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  1. 3rd Pinnacle Games

    Super Bit Adventure - (WIP)(Android)

    Download: Play.google.com   Update 1.4 is now available for Super Bit Adventure. It took a little longer than expected but we wanted to be sure that your patience was handsomely rewarded. Here is a rundown of all the new features.   - Over 50 new dungeon maps have been added to the game.   - Promo codes are now fully enabled, allowing us to gift gems/pro accounts and items for future events (emailing us unique bugs will also gift you a chance to win a promo code). - The NPC Helpalotagus has moved on and a new NPC has take his place. This new NPC will gift you a very special helper in the game named Violet. - Violet is another new addition who will be your travel companion. She will tell you about dangers nearby in the item world and help guide your way to the stairs inside any dungeon. - Many bugs have been squashed in this update. Again, if you run into a bug, please email us about it. Unique bug submissions may be rewarded with gems. - The Lifesteal and Melt Armor on hit effects now work properly with more additions to come. - Stats have been reworked and now effect your damage by a % base. - The Item World has been added to the game. Create dungeons that power your weapon as you venture through them. Once you complete the dungeon, your item levels up! Currently, there are chances of 4 different monsters to appear inside the Item World. Each monster is very powerful and relates to a certain weapon stat (Str, Agi, Def, and Int for the time being). Once you kill them, that particular stat will increase permanently.  - Equipment now have stat caps, so customize your weapons carefully. - Disenchanting has been added to the game. If an item has a skill on it, you can disenchant it and obtain a skill stone with that skill. If the item you disenchant doesn't have any skills, there is a small percentage chance that you will create a skill stone from it.  - Enchanting has been added and allows you to add any skill stone to any piece of equipment. This will allow for further customization for your unique play style. - Stat resetting has been added to the game. Found a weapon with stats you don't need? Reset it and customize the weapon how you want to. - The Adventure League has been redesigned! Bounties will now give you large amounts of gold plus adventure points. These points can be spent in the new Adventure League shop. This shop will continuously add new items that can only be bought with adventure points.  - Items will now sell for what it is worth. The higher the item level, the more gold you'll receive. - Enemy spawning has been controlled. This should reduce the amount of lag during intense combat. - Norteko's shop has been updated with new items and daily deals. He will also increase your bag space for 1 gem per slot. - Over 50 new maps... oh wait, we mentioned that already.   We appreciate all the support you have shown us already. We hope you will enjoy all the new additions and we look forward to reading your comments and feedback. Now, for some new screenshots!                 Facebook: Facebook.com Twitter: Twitter.com
  2.     As a new personal project, one of our teammates has started a new site that is dedicated to indie gamers. As indie developers ourselves, we understand how hard it is to market our games and get our name out there. We have decided to run a little project for a few months to see what kind of difference we can make in the indie community by launching Indie Chronicle. It's a small site that we will run with minimal manpower to try and help spread the word about new and upcoming indie games. If you're interested, please head over and take a look.    Indie Chronicle http://www.indiechronicle.com   Twitter http://www.twitter.com/indiechronicle
  3. 3rd Pinnacle Games

    Super Bit Adventure - (WIP)(Android)

    Google Play: Play.google.com   Update 1.2 for Super Bit Adventure is now live! This major update introduces many bug fixes, a quick action item button and most importantly, fishing! Fishing comes in the form of a very fun mini-game that can be completed daily much like the endless runner mini-game. Regular players will have a set amount of tries per day while pro users can fish without limitations. Fishing is rather simple. You tap and hold your finger on the screen to gain cast strength, then release it to throw the bait the distance you wish. There are many different kinds of fish that can be found in the water along with regular and elite treasure chests. Upon getting a bite, you'll have to swipe the screen in the direction that you're prompted to. If you mess up, the line strength weakens drastically until it snaps. A few extra hidden items can randomly be found in the water as well, so keep fishing daily to come across them. You will also encounter different weather patterns that can affect the type of fish and items that are found in the water. It's pretty simple to get the hang of and a lot of fun, so we hope you enjoy it!   Super Bit Adventure can be downloaded for free at: Play.google.com Facebook: Facebook.com Twitter: Twitter.com
  4. 3rd Pinnacle Games

    Super Bit Adventure - (WIP)(Android)

    Super Bit Adventure is now available on Google Play!   Watch the Trailer:    Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thirdpinnaclegames.superbitadventure&hl=en
  5. 3rd Pinnacle Games

    Super Bit Adventure - (WIP)(Android)

