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  1. Hello guys) Here is my new ambient soundtrack: https://youtu.be/TyAd5X9X5J8 In a week I'm available for new interesting projects)
  2. Hello!) May new battle track: [media] Available for new projects!
  3. Hi!) Here is my new track with sci-fi mood : https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/escape-to-the-dreamland Opened for new projects)
  4. Hey! Some of the new stuff: https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/tell-me-its-not-true-general-practitioner-ost https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/crew-gathering-general-practitioner-ost https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/sunny-mood-general-practitioner-ost And I'm opened for new projects again)
  5. Hello, Let's discuss it in PM) Glad you liked my demos.
  6. Hi there) Currently I'm finishing 2 big projects, and in a week I'll be available again)This soundtrack is composed for visual novel game General Practitioner, it plays during town exploration https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/sunny-mood-general-practitioner-ost
  7. New track was composed for menu theme of nice visual novel game : https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/first-date-menu-theme-general-practitioner-ost-1 Will be available in a few weeks)
  8. Hello, my name is Ann and I am freelance audio producer and composer from Ukraine. Making music for games is my passion.I'm looking for interesting game projects or trailers of different genres.I've already been successfully involved into sci-fi genres, casual, slot games and medieval RPG.My music demo-reel: https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/sets/demo-reel Please contact me : annlashar88@gmail.comand skype: djakonda_anet
  9. Hello, sent you PM
  10. Hey,   My name is Ann, and I am very interested in your opinion about my music.   Here are my new themes which I composed for the main menu and few levels of action-slasher game for android tablets. The game's starting event taking place in medieval times so I tried to recreate its mood:     https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/start-medieval-theme   https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/medieval-story   https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/fears-of-underground   https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/mysteries-of-underground       Your feedback would be great!   Thanks )
  11. ann_la_shar

    Looking for your feedback

    Hi everyone!    My name is Ann and music composing is my hobby so far. I have been following this forum for a while and finally decided to join your community and introduce myself :)    I fond of music since my early childhood by playing the piano. Couple of years ago I tried to make music in Cubase and liked it a lot! Unfortunately, my studying of Cubase is progressing slower that I wished to due to my full-time job which does not related to music. I also like to play games (Arcade genre mostly) and I was very happy to find this forum which gave me an idea of how I can shift from my current occupation to what I really love to do.   First of all, I would like to share with what I already made and I am looking forward to get some feedback and may be advice (what is wrong or what can be improved)    Here is a link to my latest work. It was inspired by space game's cinematic trailer:   And here you can find my previous works from soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/arabian-hurricane https://soundcloud.com/ann-la-shar/tranquility-of-stars   Please feel free to criticize it!   Many thanks in advance for your honest feedback! :)
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