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  1. The following idea is right now theoretical and I need advice in order to make it reality. A brief overview of it- You Spawn in the world, hunt for food, build a shelter, hide from other players, destroy some crazed robots and take their parts, create automated mines and farms operated by robots, build a small fort, get them attacked by another player, declare war with him, die and respawn with nothing, start over and join a small group of players then attack your killers settlement and kill him and take over his kingdom and live in peace until someone else attacks you. " I know it's a bit vague but it's still in its early stages. It may sound weird, mixture of Robots and mediaeval weapons but I think its a good combination. Would YOU like to play such a game and what improvements would you suggest? Thanks in advance
  2. Ragnarokker

    Advice for a Survival game?

    Sorry I wrote army I actually meant the Bodyguard robot which is extremely hard to build and if for those who prefer the Lone Wolf style.
  3. Ragnarokker

    Into the Mind - Feedback

    Please note - This is just a rough sketch of the actual story. You wake up in a dark strange place with doors everywhere and with no memory. You hear a voice which says that you are trapped and must open every door to reach the exit. You have to enter the doors to get key to the next door. These doors are actually portions of the characters subconsciousness and the doors lead to his memories, fears and dreams but in a much horrifying way. Every mission will have choice based gameplay and a moral message to the user. The memory missions give us the back story of the player who starts to remember his past. In the end the "user" realises that it's the mind of the character. A evil spirit is trying to take his body and every choice in the game made is now put to effect. If the player has chosen many morally incorrect options the character gives in to the evil and if he was morally right the spirit finally gets defeated. The protagonist is a person with a military background and he has a wife and a child. I want some feedback in order to improve it. Thanks.
  4. My team is currently trying think out an idea for a good game. But we aren't able to select one. So I decided to post one of the ideas to get an unbiased feedback on it. But first I feel I should give some information - The Team 2 Programmers 2 3D Modellers 1 Sound and 2D Artist The Game Engine - Unreal Engine 4 The Idea The idea is basically a 10 vs 10 sci-fi multiplayer shooter game lasting two rounds and the maximum time to complete both rounds is 20 minutes. The maps will be simple with only natural terrain set on different planets. Now the most important part - Gameplay As soon as you join the game, you will be in a team of friends or random players (your choice) against another team. As soon as round one starts you will either have to defend a base of destroy the enemy base. If you get to defend the base then in the first 3 minutes all the players will be given a certain amount of resources to get the weapons of choice while communicating with the team thus removing the need of Classes and resources will also be uses to purchase a variety of equipment to defend the fortress. While doing so the base will be shown in a top down perspective for better tactics and the other team will also get equal resources to buy equipment for a offensive. The Equipment for Bases - Turrets Auto-Turrets Force Field Missile Launcher Different types of robots The Equipment for the Offensive Land and Aerial Vehicles with Firepower Different types of robots It's clear that the defenders have a slight advantage here and in order to balance it the Attackers will have slightly better weapons and robots. If one player dies in a round he won't respawn until the next round with each round excluding planning lasting 7 minutes. The the second round the roles of both team will be reversed. The Defenders will win if all enemies die or if they survive for 7 minutes. The Attackers will win if they destroy the power source of the base or kill every enemy. That's it. Thank you.
  5. Ragnarokker

    Sci-Fi Multiplayer Tactical Game

    Hmmmm... Apparently the topic has deviated from an FPS to a RTS. An FPS RTS or simply a RTS can also be done. And for the General part and balance, what can be done is that there will be no General. All the players will use voice chat or text chat in order to maintain balance and ensure more strategy.
  6. Ragnarokker

    Sci-Fi Multiplayer Tactical Game

    There is a unique idea which can be found here- http://www.gamedev.net/topic/673266-into-the-mind-feedback/?p=5262433 Please take a look at it if you can. PS - That is the biggest problem between Fantasy and SciFi games. Like a spaceship, there are hundreds of them built previously by AAA companies while in fantasy you can create a multitude of creatures as vehicles never seen before.
  7. This question is purely out of curiosity. I was wondering if it is possible to make a game in Unreal Engine 4 where along with procedurally generated terrain the enemies too are procedurally generated. Like when you first start the game both the terrain and enemies you encounter will remain the same until you start a new game where again it will be procedurally generated. Also can it be done, if possible with the blueprint system in Unreal Engine 4. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Ragnarokker

    Sci-Fi Multiplayer Tactical Game

    That's basically planetside 2 at a smaller scale.
  9. Ragnarokker

    Sci-Fi Multiplayer Tactical Game

    I think you have a valid concern but honestly I believe by the time the Attackers manage to destroy the outer defences 3-4 minutes would've passed.
  10. Ragnarokker

    The Birth of a Lich

    Liches always have intruiged me. If the ordinary boy does become a Lich he gets consumed in the evil and soon the boy realises his mistake and starts a journey within his consciousness in order to defeat the unspeakable evil which is committing all sorts of horrendous crimes. The boy is forced is relive his worst memories and his Dreamscape in order to finally reach the evil and defeat it for the greater good and also a massive personality development by the end of the game. If such a game existed then I would love it!
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