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  1. ChessRook25

    Best Java Game Dev tutorials?

    I will whenever a problem arises that i deem worthy of your guys expertise, but for now i'll try to find the answer myself for learning purposes.
  2. ChessRook25

    Best Java Game Dev tutorials?

    I already have this book, and the content separation such as keyboard handling is very good, but not best for beginners.
  3. ChessRook25

    Best Java Game Dev tutorials?

    Thanks I'll check them out
  4. ChessRook25

    Learn Java or C#

    Java is definitely the way you want to go if you want to build desktop applications and mobile applications. If you ever plan on releasing a game java is better for that because almost everybody has some version of  the JVM on their machine. C# is okay when used with unity, but market is dominated by windows. One  question you must ask yourself is if your more interested in making 2D games or 3D? your choice of  language would most likely depend on the answer. If 2D you should probably choose java, just because java has some good library's to handle rendering in 2D. If 3D choose C# because you will be able to use unity. In the end its all up to you and your preference.
  5. Where can I find good java Game Dev Tutorials?   I know this question must have been asked a million times, but when i search to find good tutorials all i find are tutorials that only teach you how to make a specific game. What i am looking for is a tutorial that shows you in great detail how to do one specific thing such as: Player input handling, AI path-finding, rendering text to the screen, game loop, rendering graphics, and sound. I would like to learn this way a lot more, because this way i would understand what I am doing a lot more, and  wouldn't just be copying the code and learning nothing. I have inferred that if I start this way, then move onto learning how to make specific games like a platformer, that I would improve overall. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers  .
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