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    Both would impede your progress, but in your own territory I think enemy combatants would be less of a threat.   There'd be objects, buildings, roads, etc. everywhere for you to use. Enemies ambush you or blockade the easiest path.   You could definitely control scouts or have them automatically go ahead.   A plot? Ehhh, not really.   Multi-player would be really cool. The enemy gets hard-control of the group closest to the enemy convoy and soft-control of all other groups of combatants. Maybe a map and you choose groups. Controlling all at once would let you easily overwhelm the convoy or be complicated to use.
  2. Ro'Sothian

    The Birth of a Lich

      The lich more often becomes so out of fear of death. Sometimes they'll be on their deathbed and their family/friends will turn them into a lich. Or if they're a necromancer with many apprentices the apprentices will do it to preserve the knowledge he has. The lich becomes evil because of the very perverted nature of a lich. Taking your soul out of your body, it's like horcruxes from Harry Potter and take a look at Voldemort.   Also in one altercation when becoming a lich the lich bound spirits to himself to gain power, however he had to fight them or they would control him. I believe the person who created it just invented their own way of liches working but it's an interesting concept. The more spirits you get the more power you have, but the more voices you hear and the more conciouses fighting for control within your body. The spirits themselves were beings above a certain power level whom you have killed. Orcish leaders and a dragon were among them.     ~snip~ I would but I'm just sooo fucking lazy. Once I get out of high school I'll take a "gap year" break before college and get my shit together. A new sleep schedule, some perscribed medication, an infant to slay for my lich ritual, etc. But in all seriousness becoming a lich would solve every problem I have. I like really want to be an undead lich... ohhhhhh *breaks out into song*   I want to be an undead Lich, so frickin’ bad Raise all of the things I never had Uh, I wanna be on the top of the wanted board Sitting on a 10,000 gold reward Oh, every time I close my eyes I see myself making the undead rise. A different village every night I swear I’ll never have another hitch When I’m an undead Lich I could just make an army appear I would be the monster that caused all the fear Block off all the entrances I’d probably kill everything and everybody No matter how shoddy Raid a few villages like ‘Minions, I want that’ Make all my victims to go splat It’s been a couple months since I’ve last had friends But who needs that when you have undead fiends? I’d probably take a visit to where the ol’ King lives Then blow him apart, rip off his limbs And even if anybody survives They’ll always remember the monster that took so many lives Oh, every time I close my eyes I see myself making the undead rise. A different village every night I swear I’ll never have another hitch When I’m an undead Lich Oh oooh oh oooh when I’m an undead Lich Oh oooh oh oooh when I’m an undead Lich I could just chill (get it?) And never go downhill Then I’d kill some "braves" Who’ll never see their graves Then I’ll keep their skeletons To make some more hellions But I just don’t have enough knowledge Can’t get a ‘mancer to acknowledge So that I can fulfill my only dream And make anybody scream Never eating, never resting You may just think I’m jesting… But hell no I ain’t You can do anything without restraint I want to be an undead Lich, so frickin’ bad Raise all of the things I never had Uh, I wanna be on the top of the wanted board Sitting on a 10,000 gold reward Oh, every time I close my eyes I see myself making the undead rise. A different village every night I swear I’ll never have another hitch When I’m an undead Lich Oh oooh oh oooh when I’m an undead Lich Oh oooh oh oooh I wanna be an undead Lich so frickin’ bad!   In tune with Bruno Mars - Billionaire. Yes I wrote this a while ago and it took me 3-4 hours.
  3. Ro'Sothian

    The Birth of a Lich

    "Always been awesome in Game Design" Fantastic, I'll fit in well here. The guy who made Risk of Rain? That's awesome! He has money and game-making capabilities so I have high hopes.     "Sterotypical and uninteresting" that is right. Whenever I Google my ideas to see if they've been done I get like one page of results.   "the Liches remove their own vicera... " I've never heard of that part of being a lich. I have done some thinking on my book and when he becomes a lich I decided he would have his skin still but be unable to see because his new "eyes" were glowing in his sockets and fleshy things were blocking the way. Thus he has to gouge them out and pretty much rid his body of flesh because it just weighs you down.     "A horrible, bloody mini-game" There can definitely be separate games, multiple modes, etc. A lot of people don't give a shit about story or sandbox and just want combat. So definitely an areana mode, I think every intuitive combat game should have one. Like Overgrowth and Ex Anima. I haven't thought about combat much, but I think I want to make it somewhat modular and complicated. You have a series of commands that you combine. So "raise + fire + explode" makes Ghost Rider come out of the ground before exploding.   "Not a fan of D&D" You're definitely decribing the demi-lich. It's just a skull and it resides in a parallel "plane" or dimension. The normal liches are the skeleton sorcerers.   Here is a quote from the WIkipedia page on how D&D liches work:   Lot of good things in here that can be put into a game. The lich must be significantly more powerful and different than his slaves.
  4. Ro'Sothian


