I would not like to create tools that other people will use to make the games. I would like more to be involved in creating scenarios and character behaviours. I would like for example to write the code that will affect the behaviour of a character. for example  character X jumps forward use spell 1 then finds an environment object of size Y goes behind and crouch, wait 12-16 seconds, stands up uses skill 3. Is this the job of an AI game programmer or the scripting of a game designer? I am sorry if this question sounds silly but the job descriptions that I find are a little confusing. Again , thanks for the help.
  5.             I recently graduated from an engineering school and I was working for 6 months as a software engineer. I worked mostly with C# and MS SQL SERVER and I have built a website in ASP.NET that is backed up by a good SQL Server database. The thing is that the more I discover myself the more I realize that I picked up the wrong path.             I always wanted to design games. The features the skills, the spells, how it will be fun, how the characters will move, the concept etc. But from the point of how the game will be and not as a designer who will build the models or the animations. And I have a lot of ideas for games that I have written down as a concept. (Some of them are 50 pages long) And although I am a good programmer( one of the best of my school) I describe myself as an artistic / creative person and not as a methodic person with analytical skills.             From what I know so far, this that I described is called game design and is coming from a school of arts and design. Not from an engineering / programming university.                      So my question is how possible is to reroll from software engineer to game designer and follow the path: level editor -> level design -> Game designer. Will I need a master degree that focus more in the artistic part of game design (as I already have the programming part)? Maybe I could just continue my path as an AI developer( But with the final aim to evolve to a game designer and not lead programmer)? Or would be possible for me to just make a game for my portfolio and apply for jobs at Game Design? Please note that for now I am staying at London and I would like to know about the UK market.     thank you very much!
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