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  1. Liudvikas Lazauskas

    What does MMORPG require?

    Whether I am naive or optimistic, I would still like to believe that there is hope for such games to be reborn.
  2. Liudvikas Lazauskas

    What does MMORPG require?

    First of all, MMORPG games have always been an important part of video games for me. Whether it's roleplaying or grinding, I have always enjoyed MMORPGs from the bottom of my heart. Personally, I think that where the current world is rather drawn of away from these games. Battle royale games or FPS shooters are currently taking over the industry. Therefore, current MMORPGS fall behind, even more, when they fail to satisfy the gamer's needs the game usually gets abandoned. On the other hand, I strongly believe, that since our current society is making a rather big breakthrough with all the technological development, VR and AR are not that far from us. As a consequence, I think people will more likely be drawn back to these open world series of games and roleplay to the bottom of their hearts. What I want to ask or just gain criticism of my foolishness is what does MMORPG take? I have some experience in C++ and Python as coding languages, some experience working on application development. I am currently writing a pretty detailed Game Design Document, so I know what I want from the game and what it should do. I know such task is not for a single person to handle, therefore I am just saying I have couple of friends willing to help me along. What languages of coding should I learn, and what aspects should I take to approach MMORPGs. I am currently pretty unsure where to start, and what to prepare. I am fully aware it is not a short term project, but I am ready to improve and adapt for this
  3. Liudvikas Lazauskas

    How to start creating games?

    Thank, you all, for you sincere answers! Sorry if i wasted your time! I will keep doing my best. And i think I'll leave this topic open so i might get other advices. Have a good day!
  4. Liudvikas Lazauskas

    How to start creating games?

    Would codecademy do for learning the languages?
  5. Liudvikas Lazauskas

    How to start creating games?

    Hello, I decided to make a game, but i don't know how start. I don't really have any experience in it at all. I just started c++ and I don't know much about programing. Could you suggest where should I start, what steps should I take?
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