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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_programmer#Graphics_engine_programmer on the graphics engine section it says graphics engineer are scarce. how true is that? I thought everyone wants to be a game dev.
  2. http://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Programming-DirectX-Computer-Science/dp/1942270062   I am so excited about directX 12 even though I dont have experience of any directX before. this is the only book about directX 12 that will start from the math prerequisite I need. so perfect book for me. but the site says it came out december 15 and it is still not out? any one knows about this?
  3. Artificial_Idiot

    badumna p2p mmo

    anyone here uses badunma https://bitbucket.org/badumna/badumna/overview in their game? that could give me some insights about it specifically replication
  4. Artificial_Idiot

    what is most in-demand programmer discipline in industry?

    I am in a starting position where I could choose one of these fields to study deeper because as it turns out each these has a vast subject to explore.  I know that being generalist is standard but "expert at anything is like being expert at nothing at all"  and I am pretty sure someone who can adapt to any of these as needed doesn't exist or a rare specie. even if it could the results are not as good as the experts on that particular field
  5. Gameplay programmer A.I programmer Network programmer UI programmer Graphics programmer Physics programmer
  6. Artificial_Idiot

    Finite State Machine using Command Pattern?

    how are you decoupling your animation with mecanim? I usually do this OnStateEnter() { Anim.Setbool(walking,true); }
  7. class EnemyController : MonoBehaviour { IState PatrolState; IState AttackState; StateMachine FSM; void Awake() { //The state has an Action delegate as an argument called Enter, Execute, Exit in order PatrolState = new State(StartWalkingAnim, Patrol, StopWalkingAnim); //an overloaded one with only execute as an argument AttackState = new State(Attack); FSM = new StateMachine(); FSM.SetCurrentState(AttackState); } void Update() { FSM.Update(); } private void StopWalkingAnim() { //stop walking animation } private void StartWalkingAnim() { //stop walking animation } private void Patrol() { //if (player.Onsight) // FSM.ChangeState(Attack) //movement.Patrol(); } private void Attack() { //if (!player.Onsight) // FSM.ChangeState(Idle) //AttackController.Attack(); } } The benefit I could see here is all the functions has a direct access to member variables so no passing of reference is necessary. and also no need for seperate class for each state. this is inspired by the command pattern in WPF and Xaml databinding   what do you guys think? do you think this will scale? if not whats the way to make this better? or something is fundamentally wrong here?
  8. Artificial_Idiot

    finite state machine class explosion

    So All of my states have a common interface called IState which has enter,exit,execute,fixedexecute virtual functions. all of this has a parameter to the cat or flying-cat or any other entity. thats why I cant reuse them because their are concrete. I need to make a common interface for the parameter haha thanks.
  9. I am using state machine with one class for state I have a ground cat and flying cat enemy they both have patrol ,attack , and run away. now I realised that I cant reuse their class and I have to write for each one and I cant use heirarchy because they dont have member viriables cause all they do is call public functions from the cat and flying cat controller. if I have to do this then I have to create the same states for different entities.
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