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  1. Ordnas

    Rocky Knight

    Rocky Knight https://ordnas.itch.io/rocky-knight Rocky Knight is a Beat 'em up prototype game developed by Alessandro "Ordnas" Capriolo. Featuring the beautiful 3D fantasy assets from Synty Studios, and the music scored by Aaron Krogh, Rocky Knight builds upon a classic gameplay with a fresh story and dangerous boss fights inspired by the arcade-style from the 90' like Double Dragon, Knights of the Round and Final Fight. If you liked this game follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaprioloOrdnas
  2. Ordnas

    Loading screens

    What game engine are you using?
  3. Dark Souls series is the only game I can think of, where you need to plan carefuly before confronting against a series of enemies or adventure in a new dungeon.
  4. A good 3D game engine separates physics and rendering into different threads. You will run physics at fixed steps, but you will interpolate graphics between steps.
  5.   I want to show you my prototype, "Daemon". It is a platform created by me. Daemon needs to find a portal to his world jumping and avoiding obstacles. You can play Daemon on your browser: https://www.googledrive.com/host/0B5lnMCkD8EZpdW9fdWt5Y2dXTFk   or download the game, 60fps + high graphics settings: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3p0lsx209du0q5a/DaemonPC.zip         You can follow the game on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Daemon-1255874724424063 and on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaprioloOrdnas
  6.   M.T.S. - Metal Time Squad   M.T.S - Metal Time Squad (from here MTS) is a platformer - shooter, with a story inspired by the detective movies set in the 80s-90s.     Story   We are in the 80s, a company called "Metal Time Squad" is a special police corporation that uses a new armor prototype called Metal Time Machine (M.T.M.) that allows control of the time and space, although in a limited way. Jack is a veteran of the war, a former Green Beret, is a detective M.T.S., who is following a case of contraband. It will become clear that the case will lead to international security issues.     Storyboard WIP 1     In the very first prototype, some features are: machine gun fire + camera shake if projectile hits something, particles (rain, explosions, fire, effect power ups), physical objects (boxes flying in the air), real-time lighting and motion blur.   At the beginning of each level the player starts with no armor, you must take the power up to equip the M.T.M. armor. If you suffer from too many hits, the armor vanishes and you are vulnerable (a bit like Ghosts' n Goblins).   With the armor the player have access to the Portal Gun, which allows you to teleport creating two portals which are linked to each other (basically like the game Portal). During the portal selection mode, the time slows down to allow the player to choose where to place the portals.   You can escape from danger:   Redirect the projectiles of the enemy against him:   And trap the enemy in a vertical loop:     Tech Demo       Screenshots               Please support me with a like on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/metaltimesquad/
  7. Ah ok, I didn't know that it was part of <afx.h>, just checked . 
  8. I think Data=Buffer it is wrong, if you delete Buffer, Data points to a released data. To copy the contents, use memcpy.
  9. Ordnas

    C++ Class Constructor

    Did you try to remove include person.h? I don't know what is written inside.
  10. Ordnas

    Signed Rotation

    Yes, first priority goes to &. However you can use parentheses to give priority and to better visualize the order of priority. If you mean the constant 0x80000000, this is the maximum value that can have a signed int. You need it to do the bitwise & with the value chosen by you, so you "cut" the value on the range of unsigned.
  11. Ordnas

    How to mark roof for show/hide?

    Put a sensor, that is a rectangle of a tile size if you want. Place this sensor near the door, since the player can only enter from there. When the player passes over the sensor, the sensor will act like a light switch, turn on / off light, but in this case, turn on / off the roof. if ( sensor.detect == true ) { building.roof.visible = !building.roof.visible; }
  12.   It can be solved by placing two or more kinect, they can be linked on the same computer, and requested via their ID.     The location in 3D space will be made by using the Kinect Skeletal Tracking, which is designed for the tracking of a person in a room.     It could be placed 4 Kinect, one per wall.     Of course it will not be a home solution.
  13. Do you think you can replace the mouse and keyboard with Kinect and Oculus Rift to move a character in a 3D environment, such as a reconstruction 1:1 of the room where you are in 3D? The reconstructed room will contain chairs and table in 3D, and the player wearing the Oculus Rift sees from the eyes of the character, and moving physically in the room moves his virtual alter-ego. Is it achievable? The sampling of the skeleton via IR could make crazy the character, making him "vibrate" or detect an unwanted movement.
  14. Ordnas

    The future of education

    The approach should be to finish the game at 75%, whichever language you want so C++ and java are fine, only then you start to build the back-end structure, because it depends from game to game.
  15. Wow, cool! Even if I find more useful the new added profiler in VS 2015.
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