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  1. To go more in depth - A rigid body is nothing more than an object that can react to physics, collision, or otherwise affect other said objects. When something is "kinematic" aka. Rigidbody.isKinematic = true; then the object is no longer affected by physics or collision, and instead must be controlled via script. For example, instead of letting physics handle the bounce off an object when one collides with another, you can get the collision point of the objects from the collision event, as well as the location of the other object and then tell the colliding object to ricochet in some random direction away from the object adding a it of chaos. This kind of effect would only work if the object was kinematic as you would apply the force via script onCollision rather than letting physics handle it. To go more in depth on Triggers - a trigger in Unity is a flag that allows an object to act as a capture event in a manner of speaking. If Collider.isTrigger = true; then the rigidbody becomes a trigger and fires OnTriggeEnter, OnTriggerExit, and OnTriggerStay events instead of registering a collision. In many cases, you'd make an object Kinematic and a trigger, so that it captures and fires a trigger event for any other rigidbody entering it. The difference between a non trigger is that, if two objects collide, a collision wouldn't be fired because of the trigger event. A good example would be a laser beam that fires through multiple enemy ships at once when fired. Rather than being affected by the enemy ships rigidbody's, the beam ignores the collisions and instead fires an OnTriggerEnter/Exit for each of the ships. There are many uses for each and really it depends on the game. If you have any questions about this or any other Unity topic, send me a message.
  2. Good Afternoon, My name is Matthew and I'm seeking the assistance of a 2D Graphics artist to be my partner in crime and provide all the graphic assets for a game called "NAND". I've been working on this project now for several months, and I have a working prototype but most graphics are placeholders, ugly, and in dire need of attention. NAND is a game inspired by Infinifactory, TIS-100, SpaceChem, and similar style games. The closest relative would be Shenzhen I/O. The premise of the game is for the player to work through puzzles building circuits by placing down chips and wiring to complete circuits which perform a large variety of functions. By the end of the game, the player will have amassed enough knowledge and pre-built circuits to put together a working APU, Processor, and even a simulated computer with working memory, all using logic circuits. The complexity scales from simple to extremely complex, but the graphic interface allows the player to visually see, test, and work their layouts to achieve higher efficiency, lower power usage, and higher scores which will be used to compete against friends and the world at large, similarly to how the above games have done so themselves. In the above screen you can see why I am in need of graphical help. I need someone who can help design a technical, clean feeling User Interface, buttons, backgrounds, the works. Everything seen here is merely placeholders and the final UI need not look anything like this. The game graphics for the chips, power unit, wires, and such can all be redone as well. My goal is to have this game released to steam, polished, and bug free with all available modes within 6 months. These modes include Story Mode, Challenge Mode, Puzzle Mode, and Sandbox Mode. I also want to incorporate a way to share builds with others as well. There's room to add more ideas, but I largely want to keep it in the similar genre of Shenzhen I/O and similar games as that's the target feel and gameplay I'm seeking. I have a large amount of programming done for the game (toggable grid, dynamic wires which power on and off according to source, ability to cross wires, place components, and such - most of what will be needed in the early access release) but the graphics are holding me back more than I thought it would. I'm looking for a serious graphics artist who can partner up with me to see this project to completion and get it onto Steam. FUNDING Unfortunately I'm completely self funded and have no outside revenue streams with which to utilize for paying an hourly employee. Thus, I'm seeking someone interested in doing a fair profit share. Depending on their commitment and the timeframe in which they can provide the assets, I'm willing to do a 50/50 split after costs of all revenue earned through Steam. I plan on selling the game for $9.99 though I may go for $14.99 if the game is polished enough, and of that steam does take 30%. The remaining will be split according to the agreed split, paid monthly as each steam payment is received. If I can arrange it I will have steam split the funds, but if not I will keep all accounts transparent and available for review, and there will be a contract agreement stating such. The payments will survive the life of sales. If I'm making funds, so is my partner. I intend to use the funds earned to help start up a game development studio for indie development, but what my partner does with their share is up to them. I'm very serious about this project and would like to have someone who shares that seriousness, can be candid and honest with their feedback, and whom fully backs this project and wants it to succeed as badly as I do. I much prefer this over a paid employee who's only interest is the money, with no actual care about it's success. CONTACT If interested, please reach out to me and we can discuss the details, and cover each of our skills and our roles within the game. I can be reached (preferably) by email - bulwullf@gmail.com but you can also message me here directly. Email I check throughout the day so that's the best way to get a response. Thanks and have a good one!
  3. Position is still open - I will be checking back daily until the position is filled. I'm really hoping someone is interested because honestly, I'm struggling with the graphics on my own.
  4. Hey there!   I've been working very hard on a game that's nearing completion and I'm in need of a graphics artist that can handle 2D UI design and sprite creation. I'll be happy to share details if someone is interested! The genre of game is something similar to Zaptronics sytle games - very techie. The original idea of the graphics design is a mixed pixel style with more polished backgrounds but if I do find someone to help with graphics, I'll let it be up to them to make it look amazing. Thanks and hope to find someone soon! This game will be quite popular I think.
  5. Before I go into any details, this is a paid job but pay will be a % of total sales paid on the same schedule as Steam pays for the life of the game. The exact amount will be discussed privately.   The game is called NAND, and is a puzzle style game where players build circuits out of components and wires in order to complete tasks, challenges, and more. This game genre fits within the SpaceChem and Shenzhen I/O game style.   I'm currently looking for a graphics artist who is willing to put 110% into designing the User Interface and pretty much all graphical aspects of the game. The time frame for release is within the next 2-3 months. I've already completed a lot of the core programming and am adding in the content now. The game will be on Greenlight around the 15th, and once Greenlit, will be made available for early access as soon as one of the four game modes is available for play.   I need someone who's dedicated and can get the work done in a hurry, and is willing to talk over Skype, share screens, and work as a team. I know this is short notice, but with or without quality graphics, the game will be released. Music and effects are already being made.   Please respond by email to mragsdale@nullpointerenterprises.com or directly as a private message on the forums if you're interested.   Thanks and see you all around!
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