    Sign up for Beta using your Google Play email ->> HERE   Follow us at the following: Facebook: Facebook.com Twitter: Twitter.com Thank you!!! With all of your help, we have reached the top 50 games contending for app of the year! It is quite an honor to be recognized in such fashion. If you haven't already voted for us in round 2, we would appreciate your clicks greatly! You can vote here: Slidedb.com   We have made a lot of progress in the past few weeks with development. We still don't want to estimate a release date just yet, but we are getting very close. Many of the skills the player will be able to use have been implemented and tested for bugs. They work great and will definitely make combat very interesting! We plan to release a short gameplay video in the upcoming days once we finish polishing up some of the animations.   We have also added in a mini game that we felt was just a little icing on the cake. I don't want to spoil it yet, but let's just say you'll be running endlessly for quite some time. It's fun and addictive which proves to be a nice break from your usual treks into the dungeon!   So thank you again for all of your support and please sign up for Beta if you haven't already, vote for us in round 2, and follow us on social media to stay up to date! We'll see you all soon!
  6. 3rd Pinnacle Games

    Super Bit Adventure - (WIP)(Android)

    Sign up for Beta using your Google Play email ->> HERE   Follow us at the following: Facebook: Facebook.com Twitter: Twitter.com     Not to steal the line from another very popular franchise, but winter is indeed coming! We are pulling back the curtain to show off a little sample of what we've been working on to bring on the cold. This winter will be full of ice dungeons and cold monsters who want nothing else but to freeze your bones and suck on them like popsicles!     The above image is the first of many ice dungeon levels you will be encountering. This image is taken from our custom made map editor as we are working on it. As you can see we have placed down the tiles for the floor and the walls first before anything else. The beginning structure of our levels are what leads us to the next part of creating our maps.     Here you can see what it looks like when we begin to lay down the physics along the walls, populate it with treasure chests, and place a few random bushes to liven the place up a bit. All of this brings the levels together so that you can really feel the cold hands of death on your shoulder.     And now we have a preview of some of the monsters you'll be facing. Sure they look frightening, but I'm sure a skilled adventurer like you doesn't get easily scared by such creatures. As we bring in the new monsters though, we also would like to announce the arrival of mob abilities. For example, the cold slime will have certain crowd control effects that will be sure to slow you down in your tracks. The larger frost slime will be immune to certain attacks and have ranged abilities to damage you from afar. Lastly, our frost elemental here will have all of the above plus an area of effect ability and teleportation.   We hope that by giving each monster their own unique abilities, it'll increase the fun factor and diversity of combat. Stay tuned as we'll be sure to bring you more along the way.   And please VOTE for Super Bit Adventure for App of the Year! Thank you!
  7. 3rd Pinnacle Games

    Super Bit Adventure - (WIP)(Android)

    (Click to Vote for us!)     Follow us at the following: Facebook: Facebook.com Twitter: Twitter.com     "The Dark"   Located west of your campsite is something very dangerous that only the best adventurers should ever try to challenge. It's a hideous and vicious type of journey that only death and peril will be found in... so we named it a very complicated and terrifying name. "The Dark!" I know... we may not be the most creative bunch around... but it'll have to do.   So located next to the bounty handler is a lonely set of stairs that leads underground. These stairs lay separate from the main dungeon entrance and is set apart from the main story line. This is where you will continue to find adventures long after the main story is over. Hopefully at this point you will be well equipped to face the danger that awaits you.   Within The Dark you will find completely randomized dungeon layouts with various types of loot. It'll be very dark though so vision will also be extremely limited. The stairs that will lead you deeper into The Dark will always be in a randomized location as well! With each level that you descend into, you will find that the monsters you face become increasingly more difficult. There is no end to The Dark... none at all.   The gear you find will also scale with the difficulty level of the floor you're on. The deeper you go, the more powerful items you will find. Rare equipment will also be found in the deepest corners of The Dark that you will not be able to find anywhere else. It won't be easy to find though as floor tiles will contain a variety of traps. These traps can range from spawning monsters, to taking instant damage, or even poison. Monsters will also have special abilities down there. You may encounter some that can teleport, heal, block your attacks, or even place ailments on you.   There isn't just gold and items to be found in The Dark though... there is also glory! We are implementing a leaderboard system to keep track of just how deep you and your friends have gone. This will allow for certain bragging rights and even a sense of competition among other players. The Dark is almost completely finished being coded as we speak and should be in the next build within the week. We've been asked a lot about being able to play, so I want to announce that we WILL be having a Beta Test phase for anyone who wants to try out the game and give feedback. Stay tuned for our future announcements!
  8. 3rd Pinnacle Games

    Super Bit Adventure - (WIP)(Android)

