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  1. Alone in the Universe is on its first anniversary. The official 1.0 version of the game started at 13th of January 2016.   Many new features, upgrades and bug fixes was implemented since the start. Many players registered and lot of them are still playing.   To celebrate there will be 1 month bonus event, from 13 Jan to 13 Feb: - 2x faster construction build - 2x faster research - 10x more resources at start - 10x more artefacts at start - collectible chance increased from 35 to 50%   Enjoy the event, enjoy the game and thank you all! http://aloneuniverse.net
  2. The game uses php+mysql, graphics comes from free internet resources, design in my own. It's time based. Politics? I'm not sure I understand the question... If you mean politics in the game there isn't any. This is basically solitary game with a little players interaction and achievement comparison. I made this game all by myself. Took me like 2 months for base version 1.0 + 1 month for all upgrades. Hardest part was game balance and new ideas.   BTW. The is v2.2 already with collection and some other new stuff.
  3. Version 2.0 released   - form moons and increase resources income - tasks (achievements) - 20 new Mega Discovery - Master Points increasing limits - Galaxy: - searching for planets to create life from 55.000 available - terraforming, evolution, civilization, attack hostile planets - new artefacts - chat - much better game balance   http://aloneuniverse.net   No e-mail registration!!!   .
  4. Version 1.0 released.  This game is totally different as I expected to be but it's OK anyway.   http://aloneuniverse.net   Have fun! . 
  5. Hi!   I made a simple browser game - this is just the beginning so maybe someone is bored at the moment and want to help/test/play.   Game is kind of iddler or clicker placed in space theme. Something like Astro Empires, Ogame or Rebuild the Universe.   Pretty boring for a regular gamer - more for endless growth game funs (Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes, AdVenture Capitalist... etc.)   If you like this game - feel free to comment, report bugs, ideas. At first most important is to balance the game (resources/building cost/time).   http://web.iq.pl/astro/index.php   Thank in advance  
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