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  1. In this book I have called "Game Engine Architecture: Second Edition" by Jason Gregory (lead programmer working at Naughty Dog Inc.) the author states that 3-dimensional overlays such as a dynamic main menu in a game is often rendered using orthographic projections or via a projection via the regular perspective of a camera system, with the geometry positioned in view, which the camera follows around. ? How exactly can I do this? Does this require 3rd party software/scripting? I'm using Unreal Engine 4 and maybe it can already do this, but I dunno how. I really would like a dynamic main menu but I don't know how to implement it. Any help is welcome :)
  2. Yes I meant rendering 3D meshes with orthographic camera. Thanks for telling me how it's done! :)
  3. It doesn't mention anything about creating a dynamic/orthographic main menu tho..
  4. Yeah, the search function I found was quite useless. I did browse the list of articles and find some stuff. Thanks for the great resources on SIMD math and Grassmann Algebra and Pseudo-Vectors.
  5. Hello all, I was wondering is there were any good modern resources, in the form of online PDF documents, videos, powerpoints etc. or books that I could use to learn advanced game-based stuff such as:   - Pseudo vectors - Grassmann algebra - Quaternions (and dual quaternions) - SIMD vectors   Also, any additional stuff relating to these topics. Currently I am interested in purchasing Jason Gregory's "Game Engine Architecture: Second Edition" that talks about these things but I'm wondering if there are any resources I can use to complement this text.
  6. Already got that in my list of resources, but thanks!
  7. Hello all, I was wondering is there were any good modern resources, in the form of online PDF documents, videos, powerpoints etc. or books that I could use to learn about physically based BDRF models in relation to techniques such as:   - Cook-Torrance microfacet BDRF for specular surfaces - Lazarof's visibility model - Anisotropic specular - Lambertian diffuse - Shirley's Fresnel term - Penner and Borshukov's sub-surface scattering model for skin
  8. I couldn't find any info here on Grassmann algebra, SIMD Vectors and Pseudo Vectors. Any resources you know of that go in-depth on these topics in relation to 3D Rendering/Programming?
  9. Added to my list of resources Thanks! Now I have like 9 word document pages full of resources so far and ever expanding!
  10. Hello all, I am interested in using Perforce as a form of source control for the project that I'm working on that is in very early stages. I've been trying to get some form of source control working so that I can get something working with the (very few) people I have at the moment that are working together with me on the project. However, I'm having a lot of issues setting it up so I basically gave up a few months ago. Can anyone give me a step-by-step guide to downloading and setting up Perforce?
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