    DISCLAIMER - This is not in development, just an idea dump.   Logistics - the organization of moving, housing, and supplying troops and equipment.   I looked it up one day because I liked the word and it got me thinking. I'm thinking Euro Truck Simulator but with off-road, you're under fire, and it's less of a simulator.   Random Thoughts: You could be in control of a "convoy" of sorts that consists of a transport truck and some jeeps. You can switch between people at any time. The driver of the transport, the driver of a jeep, the gunner of a jeep, one of the soldiers getting transported, the guy in the passenger seat, etc. When you're not controlling them, they're controlled by AI and try to continue what you were doing when you switched away from them. So if you control the transport truck driver, stop, then switch away the AI will not drive off. Also, the soldiers will jump out after a few seconds of being stopped or follow orders. You can stop the transport, get the soldiers out, then gun down surrounding enemies or if you're surrounded then fight in a last stand.   Also, the vehicles have a destruction system so tires can be blown out to create problems. Also, soldiers can have body parts damaged to require medical aid or evacuation. Your performance is measured based on what you get to your destination. If you lose the transport then you don't lose, you just have to try and transport it in the jeeps or on foot if you're desperate.   For the commands and character switching system think Battallion Wars. You can point at someone and press a bunch to switch to them. You can order everyone or individual people to guard things or attack things. AI automatically takes cover and mans guns.   Of course, 90% of this can be simplified. If/when I make it I'll probably start with a 2D top-down view with little destruction and no character swapping.
  5. Ro'Sothian

    The Birth of a Lich

    THE BIRTH OF A LICH: Lich - A dark sorcerer who has put their soul in a box or gem, killing themselves and going insane in the process. They are a walking corpse with all memories but they have few of the biological weaknesses of being a human, like they have infinite stamina. If they die then their body regenerates back at the soul-container, called a phylactery.   Necromancy - Rising of corpses from the dead as slaves or soldiers. They work autonomously and follow the orders of whoever raised them. If the necromancer (person who raises corpses) is weak, however, then these corpses can break free and have sentience. They feel great pain and try to kill their master at all costs.   As you will soon learn, I have quite the obession with necromancy and liches. D&D is the game of my dreams. However, there are extremely few games, books, movies, etc. that cover these subjects in detail. A few of them have a necromancer but he just consults with spirits, some filthy casual stuff. A few of them have a lich but there is nothing lich-like about them except their looks and immortality.  My goal in life is to create a book, animation, and/or game of sorts to output my needs.   The game/book would be about a boy with a really sucky life who turns to books for comfort. One day he finds a Necronomicon then "rips off a Carrie" if you've ever read Stephen King's book. He becomes a lich then exacts revenge on everyone. You are given the choices to do what you want, it's a full sandbox. You can stay human and just do whatever activities are available and never become evil, if you so wish.   One of the primary game mechanics would be to switch between an RTS view and a first person view. The first person view is to control the lich/necromancer protagonist and the RTS view is to control the hoardes of corpses under your command.   This is nothing but a dream as of this time. I am young, limited in options, and have little experience in coding. If I ever make it it'll be 15-30 years from now. I'll start off with a book then attempt to fund my game that way. I just want to see thoughts on it.   Examples of raised corpses (art from Battle for Wesnoth): [attachment=29637:906013_100491473619545_4239684408141785022_o.jpg][attachment=29638:Untitled.png]
  6. So cold in my own house... I blame anemia.
  7. Necromancy, which means "death magic". Basically the raising of corpses as slaves/soldiers. What would be cool is one faction that has no real unit production facilities and gets everything from raising corpses from victims or just laying around. Sort of a feast or famine thing.
  8. Ro'Sothian

    Help with begining

        I'm learning a bit of Javascript in my Computer Science Principles class at school now, what a fantastic coincidence. Using the Khan Academy "Hour of Code". I've got a long way to go to make any kind of game, currently my only skills are spitting out ideas (games I have never seen the likes of and very much want to) and basic LUA. I suffer from big ADHD so I don't really do anything productive towards my dream career.
  9. Ro'Sothian

    Project Zeds - Asymmetric Zombie Mayhem

    This looks really cool and reminds me of my own idea for a game where you're a necromancer and switch between first person for complicated magiclal/physical combat and an RTS view to control your army.   I wish you luck!
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