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    need some sprites

    Try using GIMP. Make the background any colour, say white. Then add Alpha Channel in the layer. Select the regions of the background (white in this case) and hit delete. You'll get a checkered background indicating that it is transparent.
  2. Well... To be honest, I don't really know anything about JAVA but from my programming experience, all I seem to understand is that the screen isn't updated after the position is. The 'paint' method in the 'Window' has not been called. Try using it.
  3. Sweptile65

    Code Reviewfor my SIMON game

      Thanks a lot!!! Your code showed me how to improve my code in simple terms. Its fascinating how just creating the Squares array makes the code much more simpler and shorter!   Thanks again!!!
  4. I learned python and pygame mainly for game development. After going through the learning process I decided to make my first game; a game made purely by me and not following any tutorial. I have made it and it works flawlessly. However, I would like some people much more experienced than me to review my code and suggest improvisations to make my code better.   Here is my code --- http://pastebin.com/zsZT3kHW     Thanks in advance!!
  5. Sweptile65

    Python RPGs Beginner

    Thanks a lot!!!!        
  6. Sweptile65

    Python RPGs Beginner

      My main problem is the lack of knowledge on maps, tilesets etc. I tried various things myself and using the internet but was not satisfied.
  7. Sweptile65

    Python RPGs Beginner

    I want to create 2D RPGs in Python using Pygame or other such libraries. I have experience in making small games like snake, football penalty shoots etc. using Pygame. However, now I would like to move over to some 2D RPGs like the old GameBoy Zelda or Sword of Mana games. Please guide me to how I should start and learn about it.
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