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  1. Last week, I decided to make use of character's Dynamics Hair so that it can react to Wind as well as character's Movement and Animation.  It's a very simple system, using Sine Wave and Perlin noise in order to simulate Wind Force. What do you think about this? :D  
  2. We’ve just launched our page on Patreon to seek more funding for better improvement of the project. You can subscribe in there to get more access of current Work-in-Progress.
  3. Fast yet Clumsy, Trianga's accuracy and strength is considered to be mediocre. In return, she can run pretty fast and cannot be take down so easily.   Trianga also owns a powerful water turret that can stick to any surface, and can detect the opponents by body-heat sensor and take them down quickly.
  4. After a long period of preparations, we're proud to bring you guys the very first Pre-Alpha build of Battle Splash - Violence-free Third-person Water Fight Game on PC. Download Link: IndieDB: GameJolt: Along with the Pre-Alpha build, we also want to show you a video featuring various gameplay aspects of Battle Splash in this Pre-Alpha build.   Pre-Alpha Features: Large playground with the theme of Medieval Town Team Free-For-All game mode All characters and weapons are available Single-player and Multiplayer via LAN up to 32 players Challenging AI bots for comp-stomp System Requirements: CPU: Intel Core i3 GPU: Intel HD Graphics (2nd Generation) RAM: 3GB HDD: 1GB OS: Windows 7 32-bit Keyboard & Mouse Network card for LAN Multiplayer We're really happy if you can come along and join the fun of water fights with Battle Splash. See you at the playground!
  5. This is how Battle Splash evolved after 3 years of development, 8 Unity versions, 10+ prototype builds, and many hours of bugfixes after upgrading newer Unity versions. And here's what we discovered while testing the shield item for one of our girls. In fact, we DID have a full ping-pong match by only using that item.
  6. Thank u for sharing!