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  1. hi guys, i can add you to iOS beta test program) just pm me your email. 
  2. hi guys, i can add you to iOS beta test program) just pm me with your email.    Interesting to see your opinion about my game!
  3. Hi guys i want to present you beta version of our new game!   Title: ZombieBasketball! Genre: Castle Defence/Sport Platform: iOS Play Basketball and Smash Zombies! New type of castle defense genre.Throw a ball into the basket and get bonus energy to shoot zombies.   I like to hear your suggestions and ideas (; - Game Name - Game features and modes - also i dont know how to make balance..     PM me your e-mail and you'll get a TestFlight invite! or e-mail me: support[-=at=-]yogamen.net Just open the TestFlight App and Send Feedbacks!   Gameplay Video 
  4. anyway anybody can open you build (.ipa or apk) and find in it some particle files)) but it's not problem for me
  5. Best way i think to use cocos2dx(iOS-Android engine), easy to start from iOS AppStore, anyway i stated on iOS and stopped on this os, if you could do good looking game, you will have good chance to be featured by Apple.
  6. ogreko

    Mobile games with big file size

    Use atlases with alpha trim, it will decrease game size and don't forget to covert all audio (.caf good one) Before .caf my audio as 120mb after >> 25mb and quality looks the same on the phones.
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