    Follow us at the following: Facebook: Facebook.com Twitter: Twitter.com   Bounty System Our goal for Super Bit Adventure is to have it become a fun pick up and play type of RPG. We didn't want something that you needed to dedicate hours upon hours in order to get anywhere with. Since our platform is for mobile devices, we wanted something that was engaging yet would have the player eager to come back for more. So we decided on the bounty system. This system will work much like a questing system so to speak. Outside the dungeon where your camp is located stands an emissary who will house these bounties. All you have to do is walk over to him and speak with them to see the current bounties that are available. We made it so that these bounties will be randomized and pop up randomly throughout the day. Our goal for this was to have something fun for players to look forward to no matter what time of the day they're able to pick up their mobile device and play. The list of bounties available will show the difficulty of each bounty and what your rewards will be. Should you accept a bounty, you will gain access to a special dungeon where you can complete the objective. In this example, you can see how the bounty dungeon appears in the list of available dungeons that pops up when you enter the cave. The main objective will be marked with a skull upon its head so you can tell it's a special creature. These monsters will be stronger than the normal ones... you know, so you have to work for it. After defeating the creature, you can deliver the news of success back to the emissary and reap your reward! Simple as that.
  9. 3rd Pinnacle Games

    Super Bit Adventure - (WIP)(Android)

    Level Editor   So for anyone who is familiar with the Corona SDK engine you already know that the engine runs on the LUA programming language. This language is very easy to use and powerful for those who are knowledgeable in the art of programming. For those who aren't however, we were running into issues with level design with non-programmers. Creating these levels completely from code became too much of a burden for a single programmer. We decided that we needed to change something... thus the level editor was born. We came together and everyone gave their input on what we would like to see in a level editor. We took many similarities from other tile based engines like RPG Maker for example and decided to merge and add things that would be useful for us. Within days we had a working prototype and it wasn't much longer until we had a working editor that anyone was able to use to quickly create tile based levels. There are 3 layers to place sprites on. The first layer is the floor where the character will walk on. The 2nd layer will work for walls and for our future games, layer 3 will be used for certain decor among the walls. There's also a physics layer that we can fill in on the walls so the player doesn't accidentally walk off the map into the dark abyss. We can also add in random loot chests and grass that players can interact with among the levels. For our future games, we've added in many additional features as well but won't be using them with Super Bit Adventure since we are aiming to keep this one nice and simple. Some other neat features of the editor are things like zooming in and out for when you want more accurate precision, grid snapping for when you want to move tiles in and out of the grid The copy feature allows you to switch back and forth between different tiles with ease. There's a button on the bottom left that allows you to quickly jump into your level to test everything out while you create it as well. The best part of the whole thing, is that you can actually create levels right there on your phone so you don't have to sit behind a computer screen to work. This editor gave us a great idea to possibly include with Super Bit Adventure. If we included the editor with the game it would allow players to theoretically create their own dungeon levels to share among their friends. It would be quite the programming task and we aren't sure just yet if we have the resources to complete this kind of feature. So we wouldn't mind hearing from some of the community on whether you would be interested in a mobile RPG that allows you to create and share your own dungeon levels. We'd love to hear from you!
  10. 3rd Pinnacle Games

    Super Bit Adventure - (WIP)(Android)

      Upgrading Equipment   Norteko has set up shop in the adventurer's camp where you will find yourself conducting various business transactions between your trips into the dungeon. He is available not only to sell you items but to upgrade the ones you already own as well. We aimed to make this process as simple as possible so there's no need to go out searching for loads of materials to craft things. Norteko has made himself very resourceful and a jack of all trades. When you speak with him, all you have to do is click on the piece of equipment you want to upgrade and press the "buy" button.   The upgrade isn't for free though. Norteko has to make money too so he will charge you a small fee to upgrade your equipment. As your equipment rises in level though, so does the fee. Don't expect to be paying 200 gold to upgrade a level 30 Masamune anytime soon. Currently we have it set so that you are able to upgrade your weapon, shield, and armor. After some internal testing, the feature is working smoothly and has entered into a finalized state for the current build. We look forward to seeing what kind of focus players put into upgrading certain equipment.
  11. 3rd Pinnacle Games

    Super Bit Adventure - (WIP)(Android)

            Download on Google Play ->> HERE   Title: Super Bit Adventure Platform: Android Genre: Action RPG Release Date: 12/31/2015 Developed by: 3rd Pinnacle Games, LLC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/superbitadventure/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SBitAdventure SlideDB: http://www.slidedb.com/games/super-bit-adventure   Summary: Super Bit Adventure is an action RPG created entirely with the Corona SDK. We are currently only developing it for Google Play but are open to future releases to other platforms. It is made with the mindset of capturing that nostalgic feeling of old school RPGs and Zelda.    Features: Old School Graphics Action Combat Equipment Skills Item Upgrading Dungeon Crawling Leaderboards Bounty System Loot Galore!   Screenshots:  
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