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  1. ForkyTheEditor

    Professional Programmer Seeking Fun Side Project

    Hey James!    I am actually looking for someone that can teach me and my friends the Unity Engine (by teach I mean, lead a project that we'll be working on; we do have some experience with the Unity Engine), since having someone working with you is a much better way of learning than tutorials. So if you'd like, we could make a project together! PM me to discuss some details if you accept! Edit: Oh yeah, forgot to mention, you won't be paid for this, this is just to have fun and learn.   Have a nice day! :)
  2. ForkyTheEditor

    Displaying dialogue in Unity

    Hey everyone!   I'm working on an RPG and I need to display the dialogue the NPCs speak, but I have very little experience with Unity's UI functionality. I want to display the dialogue in a style very much like Undertale's style, meaning, a box that starts blank and gets filled with text gradually, sometimes making short pauses to imitate a person's speaking rhythm. Check out some Undertale videos if you don't understand what I'm talking about.     Edit: The short pauses are actually kind of optional (I would rather lose them if it's really complicated implementing them). Also, to go to the next line of dialogue the player would have to press a button.    Thank you very much and have an awesome day! :)
  3. ForkyTheEditor

    Space Shooter Enemies

    Hey everyone!   I'm currently working on a Darius Gaiden type space shooter, and I'm having some problems with the enemy AI (sort of AI, I guess). I want to make enemies move in all sorts of patterns (like so) and come in in waves. I have some ideas that include using animations to move them; using the NavMesh and letting the enemies find their path through some empty game objects; using some asset called "ITween". There are more types of enemies and each has their own pattern, maybe even more patterns. They are not reacting to the player's action (no dodging etc.), they just follow their paths.    Thank you very much and have a nice day!
  4. ForkyTheEditor

    Need for Clarification

    When I was talking about Unity creating The Witcher 3, I was talking about the engine itself, at its maximum capability. I just wanted to know, which tool is the most powerful. I was asking because I have never really seen a triple A title running on Unity and was wondering why that is.     I warned you about my question seeming stupid, because I'm still relatively new to this environment. 
  5. ForkyTheEditor

    Need for Clarification

    Hey there guys!   I was wondering, what is better? To learn a game engine like Unity or to learn OpenGL/Ogre3D/anything else(API is the technical term I think). With which method can you achieve more? For example, if we took two experts that know everything they need to know about Unity and an API, and let them create their masterpiece, their perfect game, which one would be more vast, have better performance, have better graphics all at the same time. I always assumed(and still do) that the answer is the one that knows an API, because all of the triple A games that blow our minds with what they've achieved are built that way(for instance The Witcher 3 has incredibly short loading times for its complexity, mindblowing graphics, huge open world and many many many more, and it doesn't use any  game engine that is publicly available). Can Unity create The Witcher 3? Can Unreal Engine create The Witcher 3? Can you learn both, an API and a game engine(not necessarily at the same time)? Thank you!   WARNING: THIS POST MAY CONTAIN STUPID STUFF, BECAUSE OF MY LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!
  6. Hey guys!    So I'm trying to make a tower defense game in Unity using C#, and I need to know, how can I make a gameObject follow a path? You know, so I can make the enemies follow the road through the towers. Thank you!
  7. ForkyTheEditor

    How to start making the game?

    Wow thank you all for your answers! It really helped us.
  8. ForkyTheEditor

    How to start making the game?

    So you mean we don't have to choose one engine and stick to it? We can start with smaller ones and then go to more complex ones? I always imagined a 2D game engine is totally different from a 3D game engine.Thank you for your quick and informative reply!
  9. ForkyTheEditor

    How to start making the game?

    Hey guys! So I together with a few friends want to make a game, but none of us has got any experience in game-making, and we don't know where and how to start. Since none of us has experience we need to make very small games at first and then finish a big project that we have in mind(It's a pretty big one, an open-world RPG, and we know it's not going to be easy). So we were wondering, what should we make our games in? Should we learn an engine like CryEngine or Unity? Should we learn a programming language like C++ (from what I understood we have to)? At some point we even wanted to make our own engine from scratch and we're still open to that idea. So can you guys help us? Tell us what we should learn. It has to be something that can create small games as well as big ones.
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