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  1.   A new feature is added: hair accessories. Available in the coffee room.
  2. Updates in version 1.8.1: * 15 new dialogues for Yumi. * a new location and a new dating spot - classroom (school 1st floor). * a new accessory item - maple leaf (can be picked under the tree near the Sushi Cafe).
  3.   Recent updates (up to v.1.7.28): * a new location and game feature - cinema (located next to Sushi Cafe in the premium area). Now you can take a girl to watch a movie. * 20 new dialogues for Anette. * a new accessory item - red flower. Can be obtained for free from a bush in front of the school entrance. * redesign of the street area near the storage building. * best scores are now shown in the main menu. * quick access/map teleport now works during dates, too.
  4.   Updates in version 1.7.26: * 25 new dialogues for Laika. * updated title screen. * profiles of the girls in the main menu.
  5.   Changes in version 1.4.0: * a new level (Range 3); * a new weapon - UTS-15 shotgun (replacing the watergun); * a new feature - flashlight (available in missions 7, 8, 9); * more balanced difficulty in all missions; * fixed several animation issues; * updated menus.
  6.   A new cool feature is added in version 1.7.24 - kissing mini-game. After some dates now you can try to ask a girl for a kiss. She will agree if you had a perfect date, and if she likes you. Otherwise asking for a kiss will decrease intimacy with that girl. Not asking for a kiss when the girl is expecting it will also decrease your score.
  7.   A new level is added in version 1.3.11 (Android & iOS). More levels are underway.
  8.   Recent updates (up to v.1.7.22/23): * 50 new dialogues for girls; * updated title screen;   More detailed info on updates, artwork, and development notes now can be found at http://twitter.com/shoujo_city
  9.   A new girl is added in version 1.3.9 (Android).
  10.   iOS version is released: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shoujo-city-anime-game/id1128360282
  11. The game is now also available for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/shoujo-sniper-anime-game/id1126887783
  12.   New updates: * a second ufo catcher machine with cat pillows; * new locations in the school - second floor, rooftop; * a new dating spot at the school rooftop; * use of accessory items now affects the final intimacy score; * a new accessory item - bell choker (can be obtained through a quest).
  13.   A new girl is added as a playable character - Yumi.
  14. [youtube]https:[/youtube]   A new gameplay video introducing currently available girls.
  15.   Recent updates (up to version 1.7.13): * update of the dinner feature: now all food is drawn with images instead of just text. Likes and dislikes of each girl are now taken into account and will affect the score you get after a dinner - make sure you order only the the food your girl likes. Game cafes are renamed. * new accessory items - panda hairpin, flower hairpin, choker; * the girls will now correctly turn towards you when you ask them out or talk to them; * a new location - school 1st floor (more locations in school will be unlocked later); * a new feature - item quests. By completing item quests you can obtain rare accessory items. Talk to the schoolgirl in the school, and to neko girl in the sushi cafe.
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