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    Old MMOs on new Windows (10)

    Okey....   But what about      I am talking about the clientloader, since thats the only software I have right now. 
  2. Kimarild

    Buying a game for private server

    Im good for the money, I wouldnt have to put down a deposit on any of my realestates About the money aspect and "wasting" $50k. I dont think Im a bad person for doing that, yes I could give it to chairity or maybe start collecting stamps, but Its not my passion or hobby. Ive decided to try and revivie this game, one way or another. I have friends working on their cars and spending much more then $50k a year, to only drive them one weekend and then start redoing it all over again. Im very glad for them, its their passion.     I dont think this community have more drama then any other game community, nor does it have more hacks then Counter-Strike or the other big games.  With small games, and small community, news tend to go faster and impact to be bigger. I know about the hacks you talk about, and they where valid in the early stages of the game in 2003. The game developed until 2007 and I dont think much of the old hacks where still usable.  Of course that doesnt mean, if the game would continue, new hacks wouldnt be found.    Its a risk I would take, and if it would endup with only me and 10 friends in this game because everyone else I had to block for cheating, I would still write it off as an success for myself
  3. Kimarild

    Old MMOs on new Windows (10)

    Maybe my english is bad, but I am not trying to suggest that someone can mod a game, without access to the source code.  ...but rather is it possible to see what needs to be done, without having access to the source code.   Would a skilled programmer recognice errors/warrings from ie. event viewer and have a clue on what to look for, once he got the source code.   Are there test tools for software written in C++,  that can maybe help identify problems. ...or are there absolute no way to make preperations before having the source code?       I have games that where made looooong before windows 8 came out, and they run perfect on windows 10.     A game that was made to support DirectX7, wouldnt that automaticly also run on computers with DirectX11 etc... 
  4. Hello   I am trying to revive an old game, to try and see if I can get a private server. (This is a hole different topic)    The game was developed in early 2000s, and I remember having to uninstall Windows Vista to install Windows XP  for running the clientloader. Can a smart Gamedev, simply install the old clientloader and analyse or do some dev-magic,  to see what problems occur from simply running the clientloader. Then maybe recognise some  "event viewer" errors/warrnings to say if it would be an easy mod to make it support Windows 10,  or maybe it need 200 hours of work, or impossible. With out having the sourse code / non-compiled code (its written in C++)    http://wiki.fhx-online.com/index.php?title=Game_History#Publishing_time_grid   Please check also on youtube, to understand what game it is.
  5. Kimarild

    Buying a game for private server

    Thank you for all replies, and specially to you frob, really appreciate it.    I got a lot of new information. 
  6. Kimarild

    Buying a game for private server

      Yes       Did anyone bother to click the wiki link I provided and check the game on youtube?      Some of you ask questions that are answered in many of my replys. I dont want to be unthankfull, but its very difficult to communicate like this.
  7. Kimarild

    Buying a game for private server

    frob, I really appreciate your input, so please dont stop.    I have a few challanges for you.  -I wrote above that its written in C++ and server software are made for Linux, and clients are made for windowsXP.   ~~~~~~   To the points you made above: I work in an oil company and I setup all the computer/software/servers/network for oil drilling operations. (of course not alone) My company have delivered this equipment packages since about the year 2000, and to about 500 oil rigs. You could name almost any of the oil rigs going back to the year 2000 and the hardware we used then, and I would be able to setup any of them inn a test enviorment ~12hours. Because I am professional   Even tho you cant really compare computer games and oil rigs, I would say the same thing about them. They are professionals and to setup some kind of test, should be fairly easy.    ~~~~~~   Maybe the best thing would be just to buy some kind of distribtion rights, and have software dump on a server. I just fear all the legal stuff, where I would be responsible for software security etc... 
  8. Kimarild

    Buying a game for private server

    I have been in touch with them before, 3 years ago.  They seemed very open for talks when I looked them in the eye, but after I left. They havent replyed any emails or phones. They politely pointed out, I was an signel individual, and not representing a distribution company.   From that talk, I understood it, like there was no problem putting the game back online, (state of software). Im assuming the physical servers that ran the game in 2003, are not there, but I dont belive It can be so hard to put it back on new once.   I am aware of the IP problem in all for this.  If they have valued this software at $1M in their books. (even if its dead software that will never be used again) Selling it to me for $50k would make then realise a loss of $950k   Or am I wrong here?     So Im trying to understand as much as I can from their perspective, before going back.
  9. Kimarild

    Buying a game for private server

    All the questions you have I fully understand. (because you dont have the information I have in my head :D )   I know alot about the technical details about this game, I know its written in C++, I know on average each client takes about 20kb/s up and down from its servers, I know the clientloader runs perfect on windowsXP.  I know the game itself is made to run on Linux servers. -The company Naonteck told me this.   I just want to setup the game again, on my own private servers, or pay them to do it.    The hole point is to have the game back for me and the 100people left in the community.  -With the bad bad terrible grafix. -with sick sick sick bugs.     Thats the charm.
  10. Kimarild

    Buying a game for private server

    Thank you for reply.   I can see that me and you have different definition of what a MMO is. I really dont want to spend next 10 posts descussing that.  So I would just like to say what I consider a MMO to be, so that you know my definition :)   I dont consider Diablo3 or Red Alert to be "real" MMOs, just because you cant interact with more then 3-4 players at the same time.    ____________________________________________________________________________________   The game I talk about, and linked to.   Is an old game, that never made it out of Beta. At its peak, there where about 3000 active players. I dont want any other game, and I dont really have interest in owning the engine, I just want to play it again.   This company NaonTech, had maybe ~25 employees, and its just hard for me to think they had budgets in the size of 100 Millions, for each their game in the years 2000-2005.       How could I approche this company, and interest them in putting this game back online.  The cost would be for me to rent server space. (~500 clients) Have one of their engineers to setup the game, could maybe be the most difficult thing. Since it could be an hourly cost. 
  11. Hello   The company NaonTech, team of ~25people. (Korean company) Is a company that mass produced MMOs in 2000-2005, to make few hits, and make money back on those few.  There were many games that never made it online and there are some that where sold to western companies, what went thru Beta and then were canceled.   Unfortunally I were one of few who played in Betas, that ended up beeing terminated because the games werent popular enought.      I dont have full understanding on how gaming industry work, but when a western company (DQ Technologies and Gameforge 4D GmbH), bought NaonTech`s game and ran Betas for 1 year each. Would they just have bought a license to "try" the game. Or would they have bought a copy of the entire software?   In 201(6) this would just be an old game with bad game engine, and it doesnt have any real value anymore, besides sentimental value for us that cant let it go.     How much could one of those games that didnt make it, sell for today? Im sure it could cost $500-$1M to develope. (wild guess)    Would a company just sell one of these now for say.... $50k ?      Game Im talking about: http://wiki.fhx-online.com/index.php?title=Game_History#Publishing_time_grid  
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