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  1. as the title says, i want a good and free(important) multi-platform framework(not engine like unity or gamemaker) for any language it doesnt care pd: i dont like unity
  2. steam does accept java games?   Not a big deal. Many people already have it installed, and if not, it's quite easy to install.     Java requires a virtual machine to run. But there may be some alternatives such as launch4j http://launch4j.sourceforge.net/.     Are you planning on making 3D games? Making a 3D game in Java is much more difficult than in Unity.     They accept Java games. And it really doesn't matter. Nobody is going to refuse to buy a game because they don't want to install Java. Minecraft requires it, and it didn't seem to stop that game from selling really well. no, i want to make 2d games with java
  3. after answer this thread, i dont like unity. Happy new year and that mean new programming language to learn, in 2015 i started game dev with gamemaker and i used it a lot, now i will make games for android and windows( or more computer os) with no cost in the exportation ( like c# or gamemaker, you need to pay for export to another os), because i dont have money, only to pay the google play market so, java looks like a good option for me but i dont know if there will be a problem in windows because you need to download java before using a java app Or there is a way wich you dont need to install java like compiling it native or if there is a best option to make games with what i want I dont like unity3d for that im selecting java I have this question because there are so much users without experience using computers and if someday my game is maked in java and i got money to publicate on steam i dont know if there will be a problem
  4. Fixed   the IE need to update
  5. i downloaded the vs2015 community to program games in c#, but i need to login, i created an account but it requires a professional account, in the pc of my brother(in USA) i downloaded vs2015 and when i run in USA it doesnt require to login  
  6. vitail

    2d game framework for PC & Android

    in cocos2d-x the documentation and tutorials are good?, wich of the three languages is more used and have more tutorials and documentation?, is faster the development?
  7. i want to do games for android & windows with a 2d game framework and i dont know what is the best thing for this 2015.
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