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    Hacker game design

    I like Norman's suggestion of it being quest/mission based. Even though the user may not know anything about hacking, you could start them off with tutorials or missions that'll teach them how to hack in your world. Mission 1 installing keyloggers and Mission 5 is inputting their own commands. Mission 10 involves them hacking a system on their own, using everything that they've learned, against a timer or being caught by the police.  If you introduce the user to your world and give them enough tools to understand and adapt, they'll get the sense of hacking. 
  2. Leanansidhe

    Tower Defence game sans war element

    I feel like zombies in the media are starting to die off (hah), but there are always spinoffs of life simulation games popping up. Restaurants, farms, celebrities, etc. So your pizza idea might still work out or even something weird like a celebrity fending off paparazzi. But I think you have to differentiate yourself via the mechanics involved, the shop items, and how easy it is to progress in the game without buying anything. That's what will make it fun and differentiate yourself from the rest of the market. 
  3. Leanansidhe

    Allow player custom items?

    I like the idea. Most games don't allow customization of items, both in looks or stats. If you're going to allow stat modifications, why not add in color customizations as well?  The only issue I see is that the game will need a lot of extra content to keep the player around long enough to mod their weapons and armor (like in late game). Often in early and mid game, I find a better weapon while I'm exploring a dungeon or doing a quest, and quickly ditch my previous item. I'll only hang onto something if it looks really awesome or has a stat I really want to keep. 
  4. Leanansidhe

    My Progress Model 3d

    Ahhh, Digimon! Brings back memories :D They're looking good. 
  5. Hello everyone!    I'd like to hear what you have to say about UX/UI in games. Is it important? Should someone be in charge of it in particular, or is it just designed by everyone along the way? I'm looking for some insight because I'm currently a UX/UI designer with an ecommerce background trying to get into the gaming industry.   UX/UI has always been around, but it only recently became important with the rise in the popularity of smartphones and apps. Also companies have started to realise that better UX leads to better usage of their service, which leads to more income. Companies have devoted personnel and teams for this. However, in gaming, I feel like UX/UI is not seen as something that needs to be specialized in, or needs a lot of attention. I find most games' UX/UI to be useable, but there are a few AAA titles out there that make menu or inventory navigation a pain. Is UX/UI not as important to gaming companies as it is businesses? Or will it take a little longer for it to become important?   Also, during my recent job search I've noticed that UX/UI positions are hard to come by. Of course, gaming jobs are hard to come by in general, but I'm wondering if I should pick up illustration as well to supplement my skillset. Developing seems to be the better choice, but I don't particularly enjoy the nuances of code, but love sketching for hours on end. As a side thought, I've noticed that some big companies will hire UX/UI designers for their websites, but not their games. So there might be hope? But really, I want to work with a smaller team so that I can learn, and smaller companies don't pay as much attention to their website as bigger companies.    A cookie for your thoughts! :) 
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